How to Open a Wine Bottle Without a Corkscrew

Your corkscrew may have suffered a terrible fate due to the vicious blades in your garbage disposal. You may have bought a cheap, poorly-made corkscrew that snapped in half at an inconvenient time. The broken pieces then lodged in the cork between you and the wine. You may have lost your corkscrew.

Do not worry if you do not have a backup corkscrew on hand in case of an emergency. You can remove the cork from a wine bottle even without a corkscrew. It may require some creativity, some finagling and a lot of faith.

You can use these strategies to your advantage.

Use a Sturdy Wooden Spoon

Consider pushing the cork into the bottle instead of popping it out.

  1. Place your wine bottle on a flat, stable surface.
  2. Grab a wooden spoon that has a thin handle. Place the tip of this handle on the cork.
  3. You can use your weight to press down. This will require a lot of pressure, so you may need to try several times before it starts to move.
  4. Decant the wine once the cork is out of the bottle.

Get Your Toolbox Out

Here’s how to open a bottle of wine using other household tools.

  1. Use the longest screw in your toolkit to bore through the center of the cork. Leave about 1/2 inch of screw protruding from the top.
  2. Grab the neck of the glass bottle and tuck the body under your arm.
  3. Then, using a steady, firm motion, pry the cork out with the claw end of the hammer.
  4. Pour the wine through a fine mesh strainer before drinking to ensure there are no broken pieces of cork.

Wiggle it Out

You can use force to drive the cork from your wine bottle if you don’t own any tools. But be careful, too much force could cause the bottle to shatter. So take some deep breaths and find the sweet spot between being forceful and gentle.

To protect the glass, you’ll need to cover the bottom of your bottle with some kind of padding. You can use a thick kitchen towel folded in half, or even a sneaker. You may want to put the bottle in a clean sock before using your shoe if you plan to use it.

  1. Hold your bottle at 90 degrees to the wall and tap it firmly against the wall with a rhythmic, steady beat until you see the cork begin to move out of the neck.
  2. Tap the bottle on the wall with smaller and faster movements until the cork has come out about half way.
  3. You can try to yank out the remaining cork with your fingers, while twisting it as you do so.
  4. If not, a few more thwacks on the wall will do.



10 Ways to Make Your Event Guests Feel at Home

As a host you want to make sure that your guests enjoy themselves and are comfortable during the entire event.This can include everything from setting up a second plate for an additional guest to preparing a dish that is special for someone with dietary restrictions. No matter how you do it, making guests feel welcome will keep your event at the top.

Here are 10 ways to make guests feel welcome at any event.

1. Discover their favorite drinks and foods

Make sure that your event is a memorable one for your guests. This includes the food you serve and the beverages. You want to ensure that your guests will enjoy the food, whether you are catering or cooking it yourself. You can ask your guests in advance what their favorite foods and drinks are. You’ll then be able create a menu everyone will love.

2. Dress code

It’s been a while since we were invited to a gathering where the dress code was not clearly stated. You can prevent this uncertainty by clearly stating your dress code when you send out invitations. You should be as specific and give examples. You want your guests, whether it’s for a cocktail or casual soirée, to feel confident in their attire. No one wants to appear over- or under-dressed.

3. You can ask your guests about their dietary restrictions

Ask your guests about their dietary requirements before they arrive. You can ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy your spread. This small gesture can make everyone feel welcome (and satisfied). You will be genuinely appreciated by your guests for the effort and thoughtfulness.

4. Keep your personal belongings in a safe place

No one wants to have their belongings thrown in a corner or to have to search through a heap of bags and coats when they are trying to leave. It’s important to create a space where guests can safely store their belongings. This could be a closet that’s unused or if you have rented a guest room. Prepare paper tags that include the names of your guests. They can be attached to the guests’ belongings so that no one takes home the wrong bag or coat.

5. Make Room for Everyone

It’s sometimes hard to know how many guests will attend your event. Being prepared for extra guests is important. Consider setting up high-top table so that people can chat and enjoy the small bites. It allows people to move from table to table without worrying about taking a seat. Plan ahead if you have the luxury of a large home. This will help you decide what arrangement is best for your event. Consider whether you’d like round tables or a long rectangular table. Also, think about how intimate you would like it to be.

6. Create Conversation Starters

There’s no reason to be worried if you invite different groups of family members and friends who may not know one another very well. You can encourage guests to meet each other by encouraging them to start conversations. Set up markers with numbers between 1 and 5 to help guests find their way around your home. You can then hand out conversation cards so that the guests don’t have to make small talk or ask questions.

7. Check-in During the Night

Check in with each group to see if there are any needs. Checking in with guests who are shy can be a great way to make them feel more comfortable. You will have the opportunity to talk to all your guests and they can make any requests.

8. Set the mood with Music

Asking your guests to choose their favorite songs will help you create an atmosphere that is truly unique. It allows your guests to be involved in the music that they are listening to and encourages them to dance if they hear their favorite song.

9. The temperature can be adjusted

Open some windows to let the air flow if the room becomes stuffy. If it’s too hot, let your guests know they can step outside for some fresh air. In the winter, you may want to prepare blankets and heaters so that guests are warm and comfortable.

10. Prepare a Guest Bedroom

If you have space, it’s a great idea to set up a Guest Room so that you can accommodate last-minute guests. Make sure you clean the room before guests arrive, stock up on fresh linens and the bathroom essentials.


How to Make a Party Playlist That Everyone Will Like

It can be difficult to create an atmosphere that your guests will not only enjoy but also feel involved. Consider creating a playlist to include all of your guests’ musical tastes. This will help you make them feel more involved.

You may think it’s easier to simply play your own playlist or allow a guest to play their own music, but a carefully curated soundtrack is the best way to make everyone feel appreciated.

It’s important to create a playlist with a wide variety of music genres. Some guests may be turned off by only playing one type of music, album, or artist.

Here are some tips to help you create a playlist for your guests that they will love.


1. Invite guests to share their top 3 songs

Ask each guest to add their favorite songs to your playlist. Give them a time limit. You’ll get a good number of songs if you ask for three.

2. You can also ask about any “Don’t play” songs

When DJs prepare for weddings, they always ask couples what songs they don’t want to hear played at the reception. This idea is applicable to any type of event. Ask your guests if they have any songs that they don’t like and remove them from the list. Don’t be too intrusive. You don’t know what might cause someone to dislike a song.

3. Add a few surprises

After you have a good idea of the music that your guests enjoy, find some songs that are similar but different. Add a few tunes that match someone’s taste in music to their playlist. This is an interactive and fun way to expand the music library of your guests, as well as encourage conversation.

You can find new music by searching for phrases such as “music that sounds similar to ‘X Band.'” Or you can look at Spotify playlists.

4. Introduce them to something new

It’s not okay to make people listen to your favourite songs just because you are hosting them at home. If you like a few songs, you can add them to your playlist. Make sure you balance the songs with other well-known tunes so that no one feels left out. You may find that your guests discover a new song or artist.



6 Things That Exceptional Guests Always Bring to a Party

It’s no secret hosting can require a lot of planning, time and effort. If you are a guest who wants to make a contribution, we have you covered. We asked entertaining experts Lisa Grotts & Heloise Blause what you can bring to whichever gathering the host would appreciate.

Extra Ice

Every party needs more ice. Bring along some bags so that the host may use them throughout the evening. To make it even easier, you can store the ice inside a wine bucket or cooler.

A List of Conversation-Starters

Conversations with strangers are tricky, as we all know. Avoid talking about religion, politics or other topics that could be polarizing. Prepare some light topics for conversation before you go. Would you prefer to travel in a sub or rocket, for example? What is one meal that you would eat every day?

The Best-Tried and-True Dish

When attending a party where everyone is contributing to the buffet, choose a recipe that has received rave reviews. Blause says to avoid bringing a dish that you have never made before and no one else has tasted. It’s important to get feedback before releasing your new recipes.


When it comes to guest etiquette, a standard bouquet of fresh flowers is always the best bet. You might also want to bring along a vase since the host is likely to be busy. This thoughtful gift will be remembered long after the event is over.


Another safe choice for guests is wine. Blause says you can bring a wine bottle opener, but leave your decanters and large drink dispensers at home. You might think you are being helpful but if your host has made a special cocktail it could be a problem. If the wine is not opened, you can leave it as a present.


You can also give your host a candle to use, either during the meal as a way to create ambiance or afterwards in the kitchen. Choose something that will not interfere with the tablescape. For example, a garland.


All great parties have these 9 things

What makes a great party? There are nine elements that make a great event. These things are essential to a successful party. Without them, your guests will not be left thinking “That party was incredible”

Make sure that these key components are present to ensure your guests continue to think about your event even weeks after the party.

1. An Enticing Invitation

invitation is a party planning element that is often forgotten, but should not be. Why? It sets the mood for the event. Your guests will be excited to attend the event when they receive a thoughtful, enticing invite. Alluring invitations come in many shapes and sizes. A beautiful, thick calligraphy can be lovely, but a heartfelt, hysterical message is equally as charming. Include all pertinent information (time and location, event, dress code etc.). Include any fun facts, the more personal the better.

2. A group of interesting guests

Your event should have a certain amount of exclusivity. You don’t have to invite everyone. You can create a list of interesting people by selecting a few guests. Bring people together from different aspects of your life. Do you think your new co-worker and your old high school friend would get along? Seat them together at a dinner. Take into account the personalities of your guests. You want a mix of introverts and outgoing people, good conversationalists, excellent listeners and all ages.

3. Festive Decor

Even if you’re in a studio, you can transform the space with fresh flowers, twinkling candlelight, and a beautiful tablecloth. Also welcome are balloons and streamers.

4. A Lively Playlist

A party without music can be like a meeting. So turn the tunes up and create a fun playlist. Make sure you have enough music to last several hours and select songs that will help the party flow. Music played during the dinner should differ from music played afterward. During the meal, keep things mellow and chill. Then bring out some dance music to get everyone moving. Another idea? Set Spotify as a favorite channel.

5. Consideration for Details

The best hosts are thoughtful, and they will take care of the small details to make her guests feel special. She will serve the favorite foods of her guest of honor and decorate in their favorite colors. All of these small details, such as a seating chart and place cards with a menu on a chalkboard, or a favor guests will enjoy, Do not overlook the small details!

6. Crowd-pleasing Food

A party is not complete without delicious food. Don’t forget to include on the menu. You still need to provide snacks to your guests, even if it’s at odd hours. For example, a bridal party that starts after lunch begins at It’s not necessary to be an expert chef to create a beautiful cheese platter. You just need to make friends with the cheesemonger in your local supermarket

You can also serve a platter of chicken wings or crudites from Costco, provided you remove the packaging. Serve the food on elegant platters or chafing dish to keep it warm. Do as much in advance as possible if you are planning to serve finger foods and homemade dips. Don’t spend your time in the kitchen while guests are having fun in the living area!

7. Delicious Drinks

Alcohol is not necessary for some people to have a good time. I am not one. You don’t have to be the bartender for the entire party. So, if you are able to prepare a cocktail ahead As your guests arrive, serve them margaritas, sangria or a large pitcher. You can also set up a small bar where guests can make their own drinks or offer wine and beer. Glassware is ideal, but it’s not mandatory. Solo cups will do in a pinch.

8. Group Bonding Activities

You can make your guests more relaxed and friendly by playing games. It doesn’t need to be cheesy. Adding a competitive element to your party will make it more fun. They are timeless, classic party games that never go out of style because they’re so much fun. You want something more modern? Cards Against Humanity can be a great way to get everyone talking, while Table Topics is perfect for a more relaxed dinner party.

9. A Surprise Element

Your event should have a surprise element, whether it’s an unexpected photo booth for guests to take funny photos or a dessert table with a variety of sweet treats. You don’t need to go crazy. Just do something that nobody expected. It’s a party! Serve the bread from a new bakery that is popular and has a long waiting list. Have a port tasting after dinner or serve an expensive magnum red wine.