Organise your wrapping paper with these 10 genius storage ideas

We’ve rounded up 10 clever wrapping paper storage ideas that will keep you organized. We’ve come up with 10 clever wrapping paper storage solutions that will keep you organized.

You’ll be surprised to learn that only a handful of these solutions were specifically designed for wrapping paper. You probably already have some items around your house that you can use to organize your paper stash.

Find out how to organize your tubes in a creative and innovative way, from gift wrapping stations to home-based wrapping paper libraries. You may even become the crafty who turns gift-giving into an art form once you have your supplies organized.


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Create a Gift Wrapping Station Behind the Door

To save time and to be organized, you should store your ribbons, bows and tapes with the gift wrapping paper. The perfect way to organize all your gift wrap is with this convenient station made from wooden 2x4s.

It’s thin enough to be hidden behind a closed door. You can add hooks to the side of the cabinet for additional storage.


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Stop them from rolling off your shelves

In theory, stacking wrapping paper on a shelf is a good idea, but it’s actually not the best solution. You know that they will fall and roll.

If you’re wondering about the craft cabinet’s neat and orderly stack, a clear acrylic bookend is used as a shelf. It keeps everything in place, and it doesn’t block your view of the prey paper pattern collection.


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Purchase a Gift Wrapping Caddy to Give Gifts On The Go

Consider a caddy from the store if you want to purchase a readymade solution for your ever-growing collection of wrapping paper. This caddy keeps your rolls, bows, labels, and greeting cards neatly organized.

This bag can be easily carried to and from if ever you need to transport your collection. You’ll be asked to wrap gifts by your friends if you’re good at it.


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You can hang them on a pegboard that you have customized

A pegboard is all you need to organize your gift-wrapping collection. The pegboard is a great idea, because it’s simple to install and doesn’t take much space. It’s also very customizable. You can hang one on the inside of your closet door so that it is out of sight, but still accessible. You can paint it to match the decor of your home office or craft room.


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Hang Your Wrapping Paper Rolls On Tension Rods

Make room for tension rods if you are setting up a corner of craft supplies to help you wrap an amazing gift. You can stack them on top of each other to keep all the tension rods ready and available.

You can easily roll out as much as you need, without having to remove the rods. Just pull the rod to the desired length, then use a pair of sharp scissors to cut.


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Create a Wrapping Paper Library

You can transform any wall into a library of wrapping papers by using wooden dividers between tension rods. It’s a great place to store wrapping paper for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas and everything else. This set is perfect for gift-giving and gift-wrapping enthusiasts.


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Strap them together

It’s not necessary to have a whole room dedicated to gift wrapping to be organized. This hall closet proves that you can keep everything you need at your fingertips without taking up a lot of space. Two straps are used to suspend these rolls of wrapping papers from a wire rack. This keeps them off the ground and grouped. Consider using Velcro straps or bungee cords to try this solution.


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Hack a bookcase to satisfy your gift-wrapping obsession

You may already know that there are many ways to hack the IKEA Billy Bookcase. But this set-up transforms a mass-produced product into a gift giver’s ultimate wrap station.

It is best to have some carpentry knowledge, but cutting notches into the bookcase will create slots that are easy to use for hanging wrapping paper. The best part? You can slide them up and down as you need them.


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Curtain Rods: Free up Counterspace

It’s not worth having a space if it will be cluttered with stuff. This office-slash-wrapping station makes perfect use of a gorgeous marble backsplash with the help of small curtain rods to hang four wrapping paper rolls. This keeps the rolls out of your counter, but still within reach. Are we the only ones who think that those adorable wrapping paper patterns can also be used as decor?


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Place them in baskets

You can get organized with a basket if you have limited space or a small budget. Wire or woven options are the best way to group your rolls of wrapping papers together. Your rolls will stay straight as long as the basket is tall.

These rolling baskets are great because they’re easy to use. Simply roll it out to wrap your gift and then slide it back in when finished. Fit them under counters in office or laundry rooms for optimal organization.



Three simple ways to show your home extra love

Valentine’s Day means showering your loved one with thoughtful presents and affirmation. It also means spending quality time together. This year I want to focus on another relationship that is important in my life: my relationship with my house.

It’s possible that you think, “That’s strange.” Your home is a non-living object. You’d be correct, but let me explain: our homes are a container for energy – both good and bad – in which we all play a role.

Here are 3 things you can to create a harmonious co-habitation space and be a better partner:

1. Take a Deep Clean Really Seriously

I’m talking about more than just dusting your ceiling fans or scrubbing the tile grout with a brush. We are usually focused on the things we can see. This is about what’s not visible. You should also be a custodian for good vibes.

Set your intentions using , the ancient practice of sage-smudging . You can “clear” the air and leave your home smelling fresh. Try your hand at Feng Shui. Take some time to learn the rules, and then take a good look at your surroundings. Is there a way you can create a better flow of energy?

It’s not a secret that certain objects have meaning and can make you feel a particular way. Give yourself permission to let go of something you have been holding onto, like a piece of furniture you got from an ex or a gift you received as a wedding present. These energy blockers prevent you from creating a home full of items that you love and reflect positive memories.


2. Embrace Quirks

There is no perfect partner. The sooner you accept this, the happier you will be. It’s the same for your house. Stop obsessing about annoying features. Celebrate the unique features of your space. This odd window that sits between the living room and kitchen, but feels outdated, might be just the place for your growing collection of plants. You can create a corner gallery in a small, awkwardly shaped space.

You can go one step further and write a letter of love to your house, expressing all that you are grateful for. It’s a great way to gain perspective. You may also get some fresh design ideas.


3. The little things are important

To keep a relationship from falling apart, it is important to maintain the relationship. Spend an afternoon giving your home some TLC. You can oil that door hinge that has been squeaking for months, hang that art piece that has been on the floor, or steam wrinkles from your curtains. Consider it more of a kindness to an old friend than a chore.


When You Don’t Have a Linen Closet, Here Are 16 Linen Storage Ideas

We could all use more space for storage. This is especially true if you are living in a small apartment or house. It’s not easy to store linens if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet.

Try one of these 16 creative ideas instead of stuffing your clean linens into any corner of your overstuffed closet.


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Double Duty Seating

You can keep your linens right where you need it, like in your bedroom. The bench can be used as a stylish seat and hidden storage.

You can use the space to store sheets and bath towels. You could also use this space to hide your throw pillows at night. Consider using your bench at the end of the bed as a window.

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Baskets Are Your Friends

Baskets are a great way to organize your home. They are not only great organizational tools, but also add a boho or farm feel to any space. You can also roll up sheets in the bedroom and place them there.


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Use a Hamper

Who said that hampers are only for dirty laundry. A wicker or cloth hamper is a great place to keep clean, folded towels in your bathroom. Make sure to let your guests know that it’s not meant for washing items.

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Shelving can be used as an open closet

As long as you keep your things organized, using shelves for storage is a breeze. Towels can be neatly folded and placed on top or bottom of bookcases in the hallway, bathroom or bedroom. Baskets can be used as additional organization tools.


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Label Everything

If you are short of storage space, you should make the most of what you do have. Add shelves to your empty walls or coat closets. Add labeled bins for easy organization.


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Hiding Linens in Drawers

Roll up your towels to hide them in a drawer if you have extra space. Use a drawer separator to organize smaller items such as dish towels and washcloths.

You don’t want adjustable drawer dividers. Instead, cut a piece sturdy cardboard that fits snugly into your drawer.


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Make sure you have space under the sink

The space beneath your sink in the kitchen or bathroom can provide the perfect storage solution. Use clear bins for small items and boxes or trays to stack and fold towels and washcloths neatly.


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Show them off

You don’t have to hide your linens just because you put them away. You can store your sheets and towels on a shelf or under the sink if you fold them or roll them neatly.


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Hide Linens Under Your Bed

You don’t want anyone to know what you have under your bed. So, hide everything under there. This space is often unused and hidden so there’s no clutter visible.

To keep sheets and towels dust-free, store them in fabric storage bags or slim bins under the bed. You can hide the bins underneath your bedframe with a bedskirt, large comforter, or duvet.


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Dressers can be used in unexpected places

Dressers do not have to be in the bedroom. Use one as a table for your entryway or to store winter items. You can use the drawer space left over for linens. If you place one in your living room, it will serve as both a TV table and linen storage. You can do the same with a credenza, buffet or other furniture. That’s why doors and drawers are so useful.


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Take Cabinetry to the Next Level

Create your own linen closet if you don’t already have one. You can hide clutter in a tall cabinet that has doors, but you can also neatly fold and stack towels and sheets. If you really want to make a difference, consider investing in shelf dividers that will help keep your items organized.


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Use the backs of doors

Why not make the most of it? A rack that can be adjusted on the backside of a bathroom door will hold everything from towels to washcloths. Add a rack inside a closet to store folded sheets or pillowcases.


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Roll towels tightly

Rolling is the best way to save space for packing and storing. Roll your towels tightly after folding them into a rectangular shape. You can then store your towels on a shelf or in a basket.


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Hooks Save Space

Wall hooks are a great way to store towel. There are many options to suit your taste, from bold and bright knobs to simple wood pegs. You can use them to dry your towels after a shower.


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Find Hidden Storage

If you plan well, many pieces of furniture will serve multiple purposes. You can use this bench for storage of shoes, but it could also be used as a bench in the hall or bedroom to store linens, workout equipment, or underwear.


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Fold and Stack

Folding your linens is the key to keeping everything neat and tidy. The end result is well worth the extra time. You can make items such as towels and clothing stand on their own by using the KonMari Method. This will reduce their footprint in your home and their space. You can even display them in bins or open shelves.



How to keep your home office organized in 14 simple ways

Home offices used to be pushed aside in favor of guest rooms, gyms, etc., but they are now a hot item.

You know that even if you have a dedicated office, spending much, much more time in it can easily transform a pile into a mountainous mess. If a document does not exist in “the cloud,” then it is more likely to end up in the garbage.

There are simple tricks that can help you organize your office on any budget. Browse through these 14 easy ways to organize a home office, whether you’re planning to stay at home indefinitely or simply want to update your occasionally workspace.


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Make use of vintage filing cabinets

Most people are frightened by a filing cabinet that they have just purchased from an office supply store. These solid oak cabinets from the early 20th century with metal plates are a welcome exception. These cabinets are full of character and their semi-gloss finishes reflect light into darker rooms.

You can use vintage, larger filing units to organize everything from receipts and protractors to all kinds of paperwork.


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Maximize small containers

Save yourself from future frustrations by purchasing multiple small organizers if the items that you want to organize are smaller. You’ll be able find your pen easily and quickly. can be stored in a rattan container on a shelf at the bottom.


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Opt for Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

You can create a dramatic and spacious room by tucking your desk into the cabinetry. Open shelving in the middle of this desk adds contrast and keeps important items close at hand.


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Mount Long Floating Shelving

A side table, floating shelving and a desk made of the same material create a cohesive look perfect for small offices. This keeps your office from feeling cramped and prevents the shelves from appearing cluttered.


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Hang Up Minimalist Shelves

You need to choose your organization carefully if your home office used to be a bedroom, and you plan to return it to that role in the future. Minimalistic shelving will keep clutter from your desk, and look great once you return the room to its original purpose.

You need as much space for your arms as possible. Choose a wall sconce that has an adjustable head. You will have light and space where you need them.


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Use additional storage to your advantage

It’s easy to create a chest of drawers out of woven baskets that will keep your office looking bohemian, relaxed and organized. This piece can be easily repurposed for other rooms if needed.


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Double it up

You and your partner both need to be able to work at home? You have children who need a place to complete their schoolwork. You can turn a hallway, or a side of the room, into an office space by installing a row of desks. Both of you can have their own drawers and know exactly who took your phone charger.


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Take Care of the Clutter

It’s a clever trick to install horizontal shelves on the side of vertical units when installing cabinetry. The shiplap wall desk is easy to keep organized, and it looks great in any bedroom.


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Desk Trays

You can use a desk table to add dimension to your workspace, as well as to add color, texture or shine. These are also perfect for organizing a desk that is freestanding without cabinets.


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Install a Cork Wall

Want to see everything at a glance? Install a cork wall. You can use cork to create a wall. Hang up reminders, calendars, schedules and to-do list. You can DIY an entire wall with cork or buy one cork sheet to temporarily fix it.


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Mix open and closed storage

You may feel as if you are in a closet when you have tall vertical cabinets on either side of you. Take off all (or some) of the doors from one side, and leave that side open. You may need to spend some time using your power tools but you will not succumb as quickly to the office boredom.


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Eliminate Eyesores

Papers and snack wrappers that are crumpled need to be disposed of. Try a basket made of natural fibers instead of a flimsy plastic or metal bucket. If you want to dispose of dirty items, you can use a small plastic tub with a liner and place it in a larger basket.


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Add a Console

When selecting additional pieces, consider the height of your cabinets. In this office, the console is at a lower level or aligned with the bottoms of the cabinets. This keeps the flow of the room and stops the console from becoming a focal piece.


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Think Vertically

Binders will take up lots of space on your desk, no matter where or how you store them. Vertical magazine file organizers are a great way to organize tall packets of papers and manuals.


14 Basement Organization Tips

Sometimes, a basement can become a dark hole filled with old couches, Christmas decorations left over, and a pool table second-hand that is barely hanging on. It’s time for your basement to be better, and more specifically its storage.

Basement storage transforms a seldom-used, cluttered area into one that is neat, tidy and ready to handle whatever you require. Continue reading to discover 14 ways to organize your basement.


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Make Storage Fun

Basement storage does not have to be boring. Basements are often filled with fun areas like game rooms and playrooms. The basement is a perfect place for unique storage like the hexagonal shelving pictured above. You can fill them with your favorite decor or store picture frames, books or other items.


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Use Your Nook

Basements also have a lot of other things. There are many nooks and crevices. Instead of hiding these architectural oddities in the walls, use them as storage space, like Pure Salt Interiors has done here.

Place some seating in the center and build shelves at the top. This will leave you with a well-rounded, attractive, and comfortable storage solution for your basement.


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Add storage to a Wet bar

Wet bars are common in basements. They’re a great place to serve drinks and snacks. Add some cabinets or shelves to these kitchenette nooks for extra storage. You can store board games, extra DVDs, and bartending supplies in the basement.

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Add Some Built-ins

Built-ins are a great way to add storage and style, and you probably have plenty of room in your basement for them. The area around your TV is a great place to add built-ins. This will frame the TV and allow you to store any multimedia items, such as gaming systems, records or other media.


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Add Some Stairway Storage

Basements all have stairs. Many times, stairs can leave you with odd wall shapes and awkward corners. You can make the most of that triangular wall by adding some shelving.

Shelves can be tailored to fit any shape of space, giving a wall that would otherwise be unused a new purpose.


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Fake the built-in look

You can get the look of built ins without spending a lot. Look for a media centre with trim and cabinets. It is possible to achieve a similar look to that of a custom-made kitchen (especially if you use the same color on your accent wall or trim) without spending a lot of money.


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Basement Laundry Room Storage

Most basements have a laundry area, which is often dark, dingy and cold. It’s in desperate need of a makeover. If you are ready to revamp your laundry room, add some extra storage for linens and detergent. You can add as few as a couple of cubbies to your laundry room, as shown in the image above.


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Add a Cabinet Set

You can certainly have more storage than a few cubbies in your laundry room. Take a look at the cabinetry in the laundry room of Interior Impression. This cabinet can hold not only a few extra sheets and a bottle detergent, but also all the cleaning supplies and linens of a house.


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Install a Few Pegs

Some basements have an entrance to the front or back yard, depending on your house. In this case, the basement is a perfect place to create a landing area so that dirty shoes and keys don’t end up all over the house. This type of basement organization can include cabinetry, a bench and pegs.


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Toy Storage is Important

Basements make great playrooms because they are usually out of the way and can hide away any mess. You can reduce the mess in your basement playroom by organizing it. Consider adding built-ins to your wall.


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Toy storage in basement closets

Are you looking for a retrofitted solution to basement toys storage ? Use a closet. You can use a closet to organize toys. Label bins and baskets to further organize. Close the closet door and watch everything disappear once you’re done playing.


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Use a cabinet for toy storage

Use a small piece of furniture, such as a set or chest of drawers, to store your toys if you have a small basement or it’s not primarily used for a playroom. Use clear bins to allow your kids to see the contents, even if you can’t. Even the smallest amount of storage, when organized carefully, can be very useful.


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Add Office Storage

Basements are great for a office at home because they’re often away from the hustle and bustle of the main house. Home offices also need storage for office supplies, documents, and work-related technology. Add built-ins to your basement or home office for a luxurious storage solution. Use matching bookcases for a budget-friendly solution.


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Make the Most of Your Closet

Basement closets are a great way to store less-used items, such as extra linens or guest bedroom essentials. Closet organization can also be stylish, as Style it Pretty Home demonstrated with her closet renovation. Remove your basement closet doors, install stained wood shelves, and place items in beautiful baskets to get the look.