How to Make a Party Playlist That Everyone Will Like

It can be difficult to create an atmosphere that your guests will not only enjoy but also feel involved. Consider creating a playlist to include all of your guests’ musical tastes. This will help you make them feel more involved.

You may think it’s easier to simply play your own playlist or allow a guest to play their own music, but a carefully curated soundtrack is the best way to make everyone feel appreciated.

It’s important to create a playlist with a wide variety of music genres. Some guests may be turned off by only playing one type of music, album, or artist.

Here are some tips to help you create a playlist for your guests that they will love.


1. Invite guests to share their top 3 songs

Ask each guest to add their favorite songs to your playlist. Give them a time limit. You’ll get a good number of songs if you ask for three.

2. You can also ask about any “Don’t play” songs

When DJs prepare for weddings, they always ask couples what songs they don’t want to hear played at the reception. This idea is applicable to any type of event. Ask your guests if they have any songs that they don’t like and remove them from the list. Don’t be too intrusive. You don’t know what might cause someone to dislike a song.

3. Add a few surprises

After you have a good idea of the music that your guests enjoy, find some songs that are similar but different. Add a few tunes that match someone’s taste in music to their playlist. This is an interactive and fun way to expand the music library of your guests, as well as encourage conversation.

You can find new music by searching for phrases such as “music that sounds similar to ‘X Band.'” Or you can look at Spotify playlists.

4. Introduce them to something new

It’s not okay to make people listen to your favourite songs just because you are hosting them at home. If you like a few songs, you can add them to your playlist. Make sure you balance the songs with other well-known tunes so that no one feels left out. You may find that your guests discover a new song or artist.


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