15 Beach-Themed Bedroom Designs to Take You to the Shore

Decor in your home can transport you to anywhere in the world, even if it’s only in your mind. It’s time for you to bring the sea and sand elements of the beach into your bedroom. Seaside Decor can transform your home into a relaxing oasis no matter where you live.

We have all the inspiration you need, so whether you want to create a look that channels the open and airy Mediterranean or combine classic Beach House staples. Browse through our gallery and prepare to pull out your breezy sheets and stock up on woven fabrics. Style your bedroom with soothing ocean colors.



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Shiplap of Luxury

This bedroom’s simplicity is what you should aim for when designing your coastal room. Shiplap walls surround an elegant poster bed, with white fluffy sheets, textured pillows and a linen bench. The woven pendant lights on either side of bed create a symmetrical mood that is reminiscent of seaside decor and sailboat anchors.

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Sandy Shades

This sand-themed bedroom is the perfect place to relax at the end the day. Start by choosing a large, textured jute carpet to recreate this look at home. Style the room with all-white décor, two minimal wall sconces made of woven jute, and plush bedding. This design is made complete by the simplicity of this single-toned palette.

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Bring the View

You can set the mood for your guests as they enter your home with a large print of a beachside location . You can enjoy the view even if you do not live on a beachfront property. A beautiful photograph will allow you to. The small details bring this room together. From matching photo frames to draw your eye down the hallway, to throw pillows that highlight the accent colors of the main artwork.

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Coastal Glam

Warm gray and tan is our new color combination. The neutrals are a big hit in this bedroom. From the pearly shades on the walls, to the sand-suede headboard. The color palette is glamorous yet coastal and seems to be suitable for any age.

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On the Wall

The combination of gray and limewash is a great interior design choice. Limewash is a mixture of lime putty and crushed limestone, which has been mixed with water, melted, and then diluted with water. It’s then dyed using natural pigments. This mixture gives walls a suede-like, matte texture. This combination creates a moody, coastal feel that is unbeatable.

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Make it Kid Friendly

Consider introducing gray tones to your beach house if you are struggling to create a cohesive feel between a kids’ bedroom and the rest of the home. This sophisticated palette has a coastal vibe and is great for pattern play. You can add more colors to the design without alienating adults.

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Swap your Whites

To make your room feel more inviting, swap the whites in your room with softer grays or beiges. Soft pewter can make stark white walls look less clinical. And if bright white sheets are too cold, an off-white shade will do the trick.

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Find Your Match

This coastal-inspired bedroom, with its contrasting pieces of art on both sides of the bed proves that mismatched items can look just as sophisticated. To make your room look uniform, use a color palette that is cohesive.

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On Display

You can decorate your bedroom with souvenirs and sentimental items from your travels around the world and beach walks. Install shelves and hang framed pictures to display your prized collectibles. This will not only make them visible, but also create a happy space that reminds of your favorite memories and places.

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Keep to the theme

Sticking to a specific theme when framing your art will help set the tone of the entire space. This bedroom features black and white images, icons, and flags that set the mood for a masculine, vintage coastal look. Personal touches add the final touch to the rest of this room.

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Dress Your Walls

If you’re unsure, consider a wallpaper with a pattern that covers the walls from floor to ceiling. This is the most bold way to transform a room. It’s also renter friendly when you choose a peel and stick version.

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Grab Some Vintage Treasures

Vintage sailing imagery can give any room a unique charm. To dress up existing decor, rummage through antique and flea market stores to find paintings of ships and textiles that have coastal-inspired embroidery. The result is a nautical vintage look that will make you feel like your Nantucket grandma.

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Rope in Your Design

The rope details are always unapologetically nautical. Rope woven into a simple decorative sphere instantly elevates the maritime feel of your interior. The seaside theme will be carried throughout your room with a jute rug and pendant lights at the bedside.

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Nautical Prints – Embrace them

It’s possible to combine anchor motifs with nautical strips without looking too kitschy. As you can see, this coastal-chic child’s room is anything but “childish”. Keep in mind that a white background and the addition of themed touches will help you achieve your vision, while still remaining light and airy.

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Beachy Keen

If in doubt, use monochromatic palettes. Tone on tone is a sophisticated and foolproof way to decorate. The combination of colors within the same hue, but in slightly different shades (for example, bright aqua walls with dark navy tapestries) will always look amazing. Shiplap is a great way to make a room look more coastal chic.


16 Fall-Ready Living Room Decoration Ideas

With the cooler weather approaching, it’s time to update your living rooms. Fall decor for the living room doesn’t have to be cutesy quotes and gourds. Fall decor is available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. From velvet accents to deep red and orange furnishings, there’s a pumpkin for everyone.

Enjoy our fall living room decorating ideas.


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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be a simple way to change up the decor of your living room. They also add a touch to fall to your home. Throw pillows with fall patterns and colors will give your living room a fall look.


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Start with Muted Colors

Fall decor doesn’t have to be bright orange or jet-black. Start with muted colors and then add more vibrant fall decor as the season progresses.


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Use Fall Florals

Who said that flowers were only for summer? Fall bouquets are also a great way to add some seasonality into your home. Use fall flowers like mums, African daisies and flowers with fall colors such as deep red or orange.

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Go Green

Deep green is another great fall color. This shade’s vibrant tones are a tribute to nature, and its muted appearance adds a peaceful feel to any space. Deep green can be brought into the living room with a sofa or wall decor.


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Use Colorful Pumpkins

Pumpkins for fall don’t have to match the usual seasonal palette. Take advantage of the pumpkins’ inherently autumn look by adding them to your living space in vibrant colors that are not usually associated with fall. These include navy and turquoise.

In living rooms, colored pumpkins are a good choice when adding fall colors to the decor would be too overwhelming.


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Add an Area Rug

A large area carpet can also be a great way to give your room a seasonal feel. The red rug in this space, from Ashe Leandro adds vibrant fall colors and coziness without being too overwhelming.


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Create a Cozy Nook

Create a cozy nook with pillows and blankets, similar to the space shown above in Herzen Sprache. You can also add some fall-scented candles, as well as pumpkins to create the perfect reading corner for fall.


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Do Deep Red

Add a few items in deep reds and browns to create a fall-inspired living room. This rich, dark color will give your living room a subtle but moody fall look. It also makes it appear more mature.


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Use Multiple Decor Items

Consider adding small items to your living space, such as candles or greenery. This multifaceted approach will allow you to bring a fall feel to your living space, while being more cost-effective than purchasing a large piece in a fall colour.


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Try Cozy Texture

It doesn’t need to be a color scheme. You can create a cozy texture with soft blankets and plush pillows. This decor can also be used in winter if you choose neutral colors (like gray or white) and cozily-textured items.


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Decorate Your Shelves

Don’t forget fall decor if your living room includes shelves. Living room shelves can be used to create a fall decor display or to showcase your favorite fall accessories.


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Think Outside the Box

When selecting fall décor, don’t limit yourself to pumpkins. Look for items that are inspired by nature, such as feathers and dried flowers. Add items in soft colors, like off-white, or muted orange.


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Try Dried Flower

Bring in dried flowers or those on their way out to create a moody floral look for your living room. This arrangement combines the beauty of flowers and a rustic feel.


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Create a coffee table centerpiece

The best way to incorporate fall decor is with a coffee table centerpiece. You can get creative too, using funky vases in fall colors alongside textured pumpkins and your usual coffee-table-suspects.


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Light a fire

A warm, inviting fire is one of the best ways to announce that fall has arrived. Clean out your fireplace to prepare it for the new season. Place a flameless candle or a candelabra in your fireplace if it’s not functional or you aren’t allowed to use it.


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Use all the blankets and pillows

Use more throw pillows and blankets than you think necessary to create a cozy living room inspired by fall. The addition of these pillows and blankets will make the room feel more inviting, as well as cozier.


18 Bold and Beautiful Bedroom Ideas in Teal

Many bedroom designs are based on the idea that bedrooms should be a place of refuge from the chaos in life (and within the home). To create a sense of relaxation and refuge, bedrooms should be painted in neutral, calming colors. Bright colors or bold ones can be used in small quantities, but not at all.

Sounds familiar? What if we looked at bedrooms differently? Color alone is not enough to determine the relaxation of a bedroom. It’s more often a matter of personal preference, such as the furniture you choose, the warmth of your blankets, and the amount of light streaming in the afternoon.

It’s time to be creative in your bedroom. Enter: teal. Teal is a blue-green color that can dress up or down a room, work with many styles, and be a lot fun. You’ve found the perfect place if you want to add teal to your room. Continue reading to discover 18 of our favourite teal bedroom ideas.


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Add Two Items

Two simple items can add teal to your bedroom: a throw pillow in teal and a rug in teal. These two items together will add just the right amount of color for it to appear intentional and beautiful without overwhelming your bedroom.


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Make it Muted

The softer shade of teal will still bring out plenty of color. This soothing color is perfect for the bedroom and can be used many different ways. Use it to decorate your bedroom with a headboard or comforter.


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Create a Color Block Wall

Teal’s unique appearance makes it an excellent choice for a color-blocked wall. For example, the one shown in the bedroom from Emily Henderson. Off-white contrasts beautifully with the blue-green color. You can also use other colors, such as a warm orange or a creamy yellow.

The best colorblock walls are those where the colors meet in the upper third of the wall rather than the middle. The ‘rule-of-threes’ will help make the wall more pleasing to the eye.


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Try Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper can be used to add any color to your bedroom, even teal. Wallpaper all of the walls in your room to create a bold, all-over color scheme. Wallpaper only one wall to create a more statement-making look.

Pick a bedspread to complement or mimic the pattern of the teal wallpaper.


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Hang Window Treatments

What could be more relaxing? Window coverings do not have to be white or cream. You can add color to a room with window coverings. Consider adding teal window treatments to your bedroom to bring in a relaxing shade and style.


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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add color and fun to your bedroom. They are easy to change depending on your mood, the season or your style. Are you ready to change things up in your space? Throw pillows in teal are perfect for the bedroom if you want to make a change.


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Paint the Walls

Painting a wall (or two) in teal is a great way to bring the color into the bedroom. It’s possible to paint a bedroom in a weekend. This is a good way to change the look of a room that was once boring.

If you want to paint a teal wall that is elegant and not juvenile, choose a paint with a matte or eggshell finish. Avoid high-shine paints.


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Add a touch of teal to a room that is dominated by blues. Teal is a great way to keep a monochrome bedroom from looking too drab. It’s close enough in color to blue, however, that the room still feels like it’s a celebration of blue. It’s also a good way to ‘bridge’ the gap if you want to include a bit of green.


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Gray is the New Black

Gray goes well with almost any color. This includes teal. Gray softens teal’s bright edges and creates an attractive color combination for bedrooms. Use this color combination in decorative items, window treatments, decor or bed linens to incorporate gray and the teal into your space.


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Go Vintage

Consider adding teal to your bedroom for a vintage look. For this look, choose vintage or antique wallpapers with teal repeating motifs. Pair teal with gold or cream tones and wood elements for a worn-in look.


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Add Brass

Brass is a trend that can go with any color. But it looks especially good with teal. Cool tones in teal work well with warm-toned brass. Together, they can give your bedroom a stylish and well-worn look.


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Bring Some Seating

Consider adding a seating area in your bedroom to relax and lounge. This is particularly useful if you want to create an area that’s child-free. Teal will look great in this area, with its many seating options that are richly colored. It’ll give your little bedroom a unique style.


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Go Black and white

The best color palettes for bedrooms are those that have a standard combination of colors with one striking shade. The black, White and teal combination in the space from Katie Hodges Designs is a great example.


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Add a Throw blanket

Add a throw blanket in teal to add the color that will change with the seasons (or your mood). You will make a bold statement with this color, and you don’t have to worry about its permanence or cost. For a luxurious look, choose a blanket with a velvety texture.


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Try Out Trim

Try adding faux paneling and trim to a wall to add character to your bedroom (and a lot of teal). This is what Blue Copper Design has done in the bedroom shown above. The trim adds visual interest while the rich, deep teal color is a stunning addition.


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Add a little gray

Want to add a tiny touch of teal in your bedroom? You can bring a bit of teal into your bedroom by choosing a teal gray (a gray that has a hint of deep blue). Consider using this neutral color in large quantities, such as for wall paint, area rugs or bedspreads.


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Don’t forget area rugs

Teal is no different. Area rugs can bring any color to the bedroom. Look for rugs with teal as the main or backdrop color. Focus on rugs with teal as an accent colour if you want a little bit of it.


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Repeat the process

Repeat the color teal in your bedroom to make it look more intentional. Look for other ways to incorporate teal in your bedroom than just one place.


You can try these 20 amazing living room mirror ideas

Mirrors have a special appeal and are easy to install, no matter what the size or shape of your home. These decor accents are not only functional, but can also be used as art. They can bounce light in a room and change the perception. Mirrors can be used to heighten small spaces, make smaller rooms appear larger or hide architectural flaws.

Here are 20 Living Room Mirror Ideas that will transform any room from dull to stunning.


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Take a panoramic view

Hang a convex mirror on an unobstructed wall to get a 360-degree view of your room. This metallic finish in dotted dots is a great match for the shades of blue and navy in this room.


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Think Big

Add an oversized, enough-sized mirror to your entryway or hall that leads into your living area. This mirror is huge and takes up nearly the entire wall. It looks stunning, plus it gives the impression of more space.


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Lean a mirror against your wall

You can use a floor mirror if you cannot mount an oversized wall mirror. This mirror fills almost half of the wall. It brightens this living room, and reflects light coming from the window adjacent. This mirror makes the space appear bigger and brighter (with no mounting required).


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Mantel Mirror – How to Layer a Mirror

If you feel that leaning floor-length mirrors are too large for your room, place a round, decorative mirror behind a print and group it with ceramics or sculptures above your fireplace. This creates a small, inviting vignette that adds texture and contrast to the living room.


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Finish off a bar

Here is a living room using a round-shaped mirror to create a bar area. Combining a glossed overhead ceiling with a round mirror, this living room reflects calming light.


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Fit Something Horizontal

Install a large horizontal mirror to expand a small living room. The idea works well in larger rooms, as it can instantly change the monotony.


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Add Nature Inspired Mirrors

Mirrors with natural materials will also dress up areas that are bland. This round mirror is the finishing touch to this boho inspired bar area that was carved out of this living space.


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Mirrors: More Than One Mirror

You can also go beyond the classic rectangle, oval or circular mirrors. This idea uses hexagon-shaped mirrors in a puzzle, with a few mirrors spread out to create the illusion of motion.


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Let It Be Pretty

A mirror’s primary purpose is not to reflect light or elongate an area, but to enhance the beauty of a room. A mirror is a timeless piece that can transform a blank wall. We love the combination of large circular mirror and leaf motif wallpaper in this living room.


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Create a focal point

Place a large mirror that has a design on it directly over your fireplace. This creates a focal point that is glamorous. Focus points are important because they prevent your room from looking disjointed and scattered. This piece will work with any seasonal changes.


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Bring It Outdoors

You can create an attractive aesthetic by placing a mirror on a wall that is bare. You’ll see a hand-carved Indian mirror, backed by brick walls.


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Create a background view with mirrors

Try using two mirrors instead of one on an open wall if you do not want a mirror to be the focal point of your room but still wish to incorporate this feature into your living space. It creates a striking background while not taking away from other design elements.


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Chinoiserie is a great look

Decorate your living space with a bamboo-style frame and pagoda. This mirror is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese motifs, and it comes in a glossy finish.


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Use a mirror to reflect color

These patterned mirrors perfectly complement the dark green mantel of the fireplace. This high-impact feature is stunning, with vibrant colors dotted throughout the space.


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Create a Window Illusion

Here, the same idea is used but with a more muted color scheme. This living room idea uses a rectangular version placed horizontally above the couch. This design trick is a coincidence that mimics the wood casing on the glass doors. It creates an illusion of matching windows.


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The Texture Level-Up

Mirrors with a rattan, jute or rope frame are a great way to add texture if your room has minimal furniture or stark white wall surfaces. This rectangular mirror is a great focal point to complement the coffered ceilings.


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Highlight Your Daybed

Place a mirror above your daybed if you have a space that doubles as a bedroom at night. This will make it look more polished for guests.


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Maximize your impact

Even the simplest rooms can be stunning. This living area shares space with a nearby dining room. This living room is made fresh and clean by an octagonal mirror that dominates the space.


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Console Mirror Combo

Add a console to your couch if you have enough space. You can also add accessories and a large mirror for a stunning view.

To achieve the correct scale, place your mirror at a distance of 1/2 to 3/4 of the table’s width (and the bottom corner should be placed 6 inches above the table).


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Keep your fireplace in place

Mount a gold-framed mirror over a black painted brick fireplace for a stunning pair. This fireplace, which is a ceiling-high feature, becomes the star of the living space.



12 Eclectic-Style Kitchens to Inspire Your Own Design

There is no simple definition for eclectic style. However, chances are you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it. A kitchen with an eclectic design will have patterned backsplashes and plenty of plants. It may also feature unique lighting fixtures, worldly accents, and even some wild wallpaper. Open shelves may display vintage trinkets or personalized touches. You’ll likely find a lot of natural materials like wood or tile.

Eclectic style should reflect your personality. Browse 12 eclectic-styled kitchens to get some styling ideas. You can take inspiration from the retro-styled stoves, pretty patterned tiles, or even just the freedom and abandon used in decorating.


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Add Elements of Different Eras

Create an eclectic kitchen with design elements from different eras and styles. Mixing design elements, using bold colors,.

Pairing a red refrigerator with wallpaper that looks like ’80s graphics and a mid-century island with tapered legs. Eclectic kitchen is achieved.


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Highlight Natural Materials

This design uses Native Trails’ farmhouse 3018 as the focal point. When paired with wooden elements, it creates an eclectic style. This makes washing the dishes a lot easier.


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Get Bold with a Backsplash

This Unique Bathrooms and Kitchens designed space is a great place to get inspired. The tile backsplash extends up to the ceiling, adding a splash of color without being overpowering. The overall look is a mix of farmhouse, contemporary and eclectic.

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Retro-fy your appliances

A retro-styled oven would be an excellent choice if you want to fully embrace the eclectic style. The appliances are colorful and have a vintage feel, but they also feature modern features.


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Display your Collected Treasures

This kitchen features ruffled pendants and 1950s wood tool benches turned islands, which stand out against the sleek black painted counter stools, and steel and glass shelving.

You get the impression that all of these pieces were collected over time and then repurposed. That’s as eclectic as you can get.


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Play with Color

Eclectic style is defined in many ways. However, it is not all white. You can use bold colors if you don’t mind them. The barstools and the walls were all painted the same peachy pink tone to create a kitchen that was anything but boring.


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Utilize Modest Materials

When  renovated the late colonial revival home in Portland,  used humble materials, such as a metal pegboard and stainless appliances.  Also added basket weave barstools to achieve an eclectic style kitchen.

The result is a modern kitchen that pays homage to the past. The vibrant colors on a warm, white background are instantly pleasing to the eye. They don’t compromise the functionality of a kitchen.


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Display Your Collection of Colorful Glassware

Open shelves is great. Even better are open shelves that display your style. Arrange glassware, ceramics and trinkets in color-coordinated groups to add a splash of colour.


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Get Creative With Storage

Smart storage will help you stay sane when cooking dinner, no matter how large or small your kitchen may be. Take inspiration from Milk & Honey Life for easy access to the most frequently used utensils like measuring cups and potholders. The rod and S hook system is not only functional, but also looks cool.


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Backsplash tiles are not necessary

Think outside the box (of tiles) if you don’t cook much and aren’t concerned about cleaning spaghetti sauce spills. Afro Bohemian Living combined a wooden backsplash with an earthy, wide tapestry. It’s rustic, eccentric and (of course) eclectic.


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Embrace Maximalism

You can combine patterns and fabrics to suit your own personal taste. This energetic kitchen combines a palm-print wallpaper with graphic tiles, offbeat art, and a vintage carpet.


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Add Textured Lighting Fixtures

Add textured pendants like these woven shades to a sleek white kitchen for a touch of eclecticism. These pendants add character and soften the light.


20 chic brown living room ideas you’ve never tried

Want proof that this earth-friendly color can be as beautiful as it is reliable? If you embrace brown, the color that is often associated with security and safety, it can create beautiful living rooms if you use it.

Let’s switch gears if you automatically think of brown walls. This color can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are 20 brown living room ideas that you may not have thought of.


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Leather Poufs

These leather poufs in light brown are small but powerful pieces of furniture. These floor cushions can be used as footrests, additional seating and even kid-friendly coffee table. They also go with many design styles. This cognac leather version is available in faux or vegan options. It’s a great fabric to dress up farmhouse and historic-inspired rooms.


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Use brown accent chairs

You will never go wrong by adding Accent Chairs to the living room. They are a great way to add comfort and style while aligning other elements in your living room, such as your sofa, rug, or end tables. Accent chairs can also be used to create a seating area that is conducive to relaxing with family and friends.


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Skip white window casings and baseboards

For a rustic look or prairie-style, use natural stained wood on your window casings, and baseboards, instead of painting them white.

When you are considering any of these brown ideas for living rooms, be careful to use color-balancing techniques to counteract any darkening caused by brown elements. If you have dark brown baseboards or window casings, choose a lighter paint color. If you choose to paint your walls dark brown, then consider furniture, textiles or artwork in light colors. This will keep your room feeling light and airy.


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Brown Painted Walls

Paint your walls dark brown to create a mood that is unbeatable. This chocolate brown wall is both classy and deferential. The darker tone revives the earthy tones while grounding the entire space.


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Install Brown Paneled walls

Are you looking for a look that is classic and dramatic? Create a brown accent with paneling. This backdrop is perfect for displaying artwork or transforming a boring wall.


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Brown decor can be used to decorate your home

Dot your room in subtle brown touches for a vibrant rhythm. This trick will make any space feel clean and fresh. You can bring in this color through artwork, lampshades, or metal accents that are oil-rubbed.


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Add Brown Fireplace Stone

Converting your fireplace into stone can transform your living area. stone fire places are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


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Accent Your Fifth Wall

For a more intimate feel, add wood paneling on your fifth wall – the ceiling. This idea is best suited to taller rooms (with high ceilings), which are more likely to receive plenty of natural light. To counteract the darkening effect of a wooden ceiling, choose brightly colored fabrics and furniture. Here, the cream curtains balance out the dark paneling above.


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Brown is the new monochromatic

Decorating with brown can mean a monochromatic look in the living room. For a Zen effect, use different shades, tints and tones of brown in your furniture, wallpaper, window curtains and built-ins.


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Wallpaper in Brown

There are many shades and tints of brown. You can easily find one that matches your living room’s style. This wallpaper motif features a contrast of two browns that creates an elegant background for pink accents.


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Add Cushy Brown Sofas

A brown sofa with upholstered cushions will create a modern, earthy space that is also kid and pet friendly. Brown, whether it’s a performance fabric or a regular color, won’t show up stains as readily as other colors. This is a choice that you can rely on to look great for many years. Brown sofas, especially leather ones, go well with other colors and patterns.


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Buy Brown Tables

A wooden coffee-table is a timeless piece of furniture that has a lot of functionality and will always look good. The wood coffee table is available in many sizes, shapes and colors, which are ideal for any style, whether you want a relaxed, uncluttered look or a more traditional one.


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Place Baskets

Typically, seagrass or rattan baskets are brown in color. These baskets are also environmentally friendly. Rattan is, for instance, one of the most readily available natural materials on the planet. These baskets also are easy to maintain, and they’re flexible. Their lidded versions can also keep clutter out of sight while double as a piece decor (or pineapple, as shown here).


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Pick Brown Tiles

If you live in an area with a warmer climate then choose a neutral-brown tile. You’ll reap the benefits of choosing porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are usually slip-resistant, and they’re also very strong. They make a good choice for spaces with pets and children. Try wood plank tile if you don’t like the look of traditional tiles. They look exactly like wood, but without the maintenance of real wood.


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Invest in brown built-ins

Built-ins are a beautiful way to display your collection (and create a great shelfie). They’re a classic addition to any house. You can also use built-ins as a frame for your fireplace or television, while also adding storage space to display your collectibles. Built-ins are a great way to enhance any space.


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Highlight Brown Brick Walls

Brown bricks are a great way to give your room depth and warmth. When treated properly, it is durable and perfect for areas with high traffic.


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Install Brown Curtains

Curtains can be a great addition to your home’s decor. They are also a practical way to add style. Blackout curtains block more light (whether from streetlights or car headlights) than other types of curtains. These checkered brown curtains bring a soft, earthy touch to the living room.


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Accessorize with Brown Ceramics

Accessorizing is what will bring your room together. Your expensive items, like a sofa or rug, are the focal point of your design. Enter: ceramic decor pieces. Ceramics are stylish and have been around since centuries.


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Choose Hardwood Flooring

Consider replacing your carpet with hardwood if you have it on the main floor. Hardwoods are available in many shades of brown and can warm up a cold, uninviting room. If hardwood flooring is not a good fit for your lifestyle or budget, you can try other options like engineered hardwoods or luxury vinyl planks.


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Add Warmth to Brown Art

Bring in bold brown artwork to transform a bland space. If you need to cover a large wall, larger pieces of art will look chicer and more sophisticated than grouping smaller pieces.



The 21 Sleek, Cozy, and Dreamiest Modern Farmhouse Kitchens

One of the most sought-after design trends is modern farmhouse. It’s easy to see why. This style combines the sleek lines of modern design with the cozy atmosphere of farmhouse style, giving you a room that is both beautiful and comfortable.

Modern farmhouse style is great for any room in the house, but it’s especially good in the kitchen. It’s a place that can be both functional and family-friendly. modern design makes it easier to navigate any kitchen, while farmhouse-style adds warmth and coziness.

Combining the best features of each style will result in a kitchen you love to spend time in, whether you are cooking, entertaining, or just enjoying a meal. Modern farmhouse style is so popular that inspiration is everywhere. You can find a lot of inspiration for the dream kitchen by looking at modern farmhouse kitchen designs. We’ve selected 21 of our favorites.


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Get a Solid Wooden Island for Spring

Wood is a great addition to any home, but looks especially good in a farmhouse. Build a solid-wood island to get some extra counterspace. This accent is rustic and warm at the same time, making it a perfect focal point for any space.


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Embrace Open Storage

Mix and match your storage options when outfitting your new kitchen. You can create more space in your kitchen by lining your bottom walls with cabinets, and your top walls with sleek shelving.


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Grab a Classic Farmhouse sink

What is a simple way to get farmhouse style? Grab a farmhouse sink. This sleek accent instantly makes your kitchen cozy and charming, while also blending well with modern elements.

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Create a mood with simple window treatments

No farmhouse kitchen would be complete without Window Treatments. To keep your kitchen looking polished, avoid floral curtains and ruffled drapes. Hang a Roman shade to warm up your room without adding visual clutter.


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Get All In on White

What is the best palette for a farmhouse modern kitchen? From top to bottom, white. This sleek color scheme will brighten up any kitchen while honoring the modern love of minimalism.


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Enjoy Your Backsplash

Modern farmhouse kitchens can be uncluttered and clean, but they still need to feel cozy and charming. Look for ways to inject personality into your kitchen. You can use playful tiles to transform your backsplash from sleek and modern to a statement-making kitchen.


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Keep your structural beams exposed

Leave your structural beams exposed to add texture to your kitchen. This rustic accent will bring out the boldest fixtures and sleekest cabinets, giving your kitchen a classic cozy feel.


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Play with Rustic Metal Accents

Wood is a popular choice for farmhouse decor. Other materials, like rustic metals, are just as farmhouse friendly. Hang some matte metal pendants, buy some sleek metal chairs and install metal hardware that appears worn.


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Create a Cozy Breakfast Nook

The farmhouse style looks best when the space is warm and inviting. Add lots of eating space. Decorate your dining room with barstools and create a cozy and stylish breakfast nook.


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Line Your Range Hood with Wood

A good range hood will ventilate your kitchen. Great range hoods ventilate your kitchen and look good doing it. You can either invest in a range hood with a bold design that will steal the show, or you can dress up your existing range hood by painting it or adding wood to it.


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Spend a lot on a statement stove

If you want your appliances to be both beautiful and functional, choose a stove with a striking color. Choose a stainless steel stove for a classic look or go bold with a color like light blue, black, or green.


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Hang Some Classic Cage Lights

Modern farmhouse lighting fixtures are everywhere. Few look as rustic as cage lighting. Hang the barn-friendly fixtures throughout your kitchen. Even if you don’t change anything else, the rustic accent will transform your kitchen.


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Paint Your Cabinets in a Sleek Colour

Modern farmhouses tend to be pretty minimalistic, but that doesn’t mean they are colorless. If you don’t like the idea of a neutral kitchen, can paint your cabinets in a color that is both elegant and charming. For example, light blue or sage are great choices.


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Hardwoods can make a statement

Hardwoods are a timeless option for a modern farmhouse kitchen. But it doesn’t need to be boring. You can create a floor by arranging your hardwoods into a chevron pattern, basket weave or checkerboard.


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Enjoy a fun pantry door

It’s easy to forget your pantry when decorating your kitchen. Try not to. If you can see your pantry from your kitchen, surround it with a charming door. This upgrade will make your kitchen more attractive by transforming the hidden storage area.


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Choose a Rustic Countertop Materials

Quartz countertops are a popular choice, but you have other options. As you decorate your modern farmhouse kitchen consider using a rustic material for your countertops, such as butcher block or stone.


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Streamline Your Dishes

Shelves can be a great storage solution for any farmhouse kitchen, but you need to choose items that look good enough to display. Stock up on beautiful dishes, glasses and serverware, then let them serve as decoration on your shelves.


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Soften your space with a rug

It doesn’t take a lot to warm up your kitchen floors. You can add some warmth to your kitchen floors with a single carpet. It will also give your space a playful touch.


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Stock up on Textured Bar Stools

Choose the furniture you need carefully. Kitchens are not big enough to require a lot of it. You can add balance to your kitchen by choosing bar stools with a texture that matches your decor. This will soften modern elements and give them a rugged texture or add sleek style to an area with a lot of farmhouse.


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Color-Coordinate your metals

It’s not necessary to color-coordinate your metals, but it is a great way to streamline your space. So, go ahead and declutter all your hardware, sinkware, even your Cookware. Matching elements make a subtle impact without taking away from your most kitschy elements.


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Add some sweet finishing touches

Finish off your kitchen with some personal touches. The perfect space isn’t only sleek and cozy, it feels like yours. You can hang art on the walls, display your favorite cookbooks, or decorate your counters with beautiful baubles.


20 Loft Beds That Make You Feel Like a Grown Up

Since childhood, the loft bed has been the epitome cool. There was no other design element that maximized the space in a room more. The same is true for adults.

Here are 20 loft bed designs that will make your childhood dreams come true , without making you feel childish.


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Build Vertically

If you are limited in space, a custom-built overhead can be a comfortable place to sleep as well as a stylish addition to the living room. Hanging plants and incorporating your decor will give your structure a unique look. It will also help you to merge your sleeping and playing areas.


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Maximize all sizes

Even the smallest size mattress can take up valuable space in your bedroom. Never underestimate the ability of an elevated mattress to maximize your floor space. Consider it a success if you can create just enough space to create a reading area.


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Organize Your Storage Space

A loft bed with an elevated base is a great way to get more storage. This modern design, while beautiful, is actually a collection of drawers and cabinets that can be used to hide everything from books to clothes.


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Make it Stylish

This loft bed has a lot of style, from the printed wallpaper to the statement chair. We can definitely see ourselves working remotely from this space.


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Feel Right at Home

When working in a small space, it’s best to be subtle and take into account your surroundings. Incorporating your bed in your existing space in an unobtrusive way will make the room feel more spacious and less cluttered.


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Build Guest Barracks

You may be a hostess who is always hosting guests and are constantly scrambling to find accommodations. Loft beds are a great solution for a guest room, basement or attic.


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Go Neutral

You can change the look of your bunk beds by using a color palette that is neutral. This includes black, white and tans. This studio apartment is chic and sophisticated.


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Use Your Stairs for Work

Storage is something that the world could use more of. Storage solutions are essential when space is limited. This stair setup, which doubles as cubby shelving, has all you need. This loft access can be recreated with wood crates that are stacked in a staircase configuration. Be sure to secure the crates well to prevent any accidents.


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Make it a Hangout

A loft-style construction is great because it has a place to hang things, such as a hammock. This peaceful setup is perfect for relaxing in the evenings.


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Bring in a bench

Consider adding benches on either side of your loft to encourage entertaining. The matching railing on top and bottom looks so sophisticated in this bedroom.


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Carve Out Space In Unexpected Areas

This kitchen-loft combination is a great example of how anything is possible. This vaulted ceiling is the ideal place to slide a mattress in and build an overhead structure.


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Go Low-Profile

The best thing about custom-built loft bed is that you can choose how high or low it should be. This is a mid-height setup that provides storage space below the bed (as opposed living area) and does not require a steep climb into bed.


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Create a Color Story

A cohesive color scheme will always be the best option for any design, whether you are creating a loft. This bedroom is a great example of how wallpaper can be used to bring in the color green from the loft and brown accents.


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Create a Winding Staircase

Why settle for a standard staircase when you could create a winding one that is eye-catching? This cylinder access is modern and adds visual drama to a small area.


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Mind Your Lighting

This modern room uses the area below the loft bed to light the living space beneath. Install the lighting in the base to give it a polished and well-lit look.


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Keep Things Understated

Loft beds look great on their own. They don’t need any extras. If you’re unsure, a neutral space with minimal décor and a sunny feel will do.


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Cut out a center entry

Most double loft beds have a staircase or ladder on each side, which takes up twice the space. This setup, with the shared stairway entry in the middle, saves space while providing access to both lofts. The best part of this setup is that it separates the two work spaces below.


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Create a Cutout

This built-in pod is a great place to read, nap, or relax during the day.


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Make it Nautical

A coastal-themed loft with a light, airy feel is the next best thing to owning a beach home. This bedroom is transformed into a seaside retreat with the neutral base, light blues and whale wallpaper.


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Paint Your Frame

This room, unlike most others, makes the bed frame stand out with its coral shade. Instead of hiding it, make it stand out with a color that matches the other colors in your room.



Corners in the Living Room: 22 Beautiful Ideas

Living Room Corner can feel awkward at times. Nothing really goes there and nothing fits. It doesn’t have to be this way. The corner of your living room can be used as extra seating, for a home bar or workspace.

Continue reading to discover 22 different ways to style your corner living room.


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Create Extra Seating

The corners of the living room are ideal for adding an extra chair or two. Extra seating in the living area is useful when you have extra guests or entertain.


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Add a Desk

Want a place to do some work or write down something? A small desk can be placed in a corner of your living room. The perfect furniture is a simple vintage writing desk. They are small enough to fit in a corner but stylish enough to look not too industrial.


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Get inspired by the rest of your space

It’s important that a corner in your living room complements the decor of the room as a whole. Style a corner by taking inspiration from your entire space.


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Get L-Shaped

L-shaped sectional for the living room corner. These compact sectionals can be a good choice for corners that are tight. They fill the space with stylish furniture and make efficient use of a space.


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Bring in the Greenery

Houseplants are a great way to fill up any empty spaces in your home. living-room corners can be no different. You can add a variety house plants to bring color and texture into your living room.


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Add a little Height

You may want to add a few plants to an empty corner of your living room to give it a fuller look. Use a simple, small table to place the plants. If your corner is close to a tall window it will also give the plants better sunlight.


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Shelving is important

Shelving can be a great solution for an empty corner in your living room. Two shelves can be used to store your favorite board games or books. You can add a chair to the corner and create a stylish living room.


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Show Your Favorites

Corners in living rooms are usually out of sight, but they are seen quite a lot. Use this not-quite-out-of-sight feature to your advantage by adding a shelving unit or display case to display a few of your favorite things, like souvenirs or a small collection. The corner location keeps the room feeling uncluttered while still allowing you to display your favorite items.


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Install a gallery wall

Who says that you have to add something to the floor to make a corner of your living room look more crowded? The wall is also a good option. It is possible to make a gallery wall out of an unutilized corner. What better way to give your living room a personal touch?


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Create a Conversation Nook

Add a small conversation table to larger corners or other tricky areas in the living room. It will be a good place to escape the chaos of the main area, and can also serve as a reading nook.


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Install Built-Ins

Built-ins are a great way to fill a corner that is unused. Built-ins can provide extra storage in your living room, and they add style without cluttering the space.


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Consider Wall Coverings

Another great way to add visual interest to an area is to use wall coverings. For example, the shiplap on the wall in the corner of House 9.. These wall coverings add character and texture without adding additional furniture or decor. This is a great addition to a room that’s already overstuffed.


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Add a side table

Small side tables (or nesting tables) are a great addition to any living room. They can be used for additional guests or meals in front of the television. What’s the best place to put these side tables? The corner of the living room.


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Make It Work

Sometimes, in the flexible age of the home, a corner in the living room is all that’s left for a home-office. Pick a desk to fit the corner, and keep it neat when not in use or during non-working hours.


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Create a Cozy Nook

A window seat is a great way to make a room feel cozy on a rainy or cold day. A window seat or bench can be a great addition to your living room corner and really increase the hygge-factor.


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Bring a Chaise

Looking for a more unique seating option for your living room corner? A chaise is the perfect solution. It’s a statement piece for your living room.


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Add a Console Table

Add a console to the corner of your living room for some stylish storage. They are great for storing small items like keys, magazines, remote controls, etc. The tables have enough space for displaying a few decorative items.


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Take advantage of Tight Areas

Some living rooms have awkward corners, with nooks or crannies of different sizes and shapes. Choose furniture that will fit well in even the most difficult of spaces.


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Plant a tree

Add a potted Tree to your living room corner for some added height (and lots of green). Choose dwarf plants that can withstand changes in temperature and moisture, but don’t require a lot of sunlight. They should also have interesting foliage.


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Add a Bar

Another match-made-in-living-room-corner-heaven is the corner bar. Add some shelves, a wine refrigerator, and cabinets to create the bar of your dreams.


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Show off Your Window

Many corners of the living room have windows. Living room windows are a great source of natural light, and can provide a beautiful view outside. Use high-quality curtains with a pattern that works well in the room to highlight a window in the corner.


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Tables for Sale

Add a table and chairs if you are short on space or want to have another place to do a quick puzzle or eat a quick meal. Add a statement light, and perhaps a large painting or two to complete the look.



The 18 Best Kitchen Color Ideas

The kitchen is a place in the house that can be devoted more to function than form. While the function of a modern kitchen is important, its design should not be overlooked. Color is one way to celebrate form in the kitchen. If you want to add some color to in your kitchen, then read on.

Keep reading to discover 18 of our favorite color schemes for your kitchen.


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Navy Blue

Navy blue is a rich and sophisticated color that will add history and style into any kitchen. Combine it with black accents for a moody look or whitewashed upper cabinets or walls to contrast the dark color.


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Blue and Gold

Metallic accents can give your kitchen an elegant look. They also go well with almost any color. Blue and gold are classic colors that still have a touch of glamour.


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Blue, Gold and Black Marble

Kitchens can look inviting and vintage with a combination of blue and gold. When marble is added to the mix, it makes the kitchen look even more elegant. This color combination can be created in your kitchen by using blue cabinetry, backsplash or marble with gold accents.

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Periwinkle, a color not often seen in modern color palettes, is one that deserves more attention. Periwinkle’s pastel shades are a reminder of the color palettes from yesterday. They add a vintage feel to any room. It’s perfect for adding a touch of pastel to your kitchen.


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Blue, Gray and Black

It’s okay if you don’t want to add bright colors to your kitchen. Try a color with gray undertones, such as a gray-blue, for a more measured approach to color. Pair this color with black accents for a sophisticated kitchen look.


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Monochrome Gray

Try monochrome kitchens if you love a particular color. The shades of grey will give your kitchen a vibrant and decadent look. You don’t have to worry about which color to pair them with because the answer is in front of you: another shade of gray.


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Dark Teal

Bold colors have made a big comeback in kitchens. Blue and green are vibrant colors that add character and personality to any kitchen. Teal is a deep, rich color that gives a retro feel to a kitchen.


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Teal and Pink

Teal and pink is another fun color combination. These perfectly pastel picks, though they may seem like an unlikely pair and a duo for the home, add a lot of charm to any room, including the kitchen.


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Teal and Black

Teal is an excellent choice for the kitchen. If you want to make the kitchen more modern or tone down the teal, consider adding lighting and black cabinet hardware.


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Mint and cream

Color is a great way to make your kitchen look less cluttered. Colors like mint or cream are clean and crisp, and will add a sense of cleanliness and peace, regardless of the condition of your dirty dishes.


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Mint and White

The look of mint and white is similar to that of cream and mint, but it’s a bit more crisp and modern. The white gives the kitchen a polished, grown-up look while the minty smoothness adds an element of fun and playfulness.


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Mint and Gray

Gray is one of the many fantastic colors that go with mint. Gray gives a natural and earthy look to the perky mint. It also tones it down for a more sophisticated appearance.


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Green and Walnut

Want to create a kitchen drenched in earthy tones? Pair green and walnut. This color combination gives the impression of a canopy, but still looks stylish and simple.


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Green and Yellow

Yellow accents in a green space continue the theme of warm colours and enhance the cozy feeling.


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Jade, a rich and vibrant color, is an excellent choice for kitchens. You can add it in small doses through accessories or appliances, or you can use it on a large scale with cabinetry and backsplashes.


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Green and Oak

In the kitchen, natural elements like wood and stone pair well with a variety of colors. This combination is best exemplified by green and oak colored wood. Together, these two colors create a kitchen which looks as good outdoors as it does inside.


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Monochrome Green

Monochrome green is just as beautiful as monochrome grey. Multi-shade green in the kitchen will create a cohesive color palette. It’s also minimalistic and fun.


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Green and Gold

Want to give your kitchen a more modern, grounded feel? Add a little gold. Gold accents such as hardware or lighting can give a modern and clean look to your kitchen. They also provide a neutral base to which a vibrant color, like green, will really pop.