How to keep your home office organized in 14 simple ways

Home offices used to be pushed aside in favor of guest rooms, gyms, etc., but they are now a hot item.

You know that even if you have a dedicated office, spending much, much more time in it can easily transform a pile into a mountainous mess. If a document does not exist in “the cloud,” then it is more likely to end up in the garbage.

There are simple tricks that can help you organize your office on any budget. Browse through these 14 easy ways to organize a home office, whether you’re planning to stay at home indefinitely or simply want to update your occasionally workspace.


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Make use of vintage filing cabinets

Most people are frightened by a filing cabinet that they have just purchased from an office supply store. These solid oak cabinets from the early 20th century with metal plates are a welcome exception. These cabinets are full of character and their semi-gloss finishes reflect light into darker rooms.

You can use vintage, larger filing units to organize everything from receipts and protractors to all kinds of paperwork.


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Maximize small containers

Save yourself from future frustrations by purchasing multiple small organizers if the items that you want to organize are smaller. You’ll be able find your pen easily and quickly. can be stored in a rattan container on a shelf at the bottom.


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Opt for Floor-to-Ceiling Cabinetry

You can create a dramatic and spacious room by tucking your desk into the cabinetry. Open shelving in the middle of this desk adds contrast and keeps important items close at hand.


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Mount Long Floating Shelving

A side table, floating shelving and a desk made of the same material create a cohesive look perfect for small offices. This keeps your office from feeling cramped and prevents the shelves from appearing cluttered.


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Hang Up Minimalist Shelves

You need to choose your organization carefully if your home office used to be a bedroom, and you plan to return it to that role in the future. Minimalistic shelving will keep clutter from your desk, and look great once you return the room to its original purpose.

You need as much space for your arms as possible. Choose a wall sconce that has an adjustable head. You will have light and space where you need them.


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Use additional storage to your advantage

It’s easy to create a chest of drawers out of woven baskets that will keep your office looking bohemian, relaxed and organized. This piece can be easily repurposed for other rooms if needed.


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Double it up

You and your partner both need to be able to work at home? You have children who need a place to complete their schoolwork. You can turn a hallway, or a side of the room, into an office space by installing a row of desks. Both of you can have their own drawers and know exactly who took your phone charger.


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Take Care of the Clutter

It’s a clever trick to install horizontal shelves on the side of vertical units when installing cabinetry. The shiplap wall desk is easy to keep organized, and it looks great in any bedroom.


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Desk Trays

You can use a desk table to add dimension to your workspace, as well as to add color, texture or shine. These are also perfect for organizing a desk that is freestanding without cabinets.


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Install a Cork Wall

Want to see everything at a glance? Install a cork wall. You can use cork to create a wall. Hang up reminders, calendars, schedules and to-do list. You can DIY an entire wall with cork or buy one cork sheet to temporarily fix it.


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Mix open and closed storage

You may feel as if you are in a closet when you have tall vertical cabinets on either side of you. Take off all (or some) of the doors from one side, and leave that side open. You may need to spend some time using your power tools but you will not succumb as quickly to the office boredom.


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Eliminate Eyesores

Papers and snack wrappers that are crumpled need to be disposed of. Try a basket made of natural fibers instead of a flimsy plastic or metal bucket. If you want to dispose of dirty items, you can use a small plastic tub with a liner and place it in a larger basket.


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Add a Console

When selecting additional pieces, consider the height of your cabinets. In this office, the console is at a lower level or aligned with the bottoms of the cabinets. This keeps the flow of the room and stops the console from becoming a focal piece.


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Think Vertically

Binders will take up lots of space on your desk, no matter where or how you store them. Vertical magazine file organizers are a great way to organize tall packets of papers and manuals.

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