10 Ways to Make Your Event Guests Feel at Home

As a host you want to make sure that your guests enjoy themselves and are comfortable during the entire event.This can include everything from setting up a second plate for an additional guest to preparing a dish that is special for someone with dietary restrictions. No matter how you do it, making guests feel welcome will keep your event at the top.

Here are 10 ways to make guests feel welcome at any event.

1. Discover their favorite drinks and foods

Make sure that your event is a memorable one for your guests. This includes the food you serve and the beverages. You want to ensure that your guests will enjoy the food, whether you are catering or cooking it yourself. You can ask your guests in advance what their favorite foods and drinks are. You’ll then be able create a menu everyone will love.

2. Dress code

It’s been a while since we were invited to a gathering where the dress code was not clearly stated. You can prevent this uncertainty by clearly stating your dress code when you send out invitations. You should be as specific and give examples. You want your guests, whether it’s for a cocktail or casual soirée, to feel confident in their attire. No one wants to appear over- or under-dressed.

3. You can ask your guests about their dietary restrictions

Ask your guests about their dietary requirements before they arrive. You can ensure that everyone will be able to enjoy your spread. This small gesture can make everyone feel welcome (and satisfied). You will be genuinely appreciated by your guests for the effort and thoughtfulness.

4. Keep your personal belongings in a safe place

No one wants to have their belongings thrown in a corner or to have to search through a heap of bags and coats when they are trying to leave. It’s important to create a space where guests can safely store their belongings. This could be a closet that’s unused or if you have rented a guest room. Prepare paper tags that include the names of your guests. They can be attached to the guests’ belongings so that no one takes home the wrong bag or coat.

5. Make Room for Everyone

It’s sometimes hard to know how many guests will attend your event. Being prepared for extra guests is important. Consider setting up high-top table so that people can chat and enjoy the small bites. It allows people to move from table to table without worrying about taking a seat. Plan ahead if you have the luxury of a large home. This will help you decide what arrangement is best for your event. Consider whether you’d like round tables or a long rectangular table. Also, think about how intimate you would like it to be.

6. Create Conversation Starters

There’s no reason to be worried if you invite different groups of family members and friends who may not know one another very well. You can encourage guests to meet each other by encouraging them to start conversations. Set up markers with numbers between 1 and 5 to help guests find their way around your home. You can then hand out conversation cards so that the guests don’t have to make small talk or ask questions.

7. Check-in During the Night

Check in with each group to see if there are any needs. Checking in with guests who are shy can be a great way to make them feel more comfortable. You will have the opportunity to talk to all your guests and they can make any requests.

8. Set the mood with Music

Asking your guests to choose their favorite songs will help you create an atmosphere that is truly unique. It allows your guests to be involved in the music that they are listening to and encourages them to dance if they hear their favorite song.

9. The temperature can be adjusted

Open some windows to let the air flow if the room becomes stuffy. If it’s too hot, let your guests know they can step outside for some fresh air. In the winter, you may want to prepare blankets and heaters so that guests are warm and comfortable.

10. Prepare a Guest Bedroom

If you have space, it’s a great idea to set up a Guest Room so that you can accommodate last-minute guests. Make sure you clean the room before guests arrive, stock up on fresh linens and the bathroom essentials.

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