16 Ground-Breaking Bathroom Designs for Apartments and Small Spaces

It may appear difficult to decorate an apartment bathroom. Apartment bathrooms can be quite small. When space is restricted, you feel like your options will be limited as well. You can’t renovate the entire place if you rent.

You’re not as restricted as you might think. can be used to decorate a small bathroom. You can completely transform a room by simply changing your towels or hanging art. You probably won’t be able to install a brand new shower or bathtub. Peel-and-stick alternatives are available, so you can update your apartment without breaking your lease or your budget.

We’ve put together some truly transformative apartment bathrooms to help you make your bathroom stand out. These tips can be used for any bathroom, and since they don’t require a renovation, they are also renter-friendly.


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Paint your room a fun color

What is the easiest way to transform a bathroom? Paint it. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. In small doses, striking shades can be great. Choose a color that is playful and will instantly transform your room. Then, when you’re ready to leave, repaint the walls white.


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Install a Sleek shower curtain

Shower curtains aren’t only a necessity, they’re also a great way to decorate your bathroom. Take advantage of this decorative opportunity. Grab a colorful, printed or textured shower curtain and swap it out whenever your bathroom needs an update.


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Refresh Your Backsplash

The backsplash in your bathroom is the ideal place to create a bold statement. It doesn’t mean you have to do a complete renovation. You can upgrade the backsplash or any part of your bathroom with peel and stick tiles. Find a set you like and peel it off when you want to change the look.


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Decorate Your Walls with Art

It may seem strange to choose art for your bathroom. Your bathroom walls are just as important as the rest your home. Stock up on pieces that are not affected by water, such as glass-framed illustrations and prints. This will transform your bathroom into an art gallery.


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Grab a plush bathroom rug

Tiling your bathroom floors doesn’t have to be the only option. You can dress up your bathroom with a beautiful printed rug or a plush mat.


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Store your items in the most convenient places

Storage Space can be a valuable asset in a small bathroom. You can put it anywhere. Make your window look like a cabinet by adding shelves. Then, fill the shelves with your prettiest bathroom products.


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Change Your Cabinet Fronts

You can refresh your cabinets by changing the fronts. Change your cabinet fronts. Grab drawer fronts that match and stock up on cabinet door textures. This will produce renovation-like effects without the mess and expense of a complete gut job.


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Spring is the time to buy a statement mirror

The mirror will be the focal point of any bathroom, so choose it carefully. Replace the standard mirror in your bathroom with a Statement Mirror to make the room look more luxurious.


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Cover your Walls with Wallpaper

Printed Wallpaper will make any bathroom feel and look more luxurious. Peel-and-Stick options are available, so you don’t have to worry about paste. Don’t hesitate to try something new and find a design you love. You can start over if the worst happens.


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Hang Some Pretty Window Treatments

Blinds are a great way to give privacy in the bathroom. If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel extra special, try other window treatment. Roman shades with a patterned pattern will provide the same level of coverage and flexibility of blinds, while also adding some printed style to any space.


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Customize Your Drawer Pulls

It’s easy to upgrade your cabinetry: just change out the doorknobs and drawer handles. Customizing the hardware of your bathroom cabinets will give it a unique feel without spending a fortune.


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Invest in an Amazing Bath Tray

What is a simple way to make your bath look better? Purchase a great bath tray. This shelf instantly upgrades bathtime by giving you a place to store drinks, toiletries, and candles. It will dress up your tub, even when you are not using it.


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Replace your shower curtain with a glass door

Do you want to make your bathroom seem bigger? Replace the shower curtain with a glass enclosure. This will allow you to see all the space in your bathroom.


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Re-paint your cabinets

Not only your walls need a makeover, but all of the bathroom’s cabinets too. You can transform your bathroom cabinets into a statement piece with a simple coat of paint. With the right color pop, you can bring a nice dose of contrast to your room.


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Choose towels that double as decor

Every piece in a small bathroom makes a statement. Don’t buy standard towels, but instead invest in a stylish set. These pretty essentials will add style and function to your towel rack.


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Grab a Sleek Bath Stool

Storage space is limited? Grab a stylish bath stool. This low-profile piece will give you more storage space for toiletries and décor. It’s small size allows you to put it anywhere – in a corner, beside your vanity or inside your shower.

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