16 Gorgeous Kitchen Islands with Built-In Sinks

You can upgrade your kitchen island in many ways: paint it, replace the countertops or add a sink.

We can understand why this last option isn’t used much. It’s not easy or cheap to build a sink in your island. It can transform the look and feel of your kitchen, making it more useful for cooking, cleaning, and entertaining.

What is the most beautiful aspect of this upgrade? This upgrade works for kitchens in all shapes and sizes. You can add an island to your kitchen as long as you have enough space.

You’ll find plenty of ideas for kitchen islands sinks to inspire you as you plan the perfect sink-adorned island.


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Dividing Your Island into Segments

Unsure how to arrange your island? Make sure you have enough space in your kitchen to accommodate the tasks that you will be performing. You can create enough space to prep, cook and clean comfortably by segmenting your island.


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Choose a Faucet that Makes a Statement

The sink is likely to be inside the island. However, your faucet will peek over it. This will make it one of your most noticeable accents in your home. Instead of the traditional statement sink, opt for a faucet that will make a big impact. You shouldn’t struggle to find a faucet that you love, since they come in so many different styles, finishes and shapes.


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Two different sinks are available

Why limit yourself to one sink? Two sinks are a great idea if your kitchen has a lot of counter space. Install one sink in your kitchen and the other on your island. Next time you cook with a friend or need to boil water, you’ll be grateful you did.


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Select an island with lots of storage space

Undersink Storage Space is important, so make sure you get an island that has plenty of drawers. It is important to do this if the island sink is your only sink. You need to have a convenient place to keep cleaning supplies and detergents, but you don’t necessarily want them to be right next to food.


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Choose a Sink that Suits Your Palette

Don’t buy the first sink that you see. A good sink will add function and style to your kitchen. Look at your color scheme and choose a sink to match it. You can go with something more classic like porcelain or stainless steel, or you can try a material that is unusual like stone or copper.


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Rethink your lighting setup

pendants work well above islands in most kitchens. But you can do something different, such as hanging lights at the center of the space instead.


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Keep your sink near your stove

It can be difficult to decide which island deserves the sink when you have two islands. One pro tip? The sink should be built on the island nearest to the stove. It will be easy to fill up your pots when you are making pasta, hard-boiling an egg or boiling eggs.


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Enjoy Your Countertops

Who said that your island had to match your entire kitchen? Paint your island cabinets in a fun, bold color or choose a waterfall counter made from a stunning material.


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Make your faucet the darkest fixture in the room

What’s a unique way to get a faucet that stands out? Choose a faucet that is darker than your other hardware. Match your warm brass drawer handles and stainless steel appliances with a matte black metal faucet.

Keep other accents, such as your countertops, cabinets, and backsplash, on the lighter side.


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Double sinks maximize space

Pair an extra-large island with a sink if you have a long island. This sink gives you enough space to prep and rinse ingredients and wash dishes. It will also look better on your island.


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Turn Your Island into a Cooking Hub

Why limit yourself to a sink? Turn your island into an all-out cooking center if you have enough space. Install a sink, a stove and the rest of the counters for prep and cleanup.


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Grab a Pull Down Faucet

Pull-down faucets offer both function and style in your kitchen. If you want to add functionality to your kitchen then they are the best. Pull-down taps can be flexibly stretched and moved around to reach every corner of the sink. It is easier to clean dishes, rinse ingredients and keep your sink sparkling.


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Build Your Sink at the End of Your Island

It’s tempting to put the sink in the center of a kitchen island. Other places can be just as sensible. You can use the sink at the end of an island to create a seating area, separating your cooking space from your eating space .


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Stick a Dishwasher under Your Sink

It may seem like a complicated project to install a dish washer in your island. Once you install an island sink, the majority of your work has already been done. The same plumbing stack can be used for your sink as well as your dishwasher. It’s not just easy, it’s also sensible.


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Paint your island to match your cabinets

Paint your island the same color as your cabinets to create cohesion. This choice will bring your kitchen together. If you want to make it look more streamlined, you can match the island faucet with your other kitchen hardware.


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Turn Sink Accessories Into Decor

Island sinks can be found in many kitchens, but they are hidden. This means that all the sink essentials are also visible. Upgrade your sink’s look by replacing grubby sponges with sleeker, more stylish cleaning products.

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