16 Adorable and Simple Bathroom Designs That Are Simple to Copy

It’s true that not everyone will step foot in your bathroom but it deserves to be as stylish and beautiful as your other rooms. The loo is often overlooked when we spend so much energy and time designing our living areas. We think it’s about time we change this.

It can be difficult to determine the best way to decorate an extra-small bathroom. If you are having difficulty choosing paint colors, selecting hardware or developing a color palette, do not worry. These 16 bathrooms will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your next bathroom project.


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Lean Some Art

Fun Art doesn’t have to be reserved for the living room. Why not use it in your bathroom if you have an interesting piece of art that needs a place to live? Leaning art looks super chic, so don’t worry if your tile walls aren’t hammer friendly.

Choose something that is not too expensive, as anything in the bathroom can be damaged by water or other environmental hazards.


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Add a Few Sconces

Sconces are beautiful next to a bed. But we’ll let it slip that they look equally lovely in the bathroom. Create a luxurious look that will make you want to brush your teeth in the morning.


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Incorporate Rattan

rattan how we love thee. In this bright bathroom, small rattan shelves and hooks shine. These little details can make a space more curated and personal. Plus, storage!


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Include Some Plant Babies

You can add a little greenery in your bathroom if you want to create a simple, natural aesthetic. Place small plant on the open shelves above the toilet.

If it’s easier, you could also go with the fake route. We promise not to judge.


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Replace Your Hardware

Replace the bland hardware with drawer pulls to suit your style. Gold is always a good choice! Keep the original hardware for your bathroom in a safe location if you are a tenant. This will allow you to restore it all before moving out.


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Take the small things in life to heart

Do not overlook the small details. Who says your trash can must be boring? You can combine beauty and functionality in your bathroom by choosing a stylish garbage can. Spending a few dollars more on a brass item will make you happy.


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Lay down a vintage rug

Vintage Rugs add character and charm to any space. They look great in the bathroom instead of a standard bathmat. Darker colors will hide stains better. What are you waiting?


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Hang a Sweet Mirror

Could this mirror possibly be cuter? Replace that old, clunky cabinet with a beautiful mirror like this one.


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Pick Pink

Pink vanity cabinets will make you more motivated to apply your makeup for a night out. This cheerful color is perfect for a girly bathroom. It’s sweet and not too overwhelming.


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Get Ziggy with It

This sleek bathroom is filled with fun thanks to a zig-zag pattern. Do not be afraid to play with patterns to add some spice to your bathroom.


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Go Glam

By hanging some glamorous photos (or magazine clips, if you want a more budget-friendly solution) near the tub, it will remind to always live your best life. Sit back and soak in the tub.


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Go Whimsical

Choose a wallpaper with a peppy design and let it be a focal point in your bathroom. This space is adorned with palm leaves and leopards. Could you think of a more striking combination?


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Select Color

We love this bathroom’s colorful and cheerful wallpaper. Choose a pattern you wouldn’t normally use in a large space. Smaller spaces, like bathrooms, are about being bold and taking risks.


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Try a table

Try adding a small side table to your bathroom. You can use it to store your cosmetic bag, perfumes or other random items. This will give your home a luxurious, hotel-like feel and add some extra design flair.


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Try This Color Grouping

A perfect color combination is pink, white and gold. The minimalist mirrors are a great addition to this stunning bathroom. Their fun shape adds the perfect finishing touch.


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Work in Some Wicker

Is there a cuter Wicker Sconce? We don’t believe so. Install one over the sink, and you’ll be smiling every time your step into the bathroom to wash your hand.

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