You can decorate your walls with these 17 dining room mirror ideas

Mirrors are a great addition to any room. They’re surprising rare in dining rooms. We often forget to include mirrors in our dining rooms when we decorate them with dramatic lighting and elegant window coverings.

Many interior designers haven’t forgotten the classic mirror, and they’ve created stunning dining room which make the most out of this reflective accent.

We’ve selected some of the most beautiful examples of dining-room mirrors, and we’ve also highlighted some ideas for dining-room mirrors that you might want to try in your home.


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Use a large mirror in a small room

It may seem that putting a large mirror in a tiny dining room is a recipe for chaos. If you want to make the space feel larger then this is the best option. Buy the largest mirror you can and hang it on the wall of your dining room. The larger the room appears, the more the mirror reflects.


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Dress up an Unusual Wall

Mirrors do not have to be on the largest wall of the room. Dress up a narrow wall in your dining room with a thin mirror. Accents should be used to draw attention to a wall and make your open concept dining room more cozy.


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Complete Your Bar Cabinet

Many bar cabinets can stand alone. By placing a mirror above yours you can make your bar look more formal.


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Use a mirror as your backsplash

You have other options besides standalone mirrors. Use panel mirrors to create a backsplash in a dining room with lots of prep space. This unusual accent will make your dining room stand out.


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Brighten up the Room

Mirrors can be used to enhance a dining room with few windows. Mirrors can be placed on the wall next to the window so that they reflect light into the room. Use a large mirror to get the most light possible. Or create a gallery of smaller mirrors.


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Streamline All Your Metals

It’s fun to mix and match metals. Color-coordinating all metals in your room will give it a striking appearance. Choose a frame that matches your lighting and then choose a matching mirror. Top your dining table with a matching metallic centerpiece.


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Install a mirror above your fireplace

Decorating with Mirrors in your Dining Room is Easy: Simply Mount a Mirror Above Your Mantel. This classic combination will look great in any home, and it will make your dining room a cozy place to be.


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Match your Mirror with a Wallpaper

wallpaper is a great addition to any dining room. By choosing a mirror with accent colors that match your wallpaper, your bold walls will look even more striking.


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Leaning a full-length mirror against the wall

Full length mirrors can be used in the dining room to add a touch of elegance. Leaning a mirror up against a wall in a room with few windows can help fill the space.


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Use Panel Mirrors to Line Your Wall

This is a great alternative to traditional wall decor, such as paint or wallpaper. You can also doodle and write messages on the wall to give it a bolder look.


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Install a mirror between your windows

A mirror can be placed between windows in a dining room. This subtle accent will help you to break up the space in your dining room without affecting the feeling of light.


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Mirrors that match your wall

Having trouble choosing the perfect mirror for your room? Consider the overall look of the space. It’s easy to create a stylish space by matching your dining mirror with your walls, especially if you have other accents that match.


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Use a Mirror As a Faux Window

A mirror that resembles a window will create fluidity within your space. This unusual accent gives the impression that you can see right through the wall.


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Antique mirrors add texture to any room

Mirrors are usually pretty sleek, but they don’t need to be. You can add texture to your dining area by choosing an old mirror or a distressed mirror.


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Play with a Pop Of Color

You can add color to your dining room with a mirror. If you have a dining room full of matte black furniture, a gold mirror will break up that wall. This unexpected addition will make your room more interesting by adding contrast.


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Mirrors framed with lamps

What is the best way to display your dining room mirrors? It can be framed with lamps or sconces . This decorative pair will make your mirror stand out.


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Do not be afraid to layer

Mirrors don’t need to be left alone. You can create a dynamic and textured decorative vignette by pairing your mirror with other decor like plants, art and candles.


16 Ground-Breaking Bathroom Designs for Apartments and Small Spaces

It may appear difficult to decorate an apartment bathroom. Apartment bathrooms can be quite small. When space is restricted, you feel like your options will be limited as well. You can’t renovate the entire place if you rent.

You’re not as restricted as you might think. can be used to decorate a small bathroom. You can completely transform a room by simply changing your towels or hanging art. You probably won’t be able to install a brand new shower or bathtub. Peel-and-stick alternatives are available, so you can update your apartment without breaking your lease or your budget.

We’ve put together some truly transformative apartment bathrooms to help you make your bathroom stand out. These tips can be used for any bathroom, and since they don’t require a renovation, they are also renter-friendly.


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Paint your room a fun color

What is the easiest way to transform a bathroom? Paint it. Don’t be afraid of bold colors. In small doses, striking shades can be great. Choose a color that is playful and will instantly transform your room. Then, when you’re ready to leave, repaint the walls white.


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Install a Sleek shower curtain

Shower curtains aren’t only a necessity, they’re also a great way to decorate your bathroom. Take advantage of this decorative opportunity. Grab a colorful, printed or textured shower curtain and swap it out whenever your bathroom needs an update.


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Refresh Your Backsplash

The backsplash in your bathroom is the ideal place to create a bold statement. It doesn’t mean you have to do a complete renovation. You can upgrade the backsplash or any part of your bathroom with peel and stick tiles. Find a set you like and peel it off when you want to change the look.


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Decorate Your Walls with Art

It may seem strange to choose art for your bathroom. Your bathroom walls are just as important as the rest your home. Stock up on pieces that are not affected by water, such as glass-framed illustrations and prints. This will transform your bathroom into an art gallery.


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Grab a plush bathroom rug

Tiling your bathroom floors doesn’t have to be the only option. You can dress up your bathroom with a beautiful printed rug or a plush mat.


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Store your items in the most convenient places

Storage Space can be a valuable asset in a small bathroom. You can put it anywhere. Make your window look like a cabinet by adding shelves. Then, fill the shelves with your prettiest bathroom products.


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Change Your Cabinet Fronts

You can refresh your cabinets by changing the fronts. Change your cabinet fronts. Grab drawer fronts that match and stock up on cabinet door textures. This will produce renovation-like effects without the mess and expense of a complete gut job.


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Spring is the time to buy a statement mirror

The mirror will be the focal point of any bathroom, so choose it carefully. Replace the standard mirror in your bathroom with a Statement Mirror to make the room look more luxurious.


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Cover your Walls with Wallpaper

Printed Wallpaper will make any bathroom feel and look more luxurious. Peel-and-Stick options are available, so you don’t have to worry about paste. Don’t hesitate to try something new and find a design you love. You can start over if the worst happens.


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Hang Some Pretty Window Treatments

Blinds are a great way to give privacy in the bathroom. If you’re looking to make your bathroom feel extra special, try other window treatment. Roman shades with a patterned pattern will provide the same level of coverage and flexibility of blinds, while also adding some printed style to any space.


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Customize Your Drawer Pulls

It’s easy to upgrade your cabinetry: just change out the doorknobs and drawer handles. Customizing the hardware of your bathroom cabinets will give it a unique feel without spending a fortune.


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Invest in an Amazing Bath Tray

What is a simple way to make your bath look better? Purchase a great bath tray. This shelf instantly upgrades bathtime by giving you a place to store drinks, toiletries, and candles. It will dress up your tub, even when you are not using it.


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Replace your shower curtain with a glass door

Do you want to make your bathroom seem bigger? Replace the shower curtain with a glass enclosure. This will allow you to see all the space in your bathroom.


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Re-paint your cabinets

Not only your walls need a makeover, but all of the bathroom’s cabinets too. You can transform your bathroom cabinets into a statement piece with a simple coat of paint. With the right color pop, you can bring a nice dose of contrast to your room.


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Choose towels that double as decor

Every piece in a small bathroom makes a statement. Don’t buy standard towels, but instead invest in a stylish set. These pretty essentials will add style and function to your towel rack.


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Grab a Sleek Bath Stool

Storage space is limited? Grab a stylish bath stool. This low-profile piece will give you more storage space for toiletries and décor. It’s small size allows you to put it anywhere – in a corner, beside your vanity or inside your shower.


15 Bathroom Decor Ideas Using Red

Bathrooms are often rooted in Blues and Whites. These colors are timeless and safe choices. Why not try something different for your bathroom?

Due to their size, bathrooms are perfect places to experiment with colors. What’s the one vibrant color that we love in bathrooms? Red.

Red is a bold color that makes a statement. It looks great when combined with traditional accents like white, black and gold. Grab a paintbrush or some red wallpaper and install it on your vanity.

You’ve come to a good place if you want some inspiration to help you plan your red bathroom. View images of 20 red bathrooms that will inspire you. There’s something that truly appeals to every style: vintage-inspired, modern, grandmillennial…you name it.


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Groovy Bathroom

Terrazzo has taken over the world! Paint the entire space red to complement the flecks of color. This bathroom, complete with a discoball on the ceiling is full of energy.

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Traditional and Bold

This powder bathroom is enhanced by the addition of artful accents, such as a small landscape painting with an ornately-framed frame and beautiful brass sconces. A small round mirror will add personality to your bathroom. Builder grade fixtures can be bland. Consider replacing them with a piece that reflects your style.

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Retro Fun

This bathroom is cool, baby! Combining black, white, and red can create a retro-inspired look. This is a space that would be perfect for getting ready for a night out.

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Additions that are Artistic

Add lots of artwork to your red walls! Consider hanging a Gallery Wall in your bathroom if you are a maximalist, or if you have many great pieces of art to show off. This gallery wall features a variety of frames, all in gold. The finish is stunning against the vibrant color.

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Colorful Contrast

A bathroom can be given a new look by painting the upper half of a red wall. This bathroom features vintage elements which contrast beautifully with the bold paint.

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A Touch of Whimsy

You may want to create a space with a classic look, but a little off the beaten track. This red vanity is perfect for the job: It’s fun and adds some whimsy, but it doesn’t look too crazy. The key is to find a happy middle ground.

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Going Glam

A burgundy bathroom is transformed with an ornate mirror. Replace a mirror in your bathroom that isn’t up to par with your aesthetic and style. Even a seemingly simple change can make a huge difference.

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Playful Patterns

Patterned Wallpaper shines once again in this bathroom. Powder rooms, because of their size, are perfect for experimenting with boldness. Have some fun with a color, print or pattern you might not usually choose.

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Antique Elements

Why not give your beadboard a bright color? This space is filled with vibrant red and paired up with wallpaper inspired by antiques for a grandmillennial-esque, cheerful look.

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Luxe and Lively

This beautiful ornate bathroom is filled with vibrant red and yellow wallpaper. Wallpaper can be a wonderful way to bring color and story into any room.

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Pretty and Petite

A small powder room can be transformed into a hidden oasis by using red paint with chic accents. You can make your small bathroom look beautiful and functional with thoughtful accessories.

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Rad Sink

This is the first sink we’ve ever seen! Make a piece that is purely utilitarian shine with a design that incorporates color.

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Powerful Paint

Do not underestimate the power a few coats can have. Paint is a great way to transform your bathroom in an afternoon. Brass accents, such as the mirror in this room, look great on red walls.

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Statement Piece

A red wall is the perfect backdrop for an old-fashioned vanity. This piece would look great against a vibrant solid colour.

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Black, white, and red all over

The pattern-play doesn’t have to stop just because you have a stylish bathroom with black and white checkerboard floor. Add some fun wallpaper to your bathroom. More prints are better.


12 Compact Shower Designs That Leave a Big Impression

Even if your bathroom is small, you can still fit in an amazing shower. It may require some creativity, but there are many beautiful, small showers available that look elegant and do the job.

Are you worried that your limited space won’t allow for fun patterns and finishes? You need not worry. You can design a small bathroom shower in almost any way you like. If you want a little pattern, you can try a tile with a color or a stone. If you’re more of a modernist there are many ways to incorporate contemporary elements into your bathroom. Glass shower doors with black hardware is one example.

The 12 images in this gallery will give you plenty of ideas for decorating and laying out your new bathroom.


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Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo In the shower? Why not? Terrazzo is a material that’s having a moment. It will add a touch of class to even the smallest bathrooms. It’s worth designing your shower to match your personality and aesthetic, given how frequently you use it.

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Super Shelf

This setup is perfect for a small shower. If you are worried about bath products and want to store them, this set-up has a built-in shelf. Even adorable accents can be added.

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Winning Built-In

If you are designing a new small shower, you might consider installing a shelf that is built in to make it easier for you to reach your products. This tiny nook is perfect for a few basic shampoo bottles.

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Beautiful Herringbone

The herringbone pattern can be used to cover the entire wall of a bathroom and even extend into the shower. Have fun with the tile . It can add style and personality in any small bathroom.

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Multipurpose Space

This is a laundry and bathroom in one. This space is multi-functional. It is important to have a shower with an integrated shelf.

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Feeling Artistic

The curved shower is perfect for a corner. Why not wash off with some art? Hanging a Gallery Wall in the shower will add intrigue to the smallest of bathrooms.

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Vintage Vibes

Love vintage spaces? This charming bathroom features a clawfoot tub, bringing you back to simpler times. It still works as a small shower!

Choose a shower curtain in white, as it is both practical and won’t detract from the beautiful silhouette of your tub.


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Nice and Neutral

This small bathroom is still functional despite the lack of space between the shower, toilet and sink. As shown here, using neutral colors for paint and accessories will make the space appear larger and more airy.

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Small but Stylish

Romanticize your everyday. You can make your small shower look luxurious by adding candles, chic products and even a small houseplant. Why spend money on a fancy spa, when you can relax in the comfort of your home?

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Cool Curves

This bathroom features a curved shower. When dealing with small spaces, you need to be creative in your layout.

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There’s a Variety of Options

You can enjoy different patterns even if you are a maximalist. Just be creative. This quirky bathroom features a variety of floor tiles and walls.

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Modifications to the Statement

This sleek, black shower will appeal to modernists. It makes a statement while being compact. Small spaces don’t mean you can’t make a big statement with your design. The design potential of your small shower is bursting.



16 Traditional Kitchen Designs That Are Always in Fashion

You can decorate your kitchen in many different ways: bold and eclectic; cozy and rustic; breezy and coastal or even surprisingly glam. While all of these options are well worth considering, it’s hard to resist the appeal of a classic kitchen.

The classic kitchens are inspired by the kitchens of old. The cabinets are made of quality materials and traditional cabinetry. Ornate trims and other historical details are used to line them. They’re also dressed with timeless accents like striking windows treatments, printed rugs and full-blown pieces of art.

Designer-made classics kitchens can be sleek and simple or dramatic and opulent. In every version, these classic kitchens are elegant, timeless, and traditional. They’re the kind of place you want to host parties, cook in, or spend time.


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Keep it simple with an All-White Palette

You can create a classic-style kitchen in many ways, but the easiest way is to use a timeless color palette. Stick to classic hardwood flooring and paint your cabinets and walls white. This palette will instantly set the tone for your space. It gives you a classic canvas on which to layer fixtures and decor.


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Hang a Classic Chandelier

Chandeliers may not be appropriate for all kitchens, but they are perfect in classic kitchens. Look for something vintage and understated. You can still be bold with a subtle chandelier, since they are so spectacular.


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Line Your Backsplash with Marble

It’s hard to go wrong with marble in your classic kitchen. Consider using marble to line your countertops.


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Make Room for an Island that is Growing

Open concept kitchens are on trend, but they don’t have to look dated. You can achieve the intimacy of a classic space while enjoying the flexibility of a contemporary kitchen by building a large island.


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Invest in Kitchen Window Treatments

In any space, including your kitchen, window treatments are essential. Spend some money on a set printed curtains to bring your room together. Keep it simple by choosing a classic set of white blinds.


Paint Your Cabinets in Elegant Colors

In a classic home, color is not off limits. Keep your palette simple and elegant. Stay away from trendy colors. Stick to something elegant like Navy blue, or Forest green.


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Decorate Your Walls with Art

You may not think of art as the first thing to do when you are decorating your kitchen. It should be your first choice, especially if the space you are creating is meant to be classic. Look for pictures, drawings and photos that will dress up your kitchen and put them in some beautiful antique frames.


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Create a Subtle Ceiling Statement

It might seem a bit avant-garde to decorate your ceiling. If you look at the ceiling of an old building, it’s likely to be lined with ornate tiles and exposed structural beams. Research the style of your house. Create a statement ceiling in a style that pays homage to your home’s past.


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You can use your dishes as decor

It’s a long-standing tradition to display your dishes. This has led us to create china cabinets, curios and other display cases. You can pay homage to this tradition without buying new furniture by lining your shelves with the prettiest plates you own.


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Invest in a Faucet with Ornate Design

It is rare that a faucet can make or break a kitchen. However, it can add ambiance to the space. Consider replacing yours with a more ornate model. Upgrades may not be a big deal on their own, but combined with other classic details, they will make your kitchen look more elegant.


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Create a Backsplash with a Playfully-Printed Design

Are you worried that your classic kitchen will not look good with a -printed backsplash? Do not worry. You can create a backsplash with a traditional pattern and a limited palette that is both playful and elegant.


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Repurpose Your Favorite Antiques

Avoid the temptation to replace your existing kitchen fixtures with new ones. Instead, add a few vintage pieces for a classic look. You can use an old armoire to create a cabinet or turn a vintage console in a bar. Or, you can buy your kitchen sink at a flea market.


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Replace Your Fruit Bowls With Cloches

What is a surprising way to make the kitchen more classic? Store your fruits and vegetables in cloches instead of your favorite fruit bowls. The cloches won’t keep your fruit and vegetables fresh, but they will make your produce storage look more elegant.


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Grab a truly striking stove

The main consideration when shopping for a new stove is its function. This doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice style. You can make your kitchen feel more stylish and classic by adding a retro-style stove.


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Trim it to the max

Ornate trim may seem odd, but it is a traditional accent that will set the tone in a classic kitchen. The unexpected touch will also make a big impact in your kitchen, giving it a special feel.


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Picture Lights in Place of Sconces

Sconces and recessed lighting are the most popular choices for kitchen shelf lighting. But don’t overlook picture lights. The mounted lights, which are usually used to light up paintings, will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. They’ll also give you the necessary light to illuminate your shelves.


15 Budget-Friendly Small Bathroom Renovations

If we are being honest, expansive bathrooms can easily impress guests. But decorating a small, compact bathroom with style takes a lot of skill. Every corner, nook and cranny is on display when you have limited space. So, each element must be able to bridge the gap between function and form.

Any small bathroom, whether it’s a powder-room or single-shower stall can benefit from an update. We have 15 ideas for a complete redesign or to add some personal touches.


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Accessories: Don’t Be Afraid to Buy Them

When working in small spaces, we love the less-is more moment. However, you may benefit from a little overaccessorizing. The use of bold wallpapers, sconces and exposed piping along with a Turkish towel can help you to make up for the lack of space.


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Work from Wall to Wall

Don’t let any space be wasted on either side of the vanity set-up if your sink is in a corner. This powder room is a great example of how to maximize the space around the sink. The counter, the under-the-sink storage shelf and the mirror ledge are all positioned from wall-to-wall.


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Live Art: A New Way to Enjoy It

The greenery can instantly open up a room, and it’s because they have a natural ability to clean the air. Staghorn Ferns are the best wall plants. The two in this bathroom are our favorites. The plants are sturdy and they grow vertically, giving the illusion that it is sprouting out of your wall.


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Put That Baby in the Corner

Consider placing a corner sink that is the right size in a tiny bathroom. This will be functional for both you and your guests, but it won’t take up valuable bathroom space.


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Work Your Windows

Dark and cave-like spaces make small rooms appear smaller. Add more windows to let in the light. This small bathroom proves that one window is good, but two is better.


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Prioritize Storage

The lack of storage space is perhaps the biggest drawback of a tiny bathroom. If you want to have plenty of space for toiletries, beauty products and cleaning supplies, then invest in a vanity with lots of storage.


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Next Level Tiles

Even the smallest bathroom can be transformed into a luxurious oasis with a stunning tile design. This scalloped tile is a work of art. It uses a variety of pinks, corals and whites to create a stunning composition. The best part is that less material will be needed because you have less space.


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Create a Coastal Retreat

The coastal style’s light textures, soft colors, and open feel can help to expand small spaces. This bathroom’s blue and cream color scheme creates an illusion of more space.

Incorporate light blue and linen patterns, jute accents, fresh greenery, and jute into your bathroom to create a coastal theme.


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Choose Details Wisely

Don’t be tempted to focus on the size of the bathroom when designing it. Bigger is not always better. The classic wainscoting, vintage light fixture and marble sink of this small powder room vanity are all a big style. You can find stunning pieces at flea markets and antique stores.


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Work Your Angles

You can work with awkward angles rather than trying to work around lines that are unwieldy. Do yourself a favour and embrace an awkward powder room or nook. You can play up the angles by using equally angular items like a hexagonal vanity mirror or pyramid-shaped sconce.


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Create a Design on a Stand

If space is not a concern, choose a pedestal over a bulky vanity. The space underneath your sink will make your bathroom appear larger and more spacious by visually expanding the square footage.


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Do Not Be Afraid Of The Dark

Painting your walls black will actually make your space feel larger. Use metallic patterns and shiny surfaces to reflect light and make the space feel bigger, lighter, and more spacious. Consider using metallic spray paint to update existing decor on a budget.


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Master the Art of Minimal Maximalism

This seemingly neutral powder room appears simple and clean at first glance. This bathroom is a visual stunner. It incorporates many design elements that are usually seen in maximalist spaces. For example, the wallpaper, the contrasting tile, the grout and fixtures, as well as a bowl-shaped sink. The achromatic palette lets those special details shine through without being overwhelming for those who prefer streamlined designs.


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A wide color palette is always beautiful, but nothing grabs your attention more than a floor to ceiling monochromatic painting. A single color can be a thousand times cooler than a variety of colors, especially when it’s a deep shade like sapphire. Who knew that a can could make such a difference?


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The Future Looks Bright

A general rule in interior design is to use pieces that draw the eye upwards. This will elongate the room and give the impression of a larger space. This bathroom passes the test thanks to a tall mirror placed above the sink and high-up sconces.


20 Sunny Yellow Dining Room Ideas That Work Throughout the Year

Dining Rooms can be viewed as a stuffy, outdated relic of the past. Dining rooms are so much more. Dining rooms can be the ideal place for late-night parties and weekend brunches. They can also double as an office.

Dining rooms don’t need to be boring. They can show off your personality and style. Dining rooms come in any style or color, including yellow. Yellow dining rooms can be a fun way to add color and vibrancy to your home. Continue reading to see 20 of our favorites yellow dining room choices.


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Use Yellow with Another Color

Yellow is an excellent color for any room. Just because a colour is bold doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. Use a color like brown or gray in your dining area to tone down the yellow.


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Don’t Forget the Paint

A wall painted in bright yellow will bring color to the dining area like no other. You don’t have to paint a plain or smooth wall. You can also paint over paneling, as Homemade by Carmona has done in her room. For a striking look, paint the wall in a bold color like black or navy.


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Try Yellow Furniture

Yellow furniture can be used to add color in the dining room, but not just tables. Sideboards and hutches in yellow can also add a pop of color, as they did for this dining room by Casa Watkins Living.


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Add Pillows

Throw pillows make it more comfortable to sit on a stiff chair in the dining room. What if the throw pillow is yellow, for example? You’ve also added some bright and cheery color to your room. For the best results, choose small, durable yellow cushions.


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Use Muted Yellow

It doesn’t need to be bold and bright. It can be cozy and muted like the yellow-cream shades in Herzen Sprache’s Dining Room. Add a bright yellow color accent to the muted yellow furniture if you want some bright colors.


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Don’t forget decor

You can use yellow in unexpected ways in your dining room, such as light fixtures, flooring or plates. Add sunny yellow to any space without spending a lot of money (or undertaking major projects).


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Use different shades of yellow

Are you ready to make your dining area stand out? Add several shades of yellow to create a bold, bright and yellow-centered room.


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Add Accent Wall

Yellow is no exception. Accent walls in any color can add a distinctive look to your dining area. Choose a yellow that is cooler to go with blues and greens or warmer to match reds and oranges.


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Vintage touches are a must

Are you having trouble finding yellow items for your dining room? It’s possible that you are looking in the wrong place. Buy vintage instead of new. Yellow dining room furniture is more likely to be found in vintage or antique shops, since the color was popular during the mid-century.


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Make It Elegant

Yellow is not just for children? Do not believe it. Think again. This dining room from Dunbar Road Design is a perfect example, with its cheerful upholstered chairs, stunning crystal chandelier and a bowl filled with hydrangeas that ties the entire space together.


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Add Plants

Houseplants are a great way to decorate yellow dining rooms. Green pops make yellow pop and give your dining room a vibrant feel.


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Sunflowers are a great way to bring in the spring

Flowers are a great way to bring color into dining rooms. The classic sunflower is a great way to add yellow into a dining area. This vibrant and relaxed bloom will add a splash of yellow to your table.


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Add Double Yellow

Consider using at least 2 yellow items in your dining room decor. Double-up on the color to make it look more purposeful.


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Try out a few chairs

Dining room chairs (of course) are an essential part of every dining room. With so many options in terms of style, color and texture, dining room chairs are a great way to add your own unique style. Look for funky yellow chairs in your dining room, such as the ones shown above, in the space designed by Cathie Hung Interiors.


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Add Texture

You can have fun with both color and texture. Dining room chairs with fun textures like velvet or boucle will add style and visual appeal to your dining area.


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Hang Curtains

You’re lucky enough to have an open dining room with plenty of natural light. You will probably also need some curtains. Add some yellow curtains for a new dose of color.


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Bring in Brass

Consider adding gold or brass to the dining room to add yellow. These metals add moodiness and a new dimension to yellow’s emotional association.


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Hang a map

Hang an antique map to add character, geography and yellow to your dining area. An antique map is not only a conversation starter but also gives your dining room character and history.


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Install Abstract Art

You can also go abstract when looking for yellow artwork that you want to use in your dining room. You can also add some modern style to your dining area with a simple yellow colorwash print.


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Use Multiple Colors

You can also use yellow to accent your dining room chairs by using multiple colors like beige, white or orange. You can arrange the chairs in a similar color group or mix them with other colors. This is a simple way to create the look of a color pallet.


17 Luxurious French Country Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms are definitely our happy places. A room dedicated to pampering and relaxation? Yes, please.) If you’re looking to give your bathroom a touch of je-ne-sais quoi, then you may want to think about the French Country style. A French country bathroom has a rustic and luxurious feel.

How can you incorporate this style into your home? Here are 17 beautiful French country bathroom designs. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to make small changes or a major transformation.


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Refashioning Old Furniture

A little creativity goes a long ways, as this primary bathroom by My chic obsession shows. Transformed a table into an incredibly stylish sink vanity. The natural wood finish and ornate details strike the perfect balance between country and luxury.


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Tiny Tile Treatment

It’s the hexagonal tiles in small sizes that instantly transports us to a cozy bistro on the Champs-Elysees. You can bring this design trick into the country by pairing a beautiful floor with a subway tiled back splash, an elegant clawfoot bathtub, and a paneled roof. 


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Spring for Gold Touches

Brass is the best choice for bathroom hardware with a French flair. If you want this metal to feel more farm-friendly then pair it with cozy elements.

Has added a charming millwork and scones with a lovely green color to this bathroom. This French country bathroom looks more like a five star hotel with monogrammed towels.

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Add a tub

Is there anything more French than an elegant clawfoot bathtub? It’s not possible, and that is why this is the best French country bathroom design.  added a touch of country with the wooden ladder and wall paneling. 


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Try tub and Tile

Consider strategically placing tile to enhance the look of your luxurious soaking bath. The set of printed tiles used in this room takes on the role of a privacy curtain.


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Ornate touches are a great choice

You can also elevate your clawfoot bathtub by adding opulent details such as bronze finishes or carved legs.


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Wow with Wallpaper

A great repeat has no limits. It can bring French country vibes to the forefront. This floral wallpaper looks great with the light green millwork, vintage vanity and vintage mirror.


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Let there be Light

A chandelier is one of the few things that we think offers a French “je nais quois” quite like a French chandelier. The beaded fixture in this room gives this European element an edge of rustic.


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Work in Some Wood

Use natural wood tones to bring out the country in French Country Bathroom Ideas. The light wood vanity, when paired with a floral wallpaper will transport you to a beautiful cottage in Provence.


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Create Contrast

What is black, white and chic everywhere? This French country bathroom . This high-contrast palette is unmistakably European, especially when combined with a clawfoot bathtub. The variety of textures also keeps the space from feeling sterile.


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Back to Black

You can create contrast by using black as the dominant color. The interior  created this look with a marble countertop and a white bathroom.

The wood paneled walls are a nice compromise between French country style and farmhouse.


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Incorporated Art

Art is what was meant by the person who said beauty is in one’s eye. We give you permission to use your best pieces to add a touch of the Louvre to your bathroom.  Used elaborate frames to display simple sketches. The result? The result?


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Accept the quirks

One of the best parts of French country spaces is that they’re bursting with eclectic-yet-charming touches. Add some built-ins in the bathroom if you lack any nooks or crannies.


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Mix and match

There’s much more to a French country bathroom that its luxurious setting. The best spaces are those that have materials juxtaposed in a way that works seamlessly.


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Embrace Symmetry

If you’re in doubt, symmetry is the best option. This room has a subtle elegance with its matching vanities, shade-clad wall sconces and mirrors. The symmetrical footprint of the bathroom draws attention to the gorgeous tub.


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Mirror Marvel

You want to add a touch of French country style to your bathroom without much effort? Add a mirror. A mirror with a high-end finish gives this modern wallpaper C’est magnifique an elegant touch.


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Try Toile

Of course, no discussion of French rural bathroom design would be complete without mentioning toile. This particular wallpaper combines the greatest qualities of both worlds, being both stylish and appealing. The good news is that toile is not a scenario where one style fits all.


16 Adorable and Simple Bathroom Designs That Are Simple to Copy

It’s true that not everyone will step foot in your bathroom but it deserves to be as stylish and beautiful as your other rooms. The loo is often overlooked when we spend so much energy and time designing our living areas. We think it’s about time we change this.

It can be difficult to determine the best way to decorate an extra-small bathroom. If you are having difficulty choosing paint colors, selecting hardware or developing a color palette, do not worry. These 16 bathrooms will give you plenty of ideas and inspiration for your next bathroom project.


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Lean Some Art

Fun Art doesn’t have to be reserved for the living room. Why not use it in your bathroom if you have an interesting piece of art that needs a place to live? Leaning art looks super chic, so don’t worry if your tile walls aren’t hammer friendly.

Choose something that is not too expensive, as anything in the bathroom can be damaged by water or other environmental hazards.


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Add a Few Sconces

Sconces are beautiful next to a bed. But we’ll let it slip that they look equally lovely in the bathroom. Create a luxurious look that will make you want to brush your teeth in the morning.


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Incorporate Rattan

rattan how we love thee. In this bright bathroom, small rattan shelves and hooks shine. These little details can make a space more curated and personal. Plus, storage!


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Include Some Plant Babies

You can add a little greenery in your bathroom if you want to create a simple, natural aesthetic. Place small plant on the open shelves above the toilet.

If it’s easier, you could also go with the fake route. We promise not to judge.


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Replace Your Hardware

Replace the bland hardware with drawer pulls to suit your style. Gold is always a good choice! Keep the original hardware for your bathroom in a safe location if you are a tenant. This will allow you to restore it all before moving out.


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Take the small things in life to heart

Do not overlook the small details. Who says your trash can must be boring? You can combine beauty and functionality in your bathroom by choosing a stylish garbage can. Spending a few dollars more on a brass item will make you happy.


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Lay down a vintage rug

Vintage Rugs add character and charm to any space. They look great in the bathroom instead of a standard bathmat. Darker colors will hide stains better. What are you waiting?


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Hang a Sweet Mirror

Could this mirror possibly be cuter? Replace that old, clunky cabinet with a beautiful mirror like this one.


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Pick Pink

Pink vanity cabinets will make you more motivated to apply your makeup for a night out. This cheerful color is perfect for a girly bathroom. It’s sweet and not too overwhelming.


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Get Ziggy with It

This sleek bathroom is filled with fun thanks to a zig-zag pattern. Do not be afraid to play with patterns to add some spice to your bathroom.


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Go Glam

By hanging some glamorous photos (or magazine clips, if you want a more budget-friendly solution) near the tub, it will remind to always live your best life. Sit back and soak in the tub.


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Go Whimsical

Choose a wallpaper with a peppy design and let it be a focal point in your bathroom. This space is adorned with palm leaves and leopards. Could you think of a more striking combination?


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Select Color

We love this bathroom’s colorful and cheerful wallpaper. Choose a pattern you wouldn’t normally use in a large space. Smaller spaces, like bathrooms, are about being bold and taking risks.


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Try a table

Try adding a small side table to your bathroom. You can use it to store your cosmetic bag, perfumes or other random items. This will give your home a luxurious, hotel-like feel and add some extra design flair.


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Try This Color Grouping

A perfect color combination is pink, white and gold. The minimalist mirrors are a great addition to this stunning bathroom. Their fun shape adds the perfect finishing touch.


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Work in Some Wicker

Is there a cuter Wicker Sconce? We don’t believe so. Install one over the sink, and you’ll be smiling every time your step into the bathroom to wash your hand.


The 20 best rustic kitchen island ideas to complement any farmhouse space

A rustic island can add a touch of charm to a sleek space, or finish off a farmhouse kitchen.

There are many ideas for kitchen islands that you can use. Your rustic island could be practical and hardy, traditional and weathered, playful and charming, or a combination of all three.

It will make your kitchen feel warmer and cozier, and add a dose of function and style to your space.


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Solid Wood Island: A Solid Investment

Solid wood is a great option for islands. They come in a variety of colors and materials. The classic material for rustic interiors is wood. It’s also durable, which means you can have a beautiful island that will look great today and get even better over time.


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Paint Your Island in a Fun Colour

Paint your island in a bright color instead of sticking to pristine colors. Rustic kitchens don’t have to be perfect. You can keep things traditional with a pastel color like light mauve or washed out blue, or you can go for a more vibrant shade like yellow or green.


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Butcher-Block Countertops: Classic and timeless

You have many options when it comes to choosing kitchen counters. Butcher block is the rustic option. Instead of the trendy quartzes and marbles that you see everywhere, line your counters with wood.


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Rustic Pendant Lighting Sets the Scene

What is a way that you can change the look of your island? Change the pendant light that hangs above your island. You can give your island a more homey feel by replacing your sleekest fixtures.


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Beadboard is a sturdy way to line your island

Are you looking for a rustic look to add to your kitchen island. Beadboard can be used to line the sides. The wood paneling will look great in any rustic setting, as it is both traditional and durable. The beadboard adds a nice texture to the island.


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Paint Your Job to Look Older

Say goodbye to perfectly painted walls. Chipped paint in a rustic interior is not only okay, but welcome. You can either accept the way the paint on your island will wear away over time, or you can speed up the process yourself by distressing it.


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Get a Classic Farmhouse sink

Lack of space for a sink? Choose your sink carefully and install it on your island. A classic farmhouse sink can make your island look more rustic and your kitchen more functional.


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Old Bar Stools: Stock up on Old Bar Stools

Use bar stools as a way to give your island a rustic feel. You can create a rustic island by assembling a collection from mismatched chairs or vintage barstools.


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Metal – The Best Way to Top Your Island

It’s not the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a rustic island. It’s actually a great choice for any homey space. Why? It’s unapologetically durable, so it will fit in perfectly with your other fixtures. It will also add contrast to your space, bringing out rustic accents.


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Transform an Antique Table

You don’t have to buy a pre-made island or build-ins to add an island to your home. You don’t have to buy a brand new piece of furniture. Instead, you can transform an old table into the island that you want. This unconventional approach will feel casual and comfortable, a perfect match for any rustic kitchen.


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Choose an Unusual Dark Wood Stain

Your rustic kitchen island will look good with any wood stain. If you want to make your kitchen island feel more cozy, choose a darker wood stain. Dark wood stains are more traditional and cozy than light wood stains.

Even if your kitchen is filled with white cabinets and sleek marble, the dark wood will make it feel rustic.


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You can equip your drawers with bin pulls

Hardware might not be as eye-catching as curtains or countertops. Even small details like drawer handles and door handles can make a big difference to the look of your island. Replace the knobs and handles on your island with rustic bin pulls instead of the sleek ones.


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Let Your Island Be Unpainted

What is a simple way to make the island look more rustic? Leave your island alone and paint your cabinets. It will add a rustic touch to your painted kitchen and make it stand out.


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Rustic Storage Crates: Stock up Now

Vintage storage crates are a great way to add rustic flair to your island. Weathered accents make any island look rustic. They’ll also expand your storage space, which will make it easier to organize your essentials.


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How to Build an Island from Scratch

What is the beauty of a rustic island in a kitchen? It doesn’t need to be picture-perfect. You can DIY an island to fit your needs if you are unable to find one that meets all of them. You can either build an island entirely from scratch or outfit an existing island with useful features like a hook and a towel bar.


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Sneak in Some Wooden Accents

Want your island’s color to match the cabinetry in your kitchen, but still feel more rustic? Leave a few wood details exposed. Paint the island in the same color as cabinets. You can achieve the warm texture of wood with a few panels that are not painted. This will still give the appearance of uniform cabinetry.


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Paint Over Your Drawer Pulls

Don’t worry if you want to repaint the kitchen island. Paint over hinges, doorknobs, drawer handles, and some brush strokes. These imperfections will give your paint job a more homey feel, and add a bit of texture to the island.


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Grab an Island on Wheels

You can find many reasons to purchase an island with wheels. The rolling islands are convenient and versatile, easy to move anywhere you need them. They might not be as polished as an integrated unit that matches your cabinets. In a rustic-style kitchen, however, the practical and homely always wins out over the polished and pristine.


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Add a Fresh Bouquet of Flowers to Your Event

Don’t rush to the florist for a beautiful bouquet. Instead, add a vase full of fresh flowers to your island. Fill a vase of flowers you’ve found in your backyard. Your bouquet will look rustic and add warmth to your home.


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Grab an Iron Storage Rack

Do you need more storage space in your kitchen? Mount an iron rack above your island or on a nearby wall. Open storage will allow you to display your rustic kitchenware.