23 Living Room Rugs to Warm Up Your Space

A living room is not complete without a carpet. Rugs in the living room add texture, warmth and comfort. They also provide a soft place for your feet. There is a rug to fit every living space. Their style adds the finishing touch to any room. Continue reading to see our favorite ideas for living room rugs.


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Use Blue and orange

Are you looking for a vibrantly colored rug to make your living room pop? You can find one with blue and orange. These vibrant colors add an exciting touch to any space. They look great when used in patterns like those in the image above.


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Add Diamonds

Diamond-patterned rugs are a great way to add a pattern without it being distracting. Diamond patterns can add fun angles to your living room without overpowering other patterns and items.


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Bring back faded colors

It may sound like a contradiction, but fading color is a great way to add subtle color to your living room that otherwise would be too overwhelming or distracting. Pick shades that are already present in your living space, such as on your furniture or decor, to make this look work.


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Layer Rugs

layer rugs is one of the hottest things you can do today. Living room rugs follow the same trend. Use a neutral, larger rug for the bottom and a statement rug to top it off.


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Go Green

Green living room rugs will connect you to the outdoors, and they’ll make your home feel vibrant and lush.


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Add Tiny Texture

Living room rugs can be a great way to add texture to a neutral room. Neutral-colored rugs that have a small pattern or texture can add visual interest to a room without overwhelming it.


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Try Black and cream

Black and white is a classic color combination. Looking for something a little less harsh in your living area? A black and cream rug is a great option. Cream is a nice alternative to white, but will still look great against black.


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Go Horizontal

Use a rug that has subtle horizontal details, such as the stripes barely visible in the rug above. Long lines can trick the eye to make a small space appear larger.


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Find what’s already there

Pick a rug to match the color of your built-ins and other architectural features in your living room. This will help draw attention to the built-ins or molding in your living room.


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Go Geometric

A geometric rug can add a bold touch to your living space. If you prefer a fun pattern without too many colors, choose a design in neutral shades like black, cream, or white.


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Try Blue and red

What is another perfect color combination for your rug in the living room? Blue and red. Blue and red are calming colors that add elegance to any room. They also make beautiful patterns and designs.


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Add Something Plush

Rugs are more than just soft spots for your feet. They can also be used as a place to sit. A plush rug will make a great’seat’ in tight spaces. It’ll also make the room feel more cozy.


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Bring it Down

Use a living room rug if your room is awash with bold colors and patterns that you’d like to “tone down” a bit. They can add some calm to a room that might otherwise feel too noisy.


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Bring Back Black

Add lots of dark colors to your living room and don’t overlook the area rug. If you want to create a mysterious atmosphere, a dark rug in black or gray can be the perfect backdrop.


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Match Patterns

Patterns can be matched with your rug in the living room, as well as color. The rug above is a great example of how patterns are repeated in the throw pillows and fireplace tile surround.


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Keep Calm

Rugs can be used to extend a theme in a room, whether the style is loud and fun, or quiet and calm. In the space above, a neutral-colored rug in the living room continues to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


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Use Patterns

Living room rugs have become increasingly popular with funky and colorful patterns. It’s not surprising that they are popular, with their colorful patterns and unique patterns. They’re an excellent addition to any living room.


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Bring in Blue

Look for a blue rug to bring a calm presence into your living room. Blue rugs can relax an area and are perfect for a room with a green background.


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Add Faded Pattern

If you want to create a vintage feel in your living area without buying a vintage rug then look for a rug with a faded design. The distressed look adds character to the rug and brings out some pattern.


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Add a Tiny Rug

Rugs for the living room do not have to be huge. They can be smaller. Small Living Room Rugs are perfect for framing or accentuating extra seating, a sidetable or to create a sense of scale.


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Use Natural Materials

It can be difficult to find a way to bring the outdoors into a formal room like a living room. Rugs made from natural fibers such as jute and bamboo are a great way to bring the outdoors in.


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Pull in Polka Dots

A polka-dot pattern is a timeless classic. This pattern is perfect for adding a bit of class and novelty to your living room rug.


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Go Round

Circular rugs can also be used in living rooms. Combine circular rugs and square furniture to create a stylish contrast.


11 Elegant Birthday Party Decorations for a Festive Celebration

When you are a child, B birthday parties were all the rage. But as you age, they seem to fade into the background. Now is the perfect time to throw an extravagant birthday party for yourself, your spouse or BFF.

There are many ways to celebrate the new year that are easy to copy and ‘gramable. Check out the 11 ideas below to get you in planning mode.


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Get Witty Cocktail Napkins

Why stop at just creating a cocktail for your birthday? These whimsical cocktail napkins will make your event a memorable one. Even better, guests can easily remember which drink belongs to them after setting their glass down by remembering the design of their napkin.


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Tablescapes with Florals

Florals are a must for any tablescape. They add color and vibrancy to the setup. You’ll need a wide variety of bouquets, whether you forage in your backyard for flowers or make a quick Trader Joes run. You can display them in vases all over your table to make it look glitzy and welcoming.


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Print Custom Menus

Print out a customized menu with all the foods that are favorited by the guest of honour, and then place one per person on their plate. You’ll make your guests feel like they are dining in a fine restaurant, and they will enjoy knowing what to expect at each course.


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Create a Creative Food Presentation

Do not forget the small details! Even the smallest details can make an event memorable. For example, offering oranges to guests in place of or alongside a slice orange-themed cakes will add a special touch. Theme parties are always a hit!


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Take to the beach

A wine and cheese party on the oceanside is a great way to celebrate summerbirthdays. Grab a plate, and everyone can enjoy a casual gathering in the sun.

Take inspiration from the photo below, which shows pillows and blankets styled in a way to create a chic, comfortable table and chair setup.


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Customize Birth Year Cookies

No matter if you are celebrating a milestone birthday, or not, your guests will love these custom-made cookies. They’re edible but also double as décor. These can be displayed on a stylish plate for your guests to take as many as they like. As a party game, young children can decorate their cookies with sprinkles and icing.


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Sprinkles on the table

Fill a transparent vase (with flowers in another vessel) with sprinkles to add extra oomph. This is a great way to make a birthday party floral display.


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Create Chic Place Cards

Place cards can be made from wine corks for a wine-themed backyard dinner. This is a simple and inexpensive DIY that makes a great impression. Plus, your guests will know exactly where they should sit for a formal meal.

You can use an assigned seating chart to introduce people who might not have met before but share common interests.


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Spread a blanket

Use a low-to-the ground table and a small rug to create a picnic at the beach in your backyard. The party was themed “glamping”, and the guests also enjoyed a hot chocolate station.


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Get Big with Light Up Numbers

Light-up numbers that display your age are a great way to celebrate your big birthday. They would also make great photo props. Take photos with a Polaroid and let guests take some memories home.


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String lights can create a mood

String lights can be hung in the backyard to create a special atmosphere for a dinner party. Choose a colorful strand in a festive color like pink or green, whichever the birthday person prefers.


The Ultimate Guide to Bedding: From Shams to Sheets

Bedding is important. After all, you spend about a third your life in bed. The quality of the bedding you choose can affect your sleep and even the look of your bedroom.
You must have a few essential ingredients if you consider bedding to be a recipe.

You should add the following items to your list: sheets and pillowcases. Also, you will need a comforter or duvet. Yes, they are different, but serve the same purpose. You can choose different fabrics and weights depending on the season, your sleeping habits and how you like to sleep.

The ultimate bedding guide will help you create the perfect haven for a relaxing evening.


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What are Shams?

While it’s tempting to confuse the terms “shams”, “pillowcases”, and “covers for standard sleeping pillows”, they are not the same. Shams are decorative covers for pillows, while pillowcases cover your sleeping pillows.

Tannen says that shams are a great way to personalize the look of a bed. They come in a variety of styles from solids to patterns and textures. You can layer decorative pillows in front of or behind standard pillows to add dimension to your bed.

The pillowcases are where your head rests each night. It is therefore important to select a fabric which matches your sleeping preferences.  Choose a velvety, flannel sheet for a comfortable night of sleep. It provides the right amount of warmth, without holding in body heat.


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What is a Duvet?


That a duvet is a blanket-like, fluffy layer designed to maintain the most comfortable temperature for you. Duvets can be made from down feathers, or alternative fibers, for a lofty and cloud-like feeling. They are then enclosed in a baffled box shell. It is important to find this design feature because it prevents the filling from moving from one end to the other of the duvet, which keeps you warm from top to bottom.

That a duvet’s versatility is unmatched. You can mix and match patterns, colors and textures to create different looks for your bedroom each season by changing the duvet cover.


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What is the difference between a duvet and comforter?

If you are confused about the terms, remember that a comforter is one piece of bedding with an outer decorative fabric. A duvet, on the other hand, consists of two parts, a cover and a insert.

Both top-of-bed choices are excellent and offer their own benefits. Comforters are beautiful and offer the same look as duvets, but they’re not as versatile. You can change the cover of a duvet to create a completely different look for your bed, but you’d need to purchase a new comforter.

Duvets are available in all-season weights, so they’re the best option if you need to sleep at a certain temperature. You can then switch from your lighter summer duvet to a heavier winter one.


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What Are Sheets?

If you’re upgrading your bedding, start with fresh (soft, high-quality, temperature-regulating) sheets. That while sheets might seem to be the most basic part of your bedding, they are important. They can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and one in which you toss and turn.

Think of sheets like the foundation to a more luxurious and comfortable night’s rest. It is the only layer that you are guaranteed to sleep on every night.

It’s important to select a fabric of high quality for your bed sheets. But don’t be too obsessed with thread count.  That thread count has been a myth for decades in the bedding industry. The thread count is simply a measurement of fabric density – the number vertical and horizontal filaments per square inch. The denser fabric is the higher the thread counts.

That denser sheets don’t feel any better for sleeping in. The thread quality is more important than the thread count when it comes to achieving soft, breathable sheets. That fabrics with high thread counts, but in a soft, buttery weave, are far superior. They feel heavier, scratchy and do not last as long.


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What should you consider when shopping for bedding?


When shopping for bedding you don’t want get bogged down with the details.You’ll also want to look at the quality of the bedding, as well as your style and sleep preferences.

100 percent organic cotton is ethically produced and recommended for many reasons. It’s not only breathable, but also durable and heirloom quality. It’s also a good feeling to know that the people who worked behind the scenes to create your bedding received fair compensation. The production of organic cotton is also much more environmentally friendly than the conventional cotton.

That shopping online or in stores is better for the environment, workers and you.


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How do you choose the best bedding fabric for you?

Everyone has different sleeping habits, so if you spend a little time thinking about what works for you, finding the perfect fabric will be easy, Percale sheets are best for hot sleepers, no matter the season or climate. Flannel is a good option for those who have trouble staying warm at night.

That most people are somewhere in between and prefer soft, lightweight sheets. Perfect all-season sheets paired with warm winter covers and a single duvet or blanket in summer create a dreamy scene for sweet dreams.


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How do you choose the best pillow for you?

You should first consider the type of sleeper that you are before choosing a pillow. Back sleepers need a firmer cushion, while stomach-sleepers require a soft one. Sleep on your side or back? You will want something between. Tannen says that the idea is to align your neck with your spine at night. You’ll receive the support you require with a pillow designed specifically for your sleeping position.

Customizing your bed, choosing layers to match your sleeping preferences and a style that reflects you personally can make a huge difference in your zzzzs and how you feel every time you enter your bedroom. Make your bed feel cozy, cohesive and inviting.



The 20 Best Modern Farmhouse Accents

You can transform the atmosphere of your home, regardless of where you are. It’s not necessary to have a farm in order to enjoy the warm, charming décor of a country house. A farmhouse dining room is a homey space, with weathered wood table tops and inviting spindle back chairs.

How to bring the warmth and charm of the farm style to your dining room.


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Keep it Airy

The real farmhouses are full of fresh air and natural light. Lighten up the space with white walls and bright wood, as well as lots of windows and delicate details.

Paint your walls a warm, white color to brighten your home and simulate the glow of the sun.


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Incorporate Natural Materials

Farming is a lifestyle that incorporates raw materials both inside and outside the home. This dining room is a beautiful mix of wood with iron and brass.


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Shop For Antiques

Nothing is more beautiful than pieces that have been passed down through generations. This dining set brings a touch of old-world charm to this contemporary space.


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Spindle-back chairs are a great option

Modern farmhouse dining room chairs are typically made of solid wood or other sturdy materials. The farmhouse style is typified by spindle-back dining chairs, such as the ones featured here. The classic iron light fixture is paired with the black finish, and white shiplap on the walls adds a touch to farmhouse perfection.


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Try a Weathered Table

The table is the focal point of this design, and it can be decorated with rustic or modern accents. Your local flea market or thrift store is a great place to find reclaimed wood for your farmhouse dining table. Look for pieces with natural weathering or create a DIY project to mimic the look.


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Strike a Modern Balance

Consider balancing trendy elements like shiplap or subway tiles, or floating shelving, with farmhouse influences such as industrial lighting and reclaimed wooden.


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Load up on Textures

The finishing touches can make a huge difference to any room. Textural elements add a new dimension to this design. Farmhouse style is at its core, but the textural elements bring it to a whole new level. This dining room combines comfort and sophistication effortlessly with its exposed wood beams and layered table settings.


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Try an Achromatic Color Palette

Farmhouse decor is a versatile style that can be applied in many different ways. This achromatic farmhouse decor is just as beautiful. This black and white color scheme with wooden accents is chic but still rustic.


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Utilize Your Kitchen Space

This kitchen is the stuff of farmhouse decor dreams. We love formal dining rooms, but we also enjoy a rustic look. The contrast between the white marble counter and the industrial-inspired chairs is welcoming, just as the farmhouse style was intended to be. Don’t get us started with the beautiful color of the cabinets.


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Consider a Moody Approach

This dark, moody dining space is a great alternative to the light, bright spaces of farmhouse living. The rich oak dining table and the deep green walls and ceilings go together beautifully.


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Play with Pastels

A fresh coat of paint transforms a spindle back chair into an exciting addition to your farmhouse inspired space. The powder blue paint adds a surprising finishing touch to the dining room.


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Choose mismatched items

Don’t be too focused on finding items in a set when you are searching through thrift shops and flea markets. This dining room shows that mismatched pieces can still work well together.


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Get to Know Exposed Beams

Give them the attention that they deserve if you are lucky enough to have beams exposed in your dining area. Paint the ceiling white or stain them a dark color to create contrast. You can hire a contractor to install exposed beams if you do not have them already.


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Play up the Earth Tones

The farmhouse is the perfect place to bring out earthy tones. The earthy tones of the materials used in this dining room, from twine to wood and concrete to wood, create a stunning country retreat.


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Seating is Important

Mismatched chairs are a great farmhouse idea. This space is stunning with two different types of chairs in the same tone of blonde wood. The space feels cohesive but not uniform. Choose dining room wall decor to complement the modern farmhouse theme. This simple white accent piece allows the centerpiece of the table and chairs to be the star.


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Evaluate Your Lighting Situation

A fake farmhouse look is most likely to be hanging above your dining table. In most homes, ceiling fans are already installed in the dining area. However, switching to a simple iron fixture can make a huge difference. Dining room lighting in modern farmhouses often includes pendant fixtures that have rustic accents with varying textures. Think metal or worn-out wood with warm light bulbs.


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Add a Glamorous Statement

Farmhouse style has an eclectic feel, which encourages mixing of textures and shapes. This chandelier is normally made with seashells but the rope version looks just as glamorous and fits in perfectly with this farmhouse-inspired room.


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Tie it Together with Textiles

Don’t forget textiles to balance out the wood, metals and steels in your farmhouse decor. The circle rug, full curtains, pillows placed on the seat, and overhead lighting create a more welcoming atmosphere.


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Do Not Be Afraid Of Going Small

Never underestimate the impact a four-person set can have on your dining space. This set creates a perfect vignette to enjoy intimate meals without sacrificing style.


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Bring in the Greenery

Greenery and fresh fruit are essential to any farmhouse. This gives the impression of a farm-to table lifestyle even if you are in a busy city.


How to make your dining room look expensive

A formal dining room can be considered a luxury in itself. With the rise of eat-in and Breakfast Nooks these spaces are less used and therefore, receive less attention in terms of styling. You can make your space more functional, inviting and luxurious with a few simple changes. Let’s get started.


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Utilize a Credenza

Credenzas (or sideboards) are almost always present in a chic dining room. A fauxdenza with materials such as butcher block and marble can enhance the look of the dining room. It creates additional serving space to accommodate sides, drinks, or desserts, so that the table does not become cluttered. It can also be used as a display for family heirlooms or your glassware collection.


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Light up the mood

Candlelight is a great way to set the mood for long and intimate conversations. A celebratory brunch requires a light and airy setting that reflects the joyous nature of the occasion. Layering your lighting is the best way to ensure that you are prepared for any mood in your dining room. Install a dimmable light fixture above the dining table. Add lamps or sconces near it and keep some votives or candlesticks on hand. There are many options when it comes to creating the right ambiance. Low lighting is perfect for a table, but task lighting works better if you want to see what you’re doing when mixing a cocktail.


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Show respect to the head of the table

Make your chairs special, just as a king or queen would if they were seated on their throne, presided over a banquet. You can choose a chair with a highback in a fun fabric or pattern, or you can stick to the same theme but change it up a bit. In my home, for example, I have black metal chairs. However, the shapes of the two at each end of the table differ slightly, making them stand out.


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Add a Rug

You may be picturing red wine spilled and shaking your head, but I’m here to tell you that the right type of rug can hide stains while also providing a luxurious and textured feel. Rugs can also help to ground a room. A table without a rug can appear to be floating. Consider patterned options for indoor/outdoor use instead of vintage rugs. You can also layer a rug of natural material such as jute over a rug of more expensive pattern .


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Tablescapes are a great way to decorate your table

The dining table can appear a bit barren when not in use. A universal tablescape, such as a wooden dough bowl filled with artichokes and a vase filled with fake greenery or faux flowers in a funky style can instantly make the room feel more sophisticated.


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Let the walls do the talking

Consider the walls as a blank canvas where you can add some personality and custom-feel. Try molding panels, wallpaper, or a fake fireplace mantel for a more classic look. A large-scale piece of artwork can look great above a credenza, and a gallery wall or abstract motif will keep the dining room feeling fresh. Mirrors can also be used to make the room appear larger. Make sure that whatever you choose is a conversation starter.


15 Dining Rooms That Show Rugs Are Worth the Risk of Spills

We often do not think twice when it comes to rugs in our dining rooms and kitchens. Fabric flooring isn’t recommended in the kitchen, the land of red wine, spills and splatters. A rug can transform a dining area and even the whole space.

A rug can transform your dining room. It can ground a design, add color or provide a busy pattern that will hide spills. A rug, aside from its good looks, can help create an actual “dining room” in open-plan floor plans.

A rug is the best way to instantly upgrade your home without painting walls or replacing furniture. Do you need more convincing? You can find 15 stunning dining rooms with beautiful rugs, from modern to classic, to inspire you.


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An Impactful Runner

A dining room rug, when done correctly, can be the focal point of the room. A striking runner gives this room a runway-like effect. Mirrors and plants add sculptural details, but the rug’s bold combination of red, orange, and black brings color to the room.


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Monochromatic Magic

This otherwise muted palette is brought to life by matching the rug and the chairs. White rug with texture makes the room feel more homey than industrial. This is a great way for the brave or white wine drinkers to make a statement.


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Same Shape

This circular rug, which mimics the shape of a table, helps to create the feeling of a dining area, even in an open-plan floor plan. The rug’s natural materials also complement the table’s light wood, adding to its pleasing symmetry.

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Blue Dreams

You can tie the rug color to another element in the room if you’re looking to go beyond neutrals. This can be in the form a curtain or piece of furniture. The turquoise in the rug, however, is echoed by a collection of unique blue glass bottles.


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Chic Separator

A rug can be used to separate the dining room from the rest of the living space. This rug is both functional and harmonious with the rest the room. Black accents on the rug and in the rest of the room really ground the space.


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Cowhide layered

Who said that you have to choose a rectangular carpet? Here, layered cowhide creates a unique dining room rug. This rug gives off a rustic, elevated vibe found in other parts of the room.


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Bold Beige

Who says that beige is boring? The rug in this room breaks up the space, which is dominated by rich, textured, blacks. This creates a spotlight on the focal point of the room, the table.

You can pull off the look even if you don’t own black marble flooring. If you have a dining room with wood or carpet, buy a table that matches the chairs. Then, add a monochromatic, bold rug to offset.


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Unexpected Neutrals

Even the rug is quirky in this room. The checkerboard-like pattern of beige and white stripes gives a unique feel to the otherwise muted color palette. This pattern can also be used to hide stains, especially on lighter rugs.


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Natural Palette

The black chandelier and storage cabinets in this dining area really stand out with a mostly neutral palette, including the rug.


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Color & Texture

Perhaps because blue-and-white porcelain plates were so popular in the past, they always look good together in a dining area. The classic combination is found here in a textured carpet that gives the room a relaxed and timeless feel.


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Woven Beauty

Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal and jute, are very durable. They’re perfect for areas with high traffic like the dining room. Their textures and patterns can be used with anything.


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Faded Elegance

If you buy old rugs or purchase them pre-owned to make them look like they are second-hand, you can still incorporate patterns and colors without going overboard. You can still hide the occasional spillage without having to use rich colors. The rug in this room adds visual interest to the space while matching the beachy, washed out vibes.


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Zigs and Zags

More is sometimes more. By connecting colors, you can transform even the most vibrant rug into a space that is equally colorful. This rainbow rug is reflected in the colorful glass, curtains and chairs.


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Bold and Blue

The dark walls and wood in this room are balanced by a rug of a lighter shade. This keeps the space from feeling too gloomy.


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Geometric Interplay

This dining room is a great example of how to break two rules. A rug should mimic the shape of a table and be large enough to cover the chairs. Here, a small rectangular rug is placed under a circular table.

This looks works because it, along with the other pieces in the space, makes a bold statement. You don’t have to go overboard with bold decor, like the diptych of snakes on the wall.



There are 15 over-the-bed decorating concepts that suit any style

What to do with the tiny space above your mattress? Do you want to be bold or neutral in your choice? Should you go flat or spiky Plain or patterned? It depends. The first step in decorating your bedroom is to choose a focal point. In most bedrooms, the bed is the focal point. What you do over it is the icing.

Focus points are important. A space can look disjointed if they are missing. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for decorating above your bed, you should always choose decor that matches your bedroom theme and secure it.

There are a lot of options for over-the-bed wall art, no matter what your style is or color scheme.


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Display Portrait Art

It doesn’t matter if it is you, a loved one, or an unknown person, a striking portrait above your head will make a statement. This style is sure to spark a lot of conversation, regardless of how you feel about it.


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Add Soft Textiles

Hanging curtains behind your bedroom bed, whether or not you have a window, adds enough interest to the room without being overdone. Curtains also provide a soft background to your bed giving the entire room a relaxing feel. Pick a neutral color that will blend with your other colors to create a look that is easy on the eye.


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Installing a Multicolored Art Panel

Art can inspire your space. This blooming art panel brings a feeling of joy and movement to this bedroom, thanks to the vibrant splatters in every color.


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Wallpapers that are Bold

Wallpaper can add style to any area. Once you wallpaper the area behind your mattress, you won’t need anything else. With peel-and stick options you can DIY every time you get tired of this piece. The wallpaper is a great choice for this bedroom. Its whimsical lines give it a modern, yet playful feel.


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Double up on Wallpaper and Art

If wallpaper doesn’t do it for you, consider adding a piece that covers the width and height of the space above your bed. Be sure to find a piece of artwork that compliments your wallpaper or vice versa to create a chic design pairing.


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Make an Epic Mural

Style your space with an impressive mural. You can choose to use a pink flamingo, a pink space theme or a tree backdrop. This trick will draw your eye upwards. It is perfect for small rooms that would benefit from an illusion of extra height. If your artistic abilities are limited to stick figures, you can use peel-and-stick options and decals instead.


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The width of your bed can be matched

A general rule to follow when placing art over your bed is to choose a piece of artwork that’s approximately two-thirds of the bed’s width. It creates a perfect scale. You can choose a piece that covers the entire width of your mattress for a dynamic focal. This modern artwork is etched on a matte black surface.


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Add Woven Hangings

Try a handwoven shaggy tapestry if you are inspired by boho style interiors. It will add texture to your room. This wall hanging has neutral shades of black and camel, which will go with any wall color. It’s a great way to elevate and warm up your bedroom.


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Install double-Raised paneled walls

The style of double-raised panels is timeless. Paint your wall a neutral color or paint it the same as your trim. Paint it a darker or brighter color for a more daring look.


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Design a Bed-to-Ceiling Wooden Headboard

Why not create a wooden headboard that is also a piece of art? This could be an easy DIY project for those who are handy. It will add some interest to a plain white wall.


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Use a brick wall and mirror combo

You can apply 3D brick wallpaper or realistic faux brick veneers if you do not have brick architecture. They will look (and feel) like the real deal. This brick wall is a work of art in itself. A pretty mirror on top adds an extra glow.


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Add a Wood Trim

Install a horizontal trim above your bed for a more subtle look. This is a great way to add a decorative element above your bed that can be used with almost anything. Consider paint color changes, patterned sheeting, or bright colors.


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Focus on Nature

Weave in a small piece of nature for a zen-inspired over-the bed wall art. You don’t have a green thumb. It’s your turn to shine. Use a nature photo or print and frame it. Choose a frame that has an oversized mat for a “gallery”-like look. You can also collect your own flowers and frame them. You can buy naturally dried botanicals that are already made and then display them in an attractive case.


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Leave it to Your Headboard

You headboard could also be used as wall décor. If you want to get the perfect look (and add drama to your room), choose a headboard with a large scale. They come in a variety of styles, including plain, tufted and pleated. If you want the highest headboard, choose one that is 75 inches or more tall. Taller headboards look stunning in large rooms, especially those with high ceilings. To create a larger visual effect in smaller rooms, you may want to choose shorter styles. The average headboard is 59 inches long.


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Add a Landscape

This narrow rectangular piece of artwork features a black-and-white sketch of a landscape. Landscape art is a wide range of styles, from two-toned sketches through to photorealistic images and abstract versions.


We Love These 20 Dining Room Wallpaper Ideas

WAllpaper has (once again), its moment. Wallpaper can be a fun way to express your style. With so many designs available in countless colors and patterns, it’s easy to find the perfect wallpaper for any room, including the dining area. Continue reading to see some of our favorite ideas for dining room wallpaper.


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Go Floral

Try floral wallpaper in your dining room. It will add an elegant touch. In the last few years floral wallpaper has seen a revival. You should be able find it in any color scheme or scale you require.


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Attempt beadboard

Two dining room wall must-haves–beadboard and wallpaper–are combined in this easy and elegant dining room. The beadboard half-wall is a beautiful, neutral complement to the richly patterned wallpaper.


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Use the Rule of Thirds

You don’t have to split your wall in half between beadboard or wallpaper. The rule of thirds can be used to install wallpaper or beadboard on one-third of the wall while the remaining two-thirds is paneling. This can make your ceilings appear higher.


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Use Similar Colors

Consider using the same colors for both paneling and wallpaper. This room, designed by Emily Henderson Design uses soft white paneling with off-white wallpaper to achieve this. This is a great way to make your wallpaper blend into the room instead of standing out.


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Match Trim

Consider matching your trim color to the accent color of your wallpaper for a look that feels like it belongs in your dining room. It works well, especially with black. The color gives the space an adult and unique look.


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Go Ombre

Wallpaper in ombre is another way to add subtle style to your dining room. You can choose colors that complement or contrast with the colors in your dining room.


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Consider Your Floral Arrangements

When adding floral arrangements to your dining area, be sure to consider the wallpaper pattern. Match the two together to create a living art look. The space shown above is an excellent example, since the tall grasses and flowers match the wispy patterns of the wall.


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Hang it Higher

Try adding wallpaper to the ceiling instead of the walls for a unique look. This unique touch will add a sense of fun to your dining room while still keeping it feeling mature. Because it will draw your attention upwards, you should hang a beautiful light fitting that matches.


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Use the Kitchen

You can decorate your dining room with wallpaper even if it shares space with the kitchen. You can use wallpaper as a backsplash or on an accent wall in your kitchen.


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Make a Scene

When we think about wallpaper, most of us think of small or medium repeating patterns. Wallpaper can be much more. Consider hanging wallpaper that shows an entire scene in your dining area. Choose a natural scene for a pastoral feel. Pick one from the streets or famous cities for a vibrant appearance.


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Pair Blue and Gold

Soft blue and gold is a winning combination for dining room wallpaper. Gold accents like flatware and lighting are stunning choices for your dining room.


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Make It Subtle

Try hanging a paper that has a subtle pattern. You may not notice it at first. This can also make boring dinner party moments more interesting.


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Go Bold

When choosing wallpaper for your dining room, don’t be afraid of playing with shapes. Bold patterns, such as those in the above space by Blakely Interior Design can be intimidating but can also pay off.


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Take Continuity into Consideration

You should wrap the wallpaper around the room to ensure that the pattern is not broken. The attention to detail will make a big difference in the final product.


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Pair Wood and Wallpaper

Pair it with a wooden wall slat for an elegant dining room look. This wallpaper will give you a rustic yet elegant feel that is suitable for any dinner party.


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Get Inspired

Take inspiration from the colors you have in your home or around you when choosing a wallpaper color for your dining area. The wallpaper above mimics the colors of the armchair and buffet, while the nature-filled pattern reflects the lush green outside the window.


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Go Gray

Classics are timeless for a good reason. Gray wallpaper is a great way to add a bit of vibrancy and pattern without distracting from your dining room. Gray wallpaper works well in dining rooms with a focal point or where neutrality is desired.


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Add Texture

A subtle texture wallpaper will look great in a dining room. This is especially true if you don’t want to use bright colors and patterns. Combine it with colorful accents in your dining room furnishings or accessories to create a stylish and complete look.


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Combining Bold with Neutral

Pair vibrantly patterned wallpapers with neutral-toned dining room furniture to create a stylish, yet elegant dining room wallpaper. This unusual combination will enhance each other without creating a bland or overwhelming dining room.


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Go Green

A vibrant and lively green is a great choice for any dining room, but especially those that are bathed in sunshine. The vibrant shade of green reminds viewers of nature outside while the floral accents make the wallpaper elegant and rooted.


15 Hidden Bed Ideas for Your Home

It’s almost always a smart idea to have an additional bed. A cozy bed is a must-have for any guest, whether you’re hosting family or friends, or if you need a place to crash during late night hangouts. While an air mattress can be used in a pinch to provide a comfortable place for guests to sleep, nothing is as luxurious as a bed.

The only problem? There’s no obvious spot to place an extra bed if you don’t already have a Guest Bedroom. You’ll need to be creative to add hidden beds to your home if you want to expand the sleeping arrangements without having to change your living space. Hidden bed ideas are plentiful and easy to implement.

There’s a cute solution for adding an extra bed to your home.


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Your daybed can double as a couch

Need to fill up empty space in your room? Instead of the traditional couch, opt for a Daybed. The daybed can be used as a couch and will give you extra seating. It’s also designed to be a bed so your guests will have a comfortable place to sleep whenever they want to relax.


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Conceal bunk beds behind barn doors

Barn Doors make it easy to hide bunk beds behind barn doors. Barn doors can be opened to reveal a hidden bedroom. They can also be closed at any time if you want them out of sight.


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Bring a Murphy bed into your family room

Murphy beds are among the most hidden beds available. Murphy Beds fold back into the wall, so they are hidden from view. This makes it easy to hide them in rooms without beds, such as family rooms. Build a Murphy bed in your storage system and use it whenever you need a place to sleep.


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Build beds into your walls

What is the best place to hide an extra bed? In the wall. This won’t be possible in every room. Some walls are thicker than other. If your walls are thick enough to accommodate a bed, you can carve out a bedroom niche.

You can finish off your look with a short set of curtains for discretion or privacy.


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Hang a Swinging bed in Your Living Room

Hang a bed on the wall of your living room to take your hidden bed setup to the next level. The bed won’t be discreet, but it will add a fun element to the room and not feel out of place.


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Invest in a Cozy Pull-Out Couch

A pull-out sofa is one of the classic hidden beds. It’s important to choose a couch that you like. Don’t settle for just any pull-out sofa. Look for something that will look great in your living area. Make sure it is comfortable enough to sleep in when it’s converted into a bed.


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Choose a porch swing that doubles as a bed

It may not seem practical to sneak a bed on your porch. If you live in an area where the weather is mild it can be a dream. Instead of the classic wooden porch swings, opt for a cushioned version. If you buy a porch swing as large as a daybed for your guests, they’ll be able to sleep comfortably on cool, breezy nights.


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Stick a Daybed into Your Sunroom

Daybeds are often in light colors with chunky shapes. They can be difficult to decorate. They are a great addition to any sunroom. Why? Sunrooms often feature pastel colors, traditional patterns, and slipcovers. They’re a great place for daybeds, and they can be a fun place to sleep.


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Spend a lot on a really great futon

A great futon can go a long way. Futons can be used to add sleeping and seating space to any home. A sleek futon will blend in with your existing furniture, so it’s an easy way to sneak a bed in your home.


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Murphy Beds: Transform your home office with a Murphy bed

It may seem odd to place a bed in a home-office. Offices are often cluttered with unused space because desks don’t occupy much room. You can maximize your space with a Murphy bed without ruining the look of your home office. You can easily pull the bed down when you want an extra bedroom and fold it up when not in use.


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Create a Reading Nook Ideal for Naps

If you are a bookworm, then treat yourself to an reading corner and go all out. You can create a cozy reading nook by adding fluffy pillows, soft quilts, and a plush bed. This will give you a place to relax and your guests a place to sleep.


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Snag Patio Furniture You Can Sleep On

It may seem like a huge project to turn your patio into a bedroom. With the right patio furniture you can easily achieve this. Instead of buying a traditional outdoor sofa, consider an outdoor couch which can be folded down into a bed.

You can make your bed even more versatile if you choose a canopy. The canopy will keep your bed dry during rainy nights and shield you from sunlight when you take afternoon naps.


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Sneak a Bed Onto Your Loft

A loft is a great place to hide an extra bed. Lofts are high up so the furniture you place there is out of sight. You can also make the open-air area feel more like a room by hanging curtains in place of walls.


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Score a Sleek Trundle bed

What is a great place to put a bed extra? Underneath a bed. You can get two beds at the cost of one with a trundle. The top bed will appear to be a regular bed. The bottom bed will be hidden in a drawer attached to the bed frame. Slide the drawer out when you want a second bed and close it when you don’t.


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Warm up your entryway with a pretty daybed

You probably wouldn’t think of putting a bed in your entryway. It’s a great idea if you have an expansive foyer. Put a beautiful daybed in your foyer. The daybed is a great place for guests to take off their shoes as they enter your home. It can also be used as an extra bed when you have a sleepover.