Organise your wrapping paper with these 10 genius storage ideas

We’ve rounded up 10 clever wrapping paper storage ideas that will keep you organized. We’ve come up with 10 clever wrapping paper storage solutions that will keep you organized.

You’ll be surprised to learn that only a handful of these solutions were specifically designed for wrapping paper. You probably already have some items around your house that you can use to organize your paper stash.

Find out how to organize your tubes in a creative and innovative way, from gift wrapping stations to home-based wrapping paper libraries. You may even become the crafty who turns gift-giving into an art form once you have your supplies organized.


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Create a Gift Wrapping Station Behind the Door

To save time and to be organized, you should store your ribbons, bows and tapes with the gift wrapping paper. The perfect way to organize all your gift wrap is with this convenient station made from wooden 2x4s.

It’s thin enough to be hidden behind a closed door. You can add hooks to the side of the cabinet for additional storage.


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Stop them from rolling off your shelves

In theory, stacking wrapping paper on a shelf is a good idea, but it’s actually not the best solution. You know that they will fall and roll.

If you’re wondering about the craft cabinet’s neat and orderly stack, a clear acrylic bookend is used as a shelf. It keeps everything in place, and it doesn’t block your view of the prey paper pattern collection.


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Purchase a Gift Wrapping Caddy to Give Gifts On The Go

Consider a caddy from the store if you want to purchase a readymade solution for your ever-growing collection of wrapping paper. This caddy keeps your rolls, bows, labels, and greeting cards neatly organized.

This bag can be easily carried to and from if ever you need to transport your collection. You’ll be asked to wrap gifts by your friends if you’re good at it.


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You can hang them on a pegboard that you have customized

A pegboard is all you need to organize your gift-wrapping collection. The pegboard is a great idea, because it’s simple to install and doesn’t take much space. It’s also very customizable. You can hang one on the inside of your closet door so that it is out of sight, but still accessible. You can paint it to match the decor of your home office or craft room.


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Hang Your Wrapping Paper Rolls On Tension Rods

Make room for tension rods if you are setting up a corner of craft supplies to help you wrap an amazing gift. You can stack them on top of each other to keep all the tension rods ready and available.

You can easily roll out as much as you need, without having to remove the rods. Just pull the rod to the desired length, then use a pair of sharp scissors to cut.


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Create a Wrapping Paper Library

You can transform any wall into a library of wrapping papers by using wooden dividers between tension rods. It’s a great place to store wrapping paper for all occasions, including Valentine’s Day, Christmas and everything else. This set is perfect for gift-giving and gift-wrapping enthusiasts.


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Strap them together

It’s not necessary to have a whole room dedicated to gift wrapping to be organized. This hall closet proves that you can keep everything you need at your fingertips without taking up a lot of space. Two straps are used to suspend these rolls of wrapping papers from a wire rack. This keeps them off the ground and grouped. Consider using Velcro straps or bungee cords to try this solution.


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Hack a bookcase to satisfy your gift-wrapping obsession

You may already know that there are many ways to hack the IKEA Billy Bookcase. But this set-up transforms a mass-produced product into a gift giver’s ultimate wrap station.

It is best to have some carpentry knowledge, but cutting notches into the bookcase will create slots that are easy to use for hanging wrapping paper. The best part? You can slide them up and down as you need them.


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Curtain Rods: Free up Counterspace

It’s not worth having a space if it will be cluttered with stuff. This office-slash-wrapping station makes perfect use of a gorgeous marble backsplash with the help of small curtain rods to hang four wrapping paper rolls. This keeps the rolls out of your counter, but still within reach. Are we the only ones who think that those adorable wrapping paper patterns can also be used as decor?


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Place them in baskets

You can get organized with a basket if you have limited space or a small budget. Wire or woven options are the best way to group your rolls of wrapping papers together. Your rolls will stay straight as long as the basket is tall.

These rolling baskets are great because they’re easy to use. Simply roll it out to wrap your gift and then slide it back in when finished. Fit them under counters in office or laundry rooms for optimal organization.


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