When You Don’t Have a Linen Closet, Here Are 16 Linen Storage Ideas

We could all use more space for storage. This is especially true if you are living in a small apartment or house. It’s not easy to store linens if you don’t have a dedicated linen closet.

Try one of these 16 creative ideas instead of stuffing your clean linens into any corner of your overstuffed closet.


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Double Duty Seating

You can keep your linens right where you need it, like in your bedroom. The bench can be used as a stylish seat and hidden storage.

You can use the space to store sheets and bath towels. You could also use this space to hide your throw pillows at night. Consider using your bench at the end of the bed as a window.

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Baskets Are Your Friends

Baskets are a great way to organize your home. They are not only great organizational tools, but also add a boho or farm feel to any space. You can also roll up sheets in the bedroom and place them there.


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Use a Hamper

Who said that hampers are only for dirty laundry. A wicker or cloth hamper is a great place to keep clean, folded towels in your bathroom. Make sure to let your guests know that it’s not meant for washing items.

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Shelving can be used as an open closet

As long as you keep your things organized, using shelves for storage is a breeze. Towels can be neatly folded and placed on top or bottom of bookcases in the hallway, bathroom or bedroom. Baskets can be used as additional organization tools.


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Label Everything

If you are short of storage space, you should make the most of what you do have. Add shelves to your empty walls or coat closets. Add labeled bins for easy organization.


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Hiding Linens in Drawers

Roll up your towels to hide them in a drawer if you have extra space. Use a drawer separator to organize smaller items such as dish towels and washcloths.

You don’t want adjustable drawer dividers. Instead, cut a piece sturdy cardboard that fits snugly into your drawer.


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Make sure you have space under the sink

The space beneath your sink in the kitchen or bathroom can provide the perfect storage solution. Use clear bins for small items and boxes or trays to stack and fold towels and washcloths neatly.


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Show them off

You don’t have to hide your linens just because you put them away. You can store your sheets and towels on a shelf or under the sink if you fold them or roll them neatly.


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Hide Linens Under Your Bed

You don’t want anyone to know what you have under your bed. So, hide everything under there. This space is often unused and hidden so there’s no clutter visible.

To keep sheets and towels dust-free, store them in fabric storage bags or slim bins under the bed. You can hide the bins underneath your bedframe with a bedskirt, large comforter, or duvet.


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Dressers can be used in unexpected places

Dressers do not have to be in the bedroom. Use one as a table for your entryway or to store winter items. You can use the drawer space left over for linens. If you place one in your living room, it will serve as both a TV table and linen storage. You can do the same with a credenza, buffet or other furniture. That’s why doors and drawers are so useful.


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Take Cabinetry to the Next Level

Create your own linen closet if you don’t already have one. You can hide clutter in a tall cabinet that has doors, but you can also neatly fold and stack towels and sheets. If you really want to make a difference, consider investing in shelf dividers that will help keep your items organized.


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Use the backs of doors

Why not make the most of it? A rack that can be adjusted on the backside of a bathroom door will hold everything from towels to washcloths. Add a rack inside a closet to store folded sheets or pillowcases.


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Roll towels tightly

Rolling is the best way to save space for packing and storing. Roll your towels tightly after folding them into a rectangular shape. You can then store your towels on a shelf or in a basket.


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Hooks Save Space

Wall hooks are a great way to store towel. There are many options to suit your taste, from bold and bright knobs to simple wood pegs. You can use them to dry your towels after a shower.


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Find Hidden Storage

If you plan well, many pieces of furniture will serve multiple purposes. You can use this bench for storage of shoes, but it could also be used as a bench in the hall or bedroom to store linens, workout equipment, or underwear.


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Fold and Stack

Folding your linens is the key to keeping everything neat and tidy. The end result is well worth the extra time. You can make items such as towels and clothing stand on their own by using the KonMari Method. This will reduce their footprint in your home and their space. You can even display them in bins or open shelves.


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