12 Compact Shower Designs That Leave a Big Impression

Even if your bathroom is small, you can still fit in an amazing shower. It may require some creativity, but there are many beautiful, small showers available that look elegant and do the job.

Are you worried that your limited space won’t allow for fun patterns and finishes? You need not worry. You can design a small bathroom shower in almost any way you like. If you want a little pattern, you can try a tile with a color or a stone. If you’re more of a modernist there are many ways to incorporate contemporary elements into your bathroom. Glass shower doors with black hardware is one example.

The 12 images in this gallery will give you plenty of ideas for decorating and laying out your new bathroom.


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Terrific Terrazzo

Terrazzo In the shower? Why not? Terrazzo is a material that’s having a moment. It will add a touch of class to even the smallest bathrooms. It’s worth designing your shower to match your personality and aesthetic, given how frequently you use it.

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Super Shelf

This setup is perfect for a small shower. If you are worried about bath products and want to store them, this set-up has a built-in shelf. Even adorable accents can be added.

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Winning Built-In

If you are designing a new small shower, you might consider installing a shelf that is built in to make it easier for you to reach your products. This tiny nook is perfect for a few basic shampoo bottles.

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Beautiful Herringbone

The herringbone pattern can be used to cover the entire wall of a bathroom and even extend into the shower. Have fun with the tile . It can add style and personality in any small bathroom.

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Multipurpose Space

This is a laundry and bathroom in one. This space is multi-functional. It is important to have a shower with an integrated shelf.

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Feeling Artistic

The curved shower is perfect for a corner. Why not wash off with some art? Hanging a Gallery Wall in the shower will add intrigue to the smallest of bathrooms.

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Vintage Vibes

Love vintage spaces? This charming bathroom features a clawfoot tub, bringing you back to simpler times. It still works as a small shower!

Choose a shower curtain in white, as it is both practical and won’t detract from the beautiful silhouette of your tub.


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Nice and Neutral

This small bathroom is still functional despite the lack of space between the shower, toilet and sink. As shown here, using neutral colors for paint and accessories will make the space appear larger and more airy.

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Small but Stylish

Romanticize your everyday. You can make your small shower look luxurious by adding candles, chic products and even a small houseplant. Why spend money on a fancy spa, when you can relax in the comfort of your home?

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Cool Curves

This bathroom features a curved shower. When dealing with small spaces, you need to be creative in your layout.

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There’s a Variety of Options

You can enjoy different patterns even if you are a maximalist. Just be creative. This quirky bathroom features a variety of floor tiles and walls.

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Modifications to the Statement

This sleek, black shower will appeal to modernists. It makes a statement while being compact. Small spaces don’t mean you can’t make a big statement with your design. The design potential of your small shower is bursting.


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