Bathrooms are often rooted in Blues and Whites. These colors are timeless and safe choices. Why not try something different for your bathroom?

Due to their size, bathrooms are perfect places to experiment with colors. What’s the one vibrant color that we love in bathrooms? Red.

Red is a bold color that makes a statement. It looks great when combined with traditional accents like white, black and gold. Grab a paintbrush or some red wallpaper and install it on your vanity.

You’ve come to a good place if you want some inspiration to help you plan your red bathroom. View images of 20 red bathrooms that will inspire you. There’s something that truly appeals to every style: vintage-inspired, modern, grandmillennial…you name it.


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Groovy Bathroom

Terrazzo has taken over the world! Paint the entire space red to complement the flecks of color. This bathroom, complete with a discoball on the ceiling is full of energy.

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Traditional and Bold

This powder bathroom is enhanced by the addition of artful accents, such as a small landscape painting with an ornately-framed frame and beautiful brass sconces. A small round mirror will add personality to your bathroom. Builder grade fixtures can be bland. Consider replacing them with a piece that reflects your style.

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Retro Fun

This bathroom is cool, baby! Combining black, white, and red can create a retro-inspired look. This is a space that would be perfect for getting ready for a night out.

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Additions that are Artistic

Add lots of artwork to your red walls! Consider hanging a Gallery Wall in your bathroom if you are a maximalist, or if you have many great pieces of art to show off. This gallery wall features a variety of frames, all in gold. The finish is stunning against the vibrant color.

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Colorful Contrast

A bathroom can be given a new look by painting the upper half of a red wall. This bathroom features vintage elements which contrast beautifully with the bold paint.

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A Touch of Whimsy

You may want to create a space with a classic look, but a little off the beaten track. This red vanity is perfect for the job: It’s fun and adds some whimsy, but it doesn’t look too crazy. The key is to find a happy middle ground.

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Going Glam

A burgundy bathroom is transformed with an ornate mirror. Replace a mirror in your bathroom that isn’t up to par with your aesthetic and style. Even a seemingly simple change can make a huge difference.

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Playful Patterns

Patterned Wallpaper shines once again in this bathroom. Powder rooms, because of their size, are perfect for experimenting with boldness. Have some fun with a color, print or pattern you might not usually choose.

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Antique Elements

Why not give your beadboard a bright color? This space is filled with vibrant red and paired up with wallpaper inspired by antiques for a grandmillennial-esque, cheerful look.

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Luxe and Lively

This beautiful ornate bathroom is filled with vibrant red and yellow wallpaper. Wallpaper can be a wonderful way to bring color and story into any room.

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Pretty and Petite

A small powder room can be transformed into a hidden oasis by using red paint with chic accents. You can make your small bathroom look beautiful and functional with thoughtful accessories.

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Rad Sink

This is the first sink we’ve ever seen! Make a piece that is purely utilitarian shine with a design that incorporates color.

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Powerful Paint

Do not underestimate the power a few coats can have. Paint is a great way to transform your bathroom in an afternoon. Brass accents, such as the mirror in this room, look great on red walls.

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Statement Piece

A red wall is the perfect backdrop for an old-fashioned vanity. This piece would look great against a vibrant solid colour.

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Black, white, and red all over

The pattern-play doesn’t have to stop just because you have a stylish bathroom with black and white checkerboard floor. Add some fun wallpaper to your bathroom. More prints are better.

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