17 Luxurious French Country Bathroom Designs

Bathrooms are definitely our happy places. A room dedicated to pampering and relaxation? Yes, please.) If you’re looking to give your bathroom a touch of je-ne-sais quoi, then you may want to think about the French Country style. A French country bathroom has a rustic and luxurious feel.

How can you incorporate this style into your home? Here are 17 beautiful French country bathroom designs. There’s something for everyone, whether you want to make small changes or a major transformation.


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Refashioning Old Furniture

A little creativity goes a long ways, as this primary bathroom by My chic obsession shows. Transformed a table into an incredibly stylish sink vanity. The natural wood finish and ornate details strike the perfect balance between country and luxury.


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Tiny Tile Treatment

It’s the hexagonal tiles in small sizes that instantly transports us to a cozy bistro on the Champs-Elysees. You can bring this design trick into the country by pairing a beautiful floor with a subway tiled back splash, an elegant clawfoot bathtub, and a paneled roof. 


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Spring for Gold Touches

Brass is the best choice for bathroom hardware with a French flair. If you want this metal to feel more farm-friendly then pair it with cozy elements.

Has added a charming millwork and scones with a lovely green color to this bathroom. This French country bathroom looks more like a five star hotel with monogrammed towels.

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Add a tub

Is there anything more French than an elegant clawfoot bathtub? It’s not possible, and that is why this is the best French country bathroom design.  added a touch of country with the wooden ladder and wall paneling. 


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Try tub and Tile

Consider strategically placing tile to enhance the look of your luxurious soaking bath. The set of printed tiles used in this room takes on the role of a privacy curtain.


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Ornate touches are a great choice

You can also elevate your clawfoot bathtub by adding opulent details such as bronze finishes or carved legs.


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Wow with Wallpaper

A great repeat has no limits. It can bring French country vibes to the forefront. This floral wallpaper looks great with the light green millwork, vintage vanity and vintage mirror.


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Let there be Light

A chandelier is one of the few things that we think offers a French “je nais quois” quite like a French chandelier. The beaded fixture in this room gives this European element an edge of rustic.


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Work in Some Wood

Use natural wood tones to bring out the country in French Country Bathroom Ideas. The light wood vanity, when paired with a floral wallpaper will transport you to a beautiful cottage in Provence.


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Create Contrast

What is black, white and chic everywhere? This French country bathroom . This high-contrast palette is unmistakably European, especially when combined with a clawfoot bathtub. The variety of textures also keeps the space from feeling sterile.


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Back to Black

You can create contrast by using black as the dominant color. The interior  created this look with a marble countertop and a white bathroom.

The wood paneled walls are a nice compromise between French country style and farmhouse.


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Incorporated Art

Art is what was meant by the person who said beauty is in one’s eye. We give you permission to use your best pieces to add a touch of the Louvre to your bathroom.  Used elaborate frames to display simple sketches. The result? The result?


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Accept the quirks

One of the best parts of French country spaces is that they’re bursting with eclectic-yet-charming touches. Add some built-ins in the bathroom if you lack any nooks or crannies.


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Mix and match

There’s much more to a French country bathroom that its luxurious setting. The best spaces are those that have materials juxtaposed in a way that works seamlessly.


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Embrace Symmetry

If you’re in doubt, symmetry is the best option. This room has a subtle elegance with its matching vanities, shade-clad wall sconces and mirrors. The symmetrical footprint of the bathroom draws attention to the gorgeous tub.


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Mirror Marvel

You want to add a touch of French country style to your bathroom without much effort? Add a mirror. A mirror with a high-end finish gives this modern wallpaper C’est magnifique an elegant touch.


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Try Toile

Of course, no discussion of French rural bathroom design would be complete without mentioning toile. This particular wallpaper combines the greatest qualities of both worlds, being both stylish and appealing. The good news is that toile is not a scenario where one style fits all.

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