18 Bold and Beautiful Bedroom Ideas in Teal

Many bedroom designs are based on the idea that bedrooms should be a place of refuge from the chaos in life (and within the home). To create a sense of relaxation and refuge, bedrooms should be painted in neutral, calming colors. Bright colors or bold ones can be used in small quantities, but not at all.

Sounds familiar? What if we looked at bedrooms differently? Color alone is not enough to determine the relaxation of a bedroom. It’s more often a matter of personal preference, such as the furniture you choose, the warmth of your blankets, and the amount of light streaming in the afternoon.

It’s time to be creative in your bedroom. Enter: teal. Teal is a blue-green color that can dress up or down a room, work with many styles, and be a lot fun. You’ve found the perfect place if you want to add teal to your room. Continue reading to discover 18 of our favourite teal bedroom ideas.


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Add Two Items

Two simple items can add teal to your bedroom: a throw pillow in teal and a rug in teal. These two items together will add just the right amount of color for it to appear intentional and beautiful without overwhelming your bedroom.


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Make it Muted

The softer shade of teal will still bring out plenty of color. This soothing color is perfect for the bedroom and can be used many different ways. Use it to decorate your bedroom with a headboard or comforter.


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Create a Color Block Wall

Teal’s unique appearance makes it an excellent choice for a color-blocked wall. For example, the one shown in the bedroom from Emily Henderson. Off-white contrasts beautifully with the blue-green color. You can also use other colors, such as a warm orange or a creamy yellow.

The best colorblock walls are those where the colors meet in the upper third of the wall rather than the middle. The ‘rule-of-threes’ will help make the wall more pleasing to the eye.


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Try Wallpaper

Unique Wallpaper can be used to add any color to your bedroom, even teal. Wallpaper all of the walls in your room to create a bold, all-over color scheme. Wallpaper only one wall to create a more statement-making look.

Pick a bedspread to complement or mimic the pattern of the teal wallpaper.


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Hang Window Treatments

What could be more relaxing? Window coverings do not have to be white or cream. You can add color to a room with window coverings. Consider adding teal window treatments to your bedroom to bring in a relaxing shade and style.


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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can add color and fun to your bedroom. They are easy to change depending on your mood, the season or your style. Are you ready to change things up in your space? Throw pillows in teal are perfect for the bedroom if you want to make a change.


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Paint the Walls

Painting a wall (or two) in teal is a great way to bring the color into the bedroom. It’s possible to paint a bedroom in a weekend. This is a good way to change the look of a room that was once boring.

If you want to paint a teal wall that is elegant and not juvenile, choose a paint with a matte or eggshell finish. Avoid high-shine paints.


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Add a touch of teal to a room that is dominated by blues. Teal is a great way to keep a monochrome bedroom from looking too drab. It’s close enough in color to blue, however, that the room still feels like it’s a celebration of blue. It’s also a good way to ‘bridge’ the gap if you want to include a bit of green.


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Gray is the New Black

Gray goes well with almost any color. This includes teal. Gray softens teal’s bright edges and creates an attractive color combination for bedrooms. Use this color combination in decorative items, window treatments, decor or bed linens to incorporate gray and the teal into your space.


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Go Vintage

Consider adding teal to your bedroom for a vintage look. For this look, choose vintage or antique wallpapers with teal repeating motifs. Pair teal with gold or cream tones and wood elements for a worn-in look.


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Add Brass

Brass is a trend that can go with any color. But it looks especially good with teal. Cool tones in teal work well with warm-toned brass. Together, they can give your bedroom a stylish and well-worn look.


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Bring Some Seating

Consider adding a seating area in your bedroom to relax and lounge. This is particularly useful if you want to create an area that’s child-free. Teal will look great in this area, with its many seating options that are richly colored. It’ll give your little bedroom a unique style.


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Go Black and white

The best color palettes for bedrooms are those that have a standard combination of colors with one striking shade. The black, White and teal combination in the space from Katie Hodges Designs is a great example.


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Add a Throw blanket

Add a throw blanket in teal to add the color that will change with the seasons (or your mood). You will make a bold statement with this color, and you don’t have to worry about its permanence or cost. For a luxurious look, choose a blanket with a velvety texture.


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Try Out Trim

Try adding faux paneling and trim to a wall to add character to your bedroom (and a lot of teal). This is what Blue Copper Design has done in the bedroom shown above. The trim adds visual interest while the rich, deep teal color is a stunning addition.


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Add a little gray

Want to add a tiny touch of teal in your bedroom? You can bring a bit of teal into your bedroom by choosing a teal gray (a gray that has a hint of deep blue). Consider using this neutral color in large quantities, such as for wall paint, area rugs or bedspreads.


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Don’t forget area rugs

Teal is no different. Area rugs can bring any color to the bedroom. Look for rugs with teal as the main or backdrop color. Focus on rugs with teal as an accent colour if you want a little bit of it.


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Repeat the process

Repeat the color teal in your bedroom to make it look more intentional. Look for other ways to incorporate teal in your bedroom than just one place.

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