20 chic brown living room ideas you’ve never tried

Want proof that this earth-friendly color can be as beautiful as it is reliable? If you embrace brown, the color that is often associated with security and safety, it can create beautiful living rooms if you use it.

Let’s switch gears if you automatically think of brown walls. This color can be used in a variety of ways.

Here are 20 brown living room ideas that you may not have thought of.


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Leather Poufs

These leather poufs in light brown are small but powerful pieces of furniture. These floor cushions can be used as footrests, additional seating and even kid-friendly coffee table. They also go with many design styles. This cognac leather version is available in faux or vegan options. It’s a great fabric to dress up farmhouse and historic-inspired rooms.


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Use brown accent chairs

You will never go wrong by adding Accent Chairs to the living room. They are a great way to add comfort and style while aligning other elements in your living room, such as your sofa, rug, or end tables. Accent chairs can also be used to create a seating area that is conducive to relaxing with family and friends.


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Skip white window casings and baseboards

For a rustic look or prairie-style, use natural stained wood on your window casings, and baseboards, instead of painting them white.

When you are considering any of these brown ideas for living rooms, be careful to use color-balancing techniques to counteract any darkening caused by brown elements. If you have dark brown baseboards or window casings, choose a lighter paint color. If you choose to paint your walls dark brown, then consider furniture, textiles or artwork in light colors. This will keep your room feeling light and airy.


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Brown Painted Walls

Paint your walls dark brown to create a mood that is unbeatable. This chocolate brown wall is both classy and deferential. The darker tone revives the earthy tones while grounding the entire space.


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Install Brown Paneled walls

Are you looking for a look that is classic and dramatic? Create a brown accent with paneling. This backdrop is perfect for displaying artwork or transforming a boring wall.


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Brown decor can be used to decorate your home

Dot your room in subtle brown touches for a vibrant rhythm. This trick will make any space feel clean and fresh. You can bring in this color through artwork, lampshades, or metal accents that are oil-rubbed.


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Add Brown Fireplace Stone

Converting your fireplace into stone can transform your living area. stone fire places are a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere.


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Accent Your Fifth Wall

For a more intimate feel, add wood paneling on your fifth wall – the ceiling. This idea is best suited to taller rooms (with high ceilings), which are more likely to receive plenty of natural light. To counteract the darkening effect of a wooden ceiling, choose brightly colored fabrics and furniture. Here, the cream curtains balance out the dark paneling above.


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Brown is the new monochromatic

Decorating with brown can mean a monochromatic look in the living room. For a Zen effect, use different shades, tints and tones of brown in your furniture, wallpaper, window curtains and built-ins.


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Wallpaper in Brown

There are many shades and tints of brown. You can easily find one that matches your living room’s style. This wallpaper motif features a contrast of two browns that creates an elegant background for pink accents.


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Add Cushy Brown Sofas

A brown sofa with upholstered cushions will create a modern, earthy space that is also kid and pet friendly. Brown, whether it’s a performance fabric or a regular color, won’t show up stains as readily as other colors. This is a choice that you can rely on to look great for many years. Brown sofas, especially leather ones, go well with other colors and patterns.


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Buy Brown Tables

A wooden coffee-table is a timeless piece of furniture that has a lot of functionality and will always look good. The wood coffee table is available in many sizes, shapes and colors, which are ideal for any style, whether you want a relaxed, uncluttered look or a more traditional one.


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Place Baskets

Typically, seagrass or rattan baskets are brown in color. These baskets are also environmentally friendly. Rattan is, for instance, one of the most readily available natural materials on the planet. These baskets also are easy to maintain, and they’re flexible. Their lidded versions can also keep clutter out of sight while double as a piece decor (or pineapple, as shown here).


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Pick Brown Tiles

If you live in an area with a warmer climate then choose a neutral-brown tile. You’ll reap the benefits of choosing porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are usually slip-resistant, and they’re also very strong. They make a good choice for spaces with pets and children. Try wood plank tile if you don’t like the look of traditional tiles. They look exactly like wood, but without the maintenance of real wood.


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Invest in brown built-ins

Built-ins are a beautiful way to display your collection (and create a great shelfie). They’re a classic addition to any house. You can also use built-ins as a frame for your fireplace or television, while also adding storage space to display your collectibles. Built-ins are a great way to enhance any space.


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Highlight Brown Brick Walls

Brown bricks are a great way to give your room depth and warmth. When treated properly, it is durable and perfect for areas with high traffic.


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Install Brown Curtains

Curtains can be a great addition to your home’s decor. They are also a practical way to add style. Blackout curtains block more light (whether from streetlights or car headlights) than other types of curtains. These checkered brown curtains bring a soft, earthy touch to the living room.


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Accessorize with Brown Ceramics

Accessorizing is what will bring your room together. Your expensive items, like a sofa or rug, are the focal point of your design. Enter: ceramic decor pieces. Ceramics are stylish and have been around since centuries.


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Choose Hardwood Flooring

Consider replacing your carpet with hardwood if you have it on the main floor. Hardwoods are available in many shades of brown and can warm up a cold, uninviting room. If hardwood flooring is not a good fit for your lifestyle or budget, you can try other options like engineered hardwoods or luxury vinyl planks.


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Add Warmth to Brown Art

Bring in bold brown artwork to transform a bland space. If you need to cover a large wall, larger pieces of art will look chicer and more sophisticated than grouping smaller pieces.


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