The kitchen is a place in the house that can be devoted more to function than form. While the function of a modern kitchen is important, its design should not be overlooked. Color is one way to celebrate form in the kitchen. If you want to add some color to in your kitchen, then read on.

Keep reading to discover 18 of our favorite color schemes for your kitchen.


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Navy Blue

Navy blue is a rich and sophisticated color that will add history and style into any kitchen. Combine it with black accents for a moody look or whitewashed upper cabinets or walls to contrast the dark color.


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Blue and Gold

Metallic accents can give your kitchen an elegant look. They also go well with almost any color. Blue and gold are classic colors that still have a touch of glamour.


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Blue, Gold and Black Marble

Kitchens can look inviting and vintage with a combination of blue and gold. When marble is added to the mix, it makes the kitchen look even more elegant. This color combination can be created in your kitchen by using blue cabinetry, backsplash or marble with gold accents.

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Periwinkle, a color not often seen in modern color palettes, is one that deserves more attention. Periwinkle’s pastel shades are a reminder of the color palettes from yesterday. They add a vintage feel to any room. It’s perfect for adding a touch of pastel to your kitchen.


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Blue, Gray and Black

It’s okay if you don’t want to add bright colors to your kitchen. Try a color with gray undertones, such as a gray-blue, for a more measured approach to color. Pair this color with black accents for a sophisticated kitchen look.


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Monochrome Gray

Try monochrome kitchens if you love a particular color. The shades of grey will give your kitchen a vibrant and decadent look. You don’t have to worry about which color to pair them with because the answer is in front of you: another shade of gray.


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Dark Teal

Bold colors have made a big comeback in kitchens. Blue and green are vibrant colors that add character and personality to any kitchen. Teal is a deep, rich color that gives a retro feel to a kitchen.


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Teal and Pink

Teal and pink is another fun color combination. These perfectly pastel picks, though they may seem like an unlikely pair and a duo for the home, add a lot of charm to any room, including the kitchen.


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Teal and Black

Teal is an excellent choice for the kitchen. If you want to make the kitchen more modern or tone down the teal, consider adding lighting and black cabinet hardware.


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Mint and cream

Color is a great way to make your kitchen look less cluttered. Colors like mint or cream are clean and crisp, and will add a sense of cleanliness and peace, regardless of the condition of your dirty dishes.


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Mint and White

The look of mint and white is similar to that of cream and mint, but it’s a bit more crisp and modern. The white gives the kitchen a polished, grown-up look while the minty smoothness adds an element of fun and playfulness.


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Mint and Gray

Gray is one of the many fantastic colors that go with mint. Gray gives a natural and earthy look to the perky mint. It also tones it down for a more sophisticated appearance.


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Green and Walnut

Want to create a kitchen drenched in earthy tones? Pair green and walnut. This color combination gives the impression of a canopy, but still looks stylish and simple.


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Green and Yellow

Yellow accents in a green space continue the theme of warm colours and enhance the cozy feeling.


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Jade, a rich and vibrant color, is an excellent choice for kitchens. You can add it in small doses through accessories or appliances, or you can use it on a large scale with cabinetry and backsplashes.


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Green and Oak

In the kitchen, natural elements like wood and stone pair well with a variety of colors. This combination is best exemplified by green and oak colored wood. Together, these two colors create a kitchen which looks as good outdoors as it does inside.


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Monochrome Green

Monochrome green is just as beautiful as monochrome grey. Multi-shade green in the kitchen will create a cohesive color palette. It’s also minimalistic and fun.


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Green and Gold

Want to give your kitchen a more modern, grounded feel? Add a little gold. Gold accents such as hardware or lighting can give a modern and clean look to your kitchen. They also provide a neutral base to which a vibrant color, like green, will really pop.

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