16 Traditional Kitchen Designs That Are Always in Fashion

You can decorate your kitchen in many different ways: bold and eclectic; cozy and rustic; breezy and coastal or even surprisingly glam. While all of these options are well worth considering, it’s hard to resist the appeal of a classic kitchen.

The classic kitchens are inspired by the kitchens of old. The cabinets are made of quality materials and traditional cabinetry. Ornate trims and other historical details are used to line them. They’re also dressed with timeless accents like striking windows treatments, printed rugs and full-blown pieces of art.

Designer-made classics kitchens can be sleek and simple or dramatic and opulent. In every version, these classic kitchens are elegant, timeless, and traditional. They’re the kind of place you want to host parties, cook in, or spend time.


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Keep it simple with an All-White Palette

You can create a classic-style kitchen in many ways, but the easiest way is to use a timeless color palette. Stick to classic hardwood flooring and paint your cabinets and walls white. This palette will instantly set the tone for your space. It gives you a classic canvas on which to layer fixtures and decor.


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Hang a Classic Chandelier

Chandeliers may not be appropriate for all kitchens, but they are perfect in classic kitchens. Look for something vintage and understated. You can still be bold with a subtle chandelier, since they are so spectacular.


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Line Your Backsplash with Marble

It’s hard to go wrong with marble in your classic kitchen. Consider using marble to line your countertops.


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Make Room for an Island that is Growing

Open concept kitchens are on trend, but they don’t have to look dated. You can achieve the intimacy of a classic space while enjoying the flexibility of a contemporary kitchen by building a large island.


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Invest in Kitchen Window Treatments

In any space, including your kitchen, window treatments are essential. Spend some money on a set printed curtains to bring your room together. Keep it simple by choosing a classic set of white blinds.


Paint Your Cabinets in Elegant Colors

In a classic home, color is not off limits. Keep your palette simple and elegant. Stay away from trendy colors. Stick to something elegant like Navy blue, or Forest green.


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Decorate Your Walls with Art

You may not think of art as the first thing to do when you are decorating your kitchen. It should be your first choice, especially if the space you are creating is meant to be classic. Look for pictures, drawings and photos that will dress up your kitchen and put them in some beautiful antique frames.


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Create a Subtle Ceiling Statement

It might seem a bit avant-garde to decorate your ceiling. If you look at the ceiling of an old building, it’s likely to be lined with ornate tiles and exposed structural beams. Research the style of your house. Create a statement ceiling in a style that pays homage to your home’s past.


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You can use your dishes as decor

It’s a long-standing tradition to display your dishes. This has led us to create china cabinets, curios and other display cases. You can pay homage to this tradition without buying new furniture by lining your shelves with the prettiest plates you own.


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Invest in a Faucet with Ornate Design

It is rare that a faucet can make or break a kitchen. However, it can add ambiance to the space. Consider replacing yours with a more ornate model. Upgrades may not be a big deal on their own, but combined with other classic details, they will make your kitchen look more elegant.


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Create a Backsplash with a Playfully-Printed Design

Are you worried that your classic kitchen will not look good with a -printed backsplash? Do not worry. You can create a backsplash with a traditional pattern and a limited palette that is both playful and elegant.


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Repurpose Your Favorite Antiques

Avoid the temptation to replace your existing kitchen fixtures with new ones. Instead, add a few vintage pieces for a classic look. You can use an old armoire to create a cabinet or turn a vintage console in a bar. Or, you can buy your kitchen sink at a flea market.


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Replace Your Fruit Bowls With Cloches

What is a surprising way to make the kitchen more classic? Store your fruits and vegetables in cloches instead of your favorite fruit bowls. The cloches won’t keep your fruit and vegetables fresh, but they will make your produce storage look more elegant.


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Grab a truly striking stove

The main consideration when shopping for a new stove is its function. This doesn’t mean that you should sacrifice style. You can make your kitchen feel more stylish and classic by adding a retro-style stove.


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Trim it to the max

Ornate trim may seem odd, but it is a traditional accent that will set the tone in a classic kitchen. The unexpected touch will also make a big impact in your kitchen, giving it a special feel.


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Picture Lights in Place of Sconces

Sconces and recessed lighting are the most popular choices for kitchen shelf lighting. But don’t overlook picture lights. The mounted lights, which are usually used to light up paintings, will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. They’ll also give you the necessary light to illuminate your shelves.

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