You can decorate your walls with these 17 dining room mirror ideas

Mirrors are a great addition to any room. They’re surprising rare in dining rooms. We often forget to include mirrors in our dining rooms when we decorate them with dramatic lighting and elegant window coverings.

Many interior designers haven’t forgotten the classic mirror, and they’ve created stunning dining room which make the most out of this reflective accent.

We’ve selected some of the most beautiful examples of dining-room mirrors, and we’ve also highlighted some ideas for dining-room mirrors that you might want to try in your home.


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Use a large mirror in a small room

It may seem that putting a large mirror in a tiny dining room is a recipe for chaos. If you want to make the space feel larger then this is the best option. Buy the largest mirror you can and hang it on the wall of your dining room. The larger the room appears, the more the mirror reflects.


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Dress up an Unusual Wall

Mirrors do not have to be on the largest wall of the room. Dress up a narrow wall in your dining room with a thin mirror. Accents should be used to draw attention to a wall and make your open concept dining room more cozy.


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Complete Your Bar Cabinet

Many bar cabinets can stand alone. By placing a mirror above yours you can make your bar look more formal.


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Use a mirror as your backsplash

You have other options besides standalone mirrors. Use panel mirrors to create a backsplash in a dining room with lots of prep space. This unusual accent will make your dining room stand out.


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Brighten up the Room

Mirrors can be used to enhance a dining room with few windows. Mirrors can be placed on the wall next to the window so that they reflect light into the room. Use a large mirror to get the most light possible. Or create a gallery of smaller mirrors.


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Streamline All Your Metals

It’s fun to mix and match metals. Color-coordinating all metals in your room will give it a striking appearance. Choose a frame that matches your lighting and then choose a matching mirror. Top your dining table with a matching metallic centerpiece.


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Install a mirror above your fireplace

Decorating with Mirrors in your Dining Room is Easy: Simply Mount a Mirror Above Your Mantel. This classic combination will look great in any home, and it will make your dining room a cozy place to be.


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Match your Mirror with a Wallpaper

wallpaper is a great addition to any dining room. By choosing a mirror with accent colors that match your wallpaper, your bold walls will look even more striking.


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Leaning a full-length mirror against the wall

Full length mirrors can be used in the dining room to add a touch of elegance. Leaning a mirror up against a wall in a room with few windows can help fill the space.


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Use Panel Mirrors to Line Your Wall

This is a great alternative to traditional wall decor, such as paint or wallpaper. You can also doodle and write messages on the wall to give it a bolder look.


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Install a mirror between your windows

A mirror can be placed between windows in a dining room. This subtle accent will help you to break up the space in your dining room without affecting the feeling of light.


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Mirrors that match your wall

Having trouble choosing the perfect mirror for your room? Consider the overall look of the space. It’s easy to create a stylish space by matching your dining mirror with your walls, especially if you have other accents that match.


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Use a Mirror As a Faux Window

A mirror that resembles a window will create fluidity within your space. This unusual accent gives the impression that you can see right through the wall.


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Antique mirrors add texture to any room

Mirrors are usually pretty sleek, but they don’t need to be. You can add texture to your dining area by choosing an old mirror or a distressed mirror.


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Play with a Pop Of Color

You can add color to your dining room with a mirror. If you have a dining room full of matte black furniture, a gold mirror will break up that wall. This unexpected addition will make your room more interesting by adding contrast.


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Mirrors framed with lamps

What is the best way to display your dining room mirrors? It can be framed with lamps or sconces . This decorative pair will make your mirror stand out.


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Do not be afraid to layer

Mirrors don’t need to be left alone. You can create a dynamic and textured decorative vignette by pairing your mirror with other decor like plants, art and candles.

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