20 Sunny Yellow Dining Room Ideas That Work Throughout the Year

Dining Rooms can be viewed as a stuffy, outdated relic of the past. Dining rooms are so much more. Dining rooms can be the ideal place for late-night parties and weekend brunches. They can also double as an office.

Dining rooms don’t need to be boring. They can show off your personality and style. Dining rooms come in any style or color, including yellow. Yellow dining rooms can be a fun way to add color and vibrancy to your home. Continue reading to see 20 of our favorites yellow dining room choices.


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Use Yellow with Another Color

Yellow is an excellent color for any room. Just because a colour is bold doesn’t mean that you should avoid it. Use a color like brown or gray in your dining area to tone down the yellow.


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Don’t Forget the Paint

A wall painted in bright yellow will bring color to the dining area like no other. You don’t have to paint a plain or smooth wall. You can also paint over paneling, as Homemade by Carmona has done in her room. For a striking look, paint the wall in a bold color like black or navy.


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Try Yellow Furniture

Yellow furniture can be used to add color in the dining room, but not just tables. Sideboards and hutches in yellow can also add a pop of color, as they did for this dining room by Casa Watkins Living.


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Add Pillows

Throw pillows make it more comfortable to sit on a stiff chair in the dining room. What if the throw pillow is yellow, for example? You’ve also added some bright and cheery color to your room. For the best results, choose small, durable yellow cushions.


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Use Muted Yellow

It doesn’t need to be bold and bright. It can be cozy and muted like the yellow-cream shades in Herzen Sprache’s Dining Room. Add a bright yellow color accent to the muted yellow furniture if you want some bright colors.


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Don’t forget decor

You can use yellow in unexpected ways in your dining room, such as light fixtures, flooring or plates. Add sunny yellow to any space without spending a lot of money (or undertaking major projects).


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Use different shades of yellow

Are you ready to make your dining area stand out? Add several shades of yellow to create a bold, bright and yellow-centered room.


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Add Accent Wall

Yellow is no exception. Accent walls in any color can add a distinctive look to your dining area. Choose a yellow that is cooler to go with blues and greens or warmer to match reds and oranges.


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Vintage touches are a must

Are you having trouble finding yellow items for your dining room? It’s possible that you are looking in the wrong place. Buy vintage instead of new. Yellow dining room furniture is more likely to be found in vintage or antique shops, since the color was popular during the mid-century.


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Make It Elegant

Yellow is not just for children? Do not believe it. Think again. This dining room from Dunbar Road Design is a perfect example, with its cheerful upholstered chairs, stunning crystal chandelier and a bowl filled with hydrangeas that ties the entire space together.


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Add Plants

Houseplants are a great way to decorate yellow dining rooms. Green pops make yellow pop and give your dining room a vibrant feel.


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Sunflowers are a great way to bring in the spring

Flowers are a great way to bring color into dining rooms. The classic sunflower is a great way to add yellow into a dining area. This vibrant and relaxed bloom will add a splash of yellow to your table.


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Add Double Yellow

Consider using at least 2 yellow items in your dining room decor. Double-up on the color to make it look more purposeful.


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Try out a few chairs

Dining room chairs (of course) are an essential part of every dining room. With so many options in terms of style, color and texture, dining room chairs are a great way to add your own unique style. Look for funky yellow chairs in your dining room, such as the ones shown above, in the space designed by Cathie Hung Interiors.


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Add Texture

You can have fun with both color and texture. Dining room chairs with fun textures like velvet or boucle will add style and visual appeal to your dining area.


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Hang Curtains

You’re lucky enough to have an open dining room with plenty of natural light. You will probably also need some curtains. Add some yellow curtains for a new dose of color.


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Bring in Brass

Consider adding gold or brass to the dining room to add yellow. These metals add moodiness and a new dimension to yellow’s emotional association.


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Hang a map

Hang an antique map to add character, geography and yellow to your dining area. An antique map is not only a conversation starter but also gives your dining room character and history.


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Install Abstract Art

You can also go abstract when looking for yellow artwork that you want to use in your dining room. You can also add some modern style to your dining area with a simple yellow colorwash print.


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Use Multiple Colors

You can also use yellow to accent your dining room chairs by using multiple colors like beige, white or orange. You can arrange the chairs in a similar color group or mix them with other colors. This is a simple way to create the look of a color pallet.

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