18 Stunning Above-Ground Pool Landscaping Ideas

Deciding to purchase deciding to invest in an aboveground swimming pool is something. The decision of what your backyard would appear like with an above ground pool? That’s another. Since while pools are a show-stopper in every backyard but it’s not all in the backyard. If you don’t have the proper landscaping, the pool could appear out of place, or even compete with the surrounding elements.

Fortunately, this is fairly easy to avoid. With a little effort and creativity, you could make your pool seem like an element of the landscape. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve it.

To demonstrate how simple to do above ground landscapes for pools could be, here we’ve collected 18 yards of landscape that accomplished it flawlessly. In some instances, homeowners simply lined their pools with flowers. Others, they altered the entire yard. However, in all instances they made it easier to separation between the swimming pool and backyard, making the pool appear as something that is a focal point, not something that was added as a last-minute thing.

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Line Your Pool with Palm Trees

Create a feeling of an escape by plant palm trees near your pool. They won’t stand in all climates however, if you live in a place with hot summers and mild winters, getting an array of gorgeous palms can make you feel as if you’re in a vacation each time you dip.

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Frame Your Pool with Flower Pots

Landscaping doesn’t mean just putting objects on the soil. In the event that your outdoor space is lined with wood, stone or tile, you should look at other options to bring plants into your area. Find a set of pots that are matched to your patio and then plant them with flowers. These pots of flowers can perform the job of traditional landscaping by enhancing areas around your swimming pool, without having to be placed in the ground.

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Get All In on Grass

In terms of landscaping, grass might appear to be a dull option. It’s an old-fashioned choice with an reason. If you step out of the water–and your feet are chilly and wet–stepping onto soft grass feels good. Therefore, keep your landscaping minimal, and take your time on grass. (Your feet will be thankful for it in the future.)

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Plant Cacti Along Your Steps

A great place to place plants? On an escalator. If you have a set of steps leading to your pool, make sure you line the other side by succulents and Cacti.

Since plants with slow growth don’t tend to sprawl, you don’t be concerned about them spilling over your steps and knocking you over.

Cover your Pool With Ivy

Make your pool an idyllic spot by covering the exterior of your pool with Ivy. Since ivy’s growth rate is so rapid it can do the majority of the work. Plant it near the bottom of your swimming pool. Make certain to cut it when it has reached the top.

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Make a fence of flowers

If you’re looking to secure your pool but not build the full-blown fence, then place a fence around the outside the pool using a tall bouquet of flowers. The flowers create a line between your pool and the other end of your yard without blocking your pool, or blocking your view.

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Let Grass Peep Through Your Pavers

Pavers, also known as paving stones, are great for making paths, and these paths can be as tidy and neat as you’d like they to be. Combine geometric tiles with grout to create clean and neat pathways. If you’re looking for something more natural, grab the pavers and let the plants flourish between the stones.

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Create a Flower Bed in Your Patio

Do you lack green space? Create an attractive planter bed in your patio. You can build it in a simple way by by building an elevated bed that is positioned on the patio’s top. It is also possible to make it a bit more difficult by carving out an area of your patio and constructing an artificial flower bed within it.

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Let Vines swarm Your Backyard Walls

Make a scene for your outside space by letting your vines grow all over your fence and walls in your backyard. This landscaping idea doesn’t require too much effort: simply plant the vines and let them take over the landscape. It will completely change your outdoor space, even if choose to not plant any other plants.

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You can drain your Pool By Using Snake Plants

Your pool is brimming by natural focal areas such as staircases, waterfalls, entrances and even slides. These features are already attracting the attention of visitors. By surrounding them by the snake plant–or other plant species that are easy to grow–you can add some flair and make them more impressive as they are already.

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Plant Monkey Plant Monkeys All Over The Place

Monkey grass is a popular choice in a variety of outdoor areas. Why? It’s low maintenance and easy to cultivate. If you’re it comes to doubt, you can plant monkey grass all over. Because it doesn’t become too awry, it’ll be beautiful lining your walls, fences and around those around your swimming pool.

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Create a Garden below Your Pool

Instead of covering the exterior to your swimming pool, create your own garden directly close to the pool. By creating a garden that’s larger or different than the pool, you’ll be able to add the perfect visual interest to your outdoor area.

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Let flowers drape over your Pool Walls

Create a romantic atmosphere in your pool by covering its edges with blooms and letting them hang over any sides that your swimming pool has. If the walls of your pool aren’t as thick, this is simple to achieve simply by covering them with pots of hanging flowers.

If the walls around your pool aren’t as strong, you’re in a position to be frightened. Plant flowering plants at the bottom of your walls and let them rise up to the highest point.

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Mix tall plants with short Plants

Mixing and matching plants, ensure you be sure to play with the height. Taller plants, like trees and shrubs, look fantastic lining fences, as they provide security and sound insulation, without blocking your view. Smaller plants, such as flowers and grasses flowers–are perfect for the opposite areas of your pool, which can add a touch of elegance to your backyard without closing it off.

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You can sneak a garden between your House Your Pool and Your Pool

If the pool you have and your home are only feet apart, think about putting an landscape between them. This feature can instantly dress up your backyard. It’s a great alternative to what could otherwise be a plain old grassy patch.

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Alternate between Grass or Paving Stones

Keep in mind that you don’t need to seal your pavers by grout. You can instead spread the pavers apart and allow grass to grow between the stones. This is a great option when you’re looking for a clearly defined walkway and a garden that is still lush and lush. Through alternating between pavers and grass and pavers, you’ll be able to get both. you’ll get the perfect outdoor setting that is gorgeous.

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Get Yourself a Great View

landscaping isn’t all about sticking lots of flowers in your yard. It’s about making the most of what you already have. If you’ve been blessed with a beautiful view, make use of your landscaping to highlight the view. Avoid tall plants and trees that could block your view. Keep your eyes on shorter, slimmer plants that can beautify your yard without detracting any of its benefits.

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Mix and match your plant selection

Selecting a single plant and sticking with it is a great method to create a clean and unified landscaping. However, if you are a fan of different kinds of plants do not be afraid to try a variety. Plant flowers near areas around your swimming pool. Plant bushes near your pathways. Add some trees to add some.

The ultimate goal is to have something you enjoy Don’t be afraid to make a risk. Keep in mind that you are able to go back to your mistakes and attempt something completely new.


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