16 Front Yard Fencing Designs That Will Improve Curb Appeal

Fences add the final tops off any front backyard. By fencing you can create a fence around your property, sectioning off all or a part of your backyard. It can provide security to your front yard’s most popular areas, such as porches patios and entranceways. You can also protect your well-groomed plants from the harsh storms and rains.

A fence around your front yard doubles as an ornamental element, giving you another opportunity to increase the curb appeal of your home..

The greatest feature of front fences for your yard? There are a variety of options available, not just classic white pickets, or elegant metal railings. You can alter the length, height and the layout the fence. You can also be creative with the fence’s materials and colors, too.

With numerous options to sort through, it’s easier to get with a new perspective. Therefore, we’ve collected 16 ideas for front yard fences to think about when you imagine the front yard fence you’ve always wanted.

You can cut off your picket Fence

It’s impossible to go wrong with the fence of a picket. If you don’t feel like you’re sharing the same fence that everyone else has make your own twist on the traditional. Place your pickets in arches, scallops or arches, or alternate tall and shorter pickets. This will make your fence apart from the others without detracting from its traditional aesthetic.

You can line your Fence with Hedges

Your fence isn’t an empty space. Therefore, create your landscape to fit in with it. Set your fence in hedges or plant a flower row on its foundation. These hints of greenery will appear between the fence posts, making your fence appear more impressive and your yard look more beautiful.

Set the Scene with an arched Gate

The fence of your gate will be among the first things people be able to see when they walk into your front backyard. Make that first impression count and choose an arched fence that is elegant, yet inviting.

Include an Rustic Fence with a Split-Rail

Split-rail fencing dates to the time of colonial America, and it’s sure to bring a touch of classic elegance to your front yard. 1 What’s beautiful? Split-rail fences are typically cost-effective. Therefore, you don’t need to pay a premium for the appearance.

Mix and match materials

Fences don’t need to be constructed of only one material. If you’re trying to choose between wood stucco, or stone choose any of them. The fence should be lined with stucco on one end with wood the other side, and divide them by the stone column. After that, you can utilize your gate to connect the front of your yard.

Color Your Post Caps with a Color that is Fun

Post caps are the attractive caps that cover the the top of your fence posts. They can be lots of fun choosing them. Therefore, make an impact by selecting post caps with an unusual design or made of a particular material. You can also keep it easy by painting your post caps in a bright shade.

Stay sleek with metal Railing

A fence made of wood is a popular choice but it’s not the only choice. If you’re fencing an elegant townhouse or old Victorian mansion, you might want to consider metal instead. The sleek material can be a perfect match for the various architectural styles. You can also pick an iron fence that’s as plain or elaborate as the property that’s behind it.

Make Your Custom Adobe Wall

A wall made of adobe isn’t ideal for everyone, but it is an eye-catching option for homes built of stucco or adobe. Make your fence a masterpiece from natural materials, take advantage of the intricately curving edges, and then add the perfect contrast by using a classic metal gate. When you select fencing that is in keeping with the history of your home it will make the most of your home. It’s true no matter what kind of house you live in.

Fence In Just Your Front Porch

Fences don’t have to cover your entire front yard. By creating an enclosure surrounding your outdoor space it will give you privacy wherever you like, while leaving your backyard large and to the elements.

Change Your Gate into an Arbor

Do you want you fence to stunning? Change your gate to an arbor, and surround it with flowers. Your landscape can be as beautiful or elegant as you would like you want it. Plant flowers, plants and overgrown vines. Keep the design simple by lining your arbor with carefully cut Ivy.

Let Things Open Up with A Fence with a Crossbuck

The fences of the Crossbuck are often utilized on barns, ranches and on pastures. They’re the perfect choice for homes with a farmhouse style. What’s great about fences made of crossbucks? They secure your property without blocking your view. You can then put money into landscaping in the knowledge that people passing by will observe the beauty.

Give Your Gate an Doorknob

Fence gates can be difficult to open. Therefore, make your front yard accessible by installing a doorknob to your gate. You’ll be thankful when you next host guests at your home or expecting a delivery to your doorstep.

You can line your fence with tempered Glass

Do you want a fence that doesn’t interfere with your view? Put up a fence made of tempered glass. It is typically employed around swimming pools and balconies. If you’re looking for a fence for your front yard that with a view the fence, you can’t beat it.

Create a Frame Your Garden With Hog Wire

The fences of Hog Wire were made to keep farm animals in check, so they’re ideal to keep animals away from your garden. What’s the key? Find hog wire panels that have been wrapped with a gorgeous material and then invest in a matching gate to make them appear better.

Set up a Fence

If you don’t wish to have fencing that covers your entire front yard, you shouldn’t construct one. Set up a part-fenced fence instead. If you build a small fence around your front entryway and walkway, you’ll create a private entrance while not securing your yard. It is possible to achieve the same effect by constructing the corner fence around your patio or flanking your flower beds by some fence panels.

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