You can transform the atmosphere of your home, regardless of where you are. It’s not necessary to have a farm in order to enjoy the warm, charming décor of a country house. A farmhouse dining room is a homey space, with weathered wood table tops and inviting spindle back chairs.

How to bring the warmth and charm of the farm style to your dining room.


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Keep it Airy

The real farmhouses are full of fresh air and natural light. Lighten up the space with white walls and bright wood, as well as lots of windows and delicate details.

Paint your walls a warm, white color to brighten your home and simulate the glow of the sun.


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Incorporate Natural Materials

Farming is a lifestyle that incorporates raw materials both inside and outside the home. This dining room is a beautiful mix of wood with iron and brass.


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Shop For Antiques

Nothing is more beautiful than pieces that have been passed down through generations. This dining set brings a touch of old-world charm to this contemporary space.


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Spindle-back chairs are a great option

Modern farmhouse dining room chairs are typically made of solid wood or other sturdy materials. The farmhouse style is typified by spindle-back dining chairs, such as the ones featured here. The classic iron light fixture is paired with the black finish, and white shiplap on the walls adds a touch to farmhouse perfection.


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Try a Weathered Table

The table is the focal point of this design, and it can be decorated with rustic or modern accents. Your local flea market or thrift store is a great place to find reclaimed wood for your farmhouse dining table. Look for pieces with natural weathering or create a DIY project to mimic the look.


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Strike a Modern Balance

Consider balancing trendy elements like shiplap or subway tiles, or floating shelving, with farmhouse influences such as industrial lighting and reclaimed wooden.


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Load up on Textures

The finishing touches can make a huge difference to any room. Textural elements add a new dimension to this design. Farmhouse style is at its core, but the textural elements bring it to a whole new level. This dining room combines comfort and sophistication effortlessly with its exposed wood beams and layered table settings.


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Try an Achromatic Color Palette

Farmhouse decor is a versatile style that can be applied in many different ways. This achromatic farmhouse decor is just as beautiful. This black and white color scheme with wooden accents is chic but still rustic.


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Utilize Your Kitchen Space

This kitchen is the stuff of farmhouse decor dreams. We love formal dining rooms, but we also enjoy a rustic look. The contrast between the white marble counter and the industrial-inspired chairs is welcoming, just as the farmhouse style was intended to be. Don’t get us started with the beautiful color of the cabinets.


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Consider a Moody Approach

This dark, moody dining space is a great alternative to the light, bright spaces of farmhouse living. The rich oak dining table and the deep green walls and ceilings go together beautifully.


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Play with Pastels

A fresh coat of paint transforms a spindle back chair into an exciting addition to your farmhouse inspired space. The powder blue paint adds a surprising finishing touch to the dining room.


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Choose mismatched items

Don’t be too focused on finding items in a set when you are searching through thrift shops and flea markets. This dining room shows that mismatched pieces can still work well together.


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Get to Know Exposed Beams

Give them the attention that they deserve if you are lucky enough to have beams exposed in your dining area. Paint the ceiling white or stain them a dark color to create contrast. You can hire a contractor to install exposed beams if you do not have them already.


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Play up the Earth Tones

The farmhouse is the perfect place to bring out earthy tones. The earthy tones of the materials used in this dining room, from twine to wood and concrete to wood, create a stunning country retreat.


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Seating is Important

Mismatched chairs are a great farmhouse idea. This space is stunning with two different types of chairs in the same tone of blonde wood. The space feels cohesive but not uniform. Choose dining room wall decor to complement the modern farmhouse theme. This simple white accent piece allows the centerpiece of the table and chairs to be the star.


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Evaluate Your Lighting Situation

A fake farmhouse look is most likely to be hanging above your dining table. In most homes, ceiling fans are already installed in the dining area. However, switching to a simple iron fixture can make a huge difference. Dining room lighting in modern farmhouses often includes pendant fixtures that have rustic accents with varying textures. Think metal or worn-out wood with warm light bulbs.


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Add a Glamorous Statement

Farmhouse style has an eclectic feel, which encourages mixing of textures and shapes. This chandelier is normally made with seashells but the rope version looks just as glamorous and fits in perfectly with this farmhouse-inspired room.


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Tie it Together with Textiles

Don’t forget textiles to balance out the wood, metals and steels in your farmhouse decor. The circle rug, full curtains, pillows placed on the seat, and overhead lighting create a more welcoming atmosphere.


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Do Not Be Afraid Of Going Small

Never underestimate the impact a four-person set can have on your dining space. This set creates a perfect vignette to enjoy intimate meals without sacrificing style.


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Bring in the Greenery

Greenery and fresh fruit are essential to any farmhouse. This gives the impression of a farm-to table lifestyle even if you are in a busy city.

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