You can try these 20 amazing living room mirror ideas

Mirrors have a special appeal and are easy to install, no matter what the size or shape of your home. These decor accents are not only functional, but can also be used as art. They can bounce light in a room and change the perception. Mirrors can be used to heighten small spaces, make smaller rooms appear larger or hide architectural flaws.

Here are 20 Living Room Mirror Ideas that will transform any room from dull to stunning.


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Take a panoramic view

Hang a convex mirror on an unobstructed wall to get a 360-degree view of your room. This metallic finish in dotted dots is a great match for the shades of blue and navy in this room.


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Think Big

Add an oversized, enough-sized mirror to your entryway or hall that leads into your living area. This mirror is huge and takes up nearly the entire wall. It looks stunning, plus it gives the impression of more space.


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Lean a mirror against your wall

You can use a floor mirror if you cannot mount an oversized wall mirror. This mirror fills almost half of the wall. It brightens this living room, and reflects light coming from the window adjacent. This mirror makes the space appear bigger and brighter (with no mounting required).


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Mantel Mirror – How to Layer a Mirror

If you feel that leaning floor-length mirrors are too large for your room, place a round, decorative mirror behind a print and group it with ceramics or sculptures above your fireplace. This creates a small, inviting vignette that adds texture and contrast to the living room.


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Finish off a bar

Here is a living room using a round-shaped mirror to create a bar area. Combining a glossed overhead ceiling with a round mirror, this living room reflects calming light.


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Fit Something Horizontal

Install a large horizontal mirror to expand a small living room. The idea works well in larger rooms, as it can instantly change the monotony.


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Add Nature Inspired Mirrors

Mirrors with natural materials will also dress up areas that are bland. This round mirror is the finishing touch to this boho inspired bar area that was carved out of this living space.


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Mirrors: More Than One Mirror

You can also go beyond the classic rectangle, oval or circular mirrors. This idea uses hexagon-shaped mirrors in a puzzle, with a few mirrors spread out to create the illusion of motion.


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Let It Be Pretty

A mirror’s primary purpose is not to reflect light or elongate an area, but to enhance the beauty of a room. A mirror is a timeless piece that can transform a blank wall. We love the combination of large circular mirror and leaf motif wallpaper in this living room.


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Create a focal point

Place a large mirror that has a design on it directly over your fireplace. This creates a focal point that is glamorous. Focus points are important because they prevent your room from looking disjointed and scattered. This piece will work with any seasonal changes.


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Bring It Outdoors

You can create an attractive aesthetic by placing a mirror on a wall that is bare. You’ll see a hand-carved Indian mirror, backed by brick walls.


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Create a background view with mirrors

Try using two mirrors instead of one on an open wall if you do not want a mirror to be the focal point of your room but still wish to incorporate this feature into your living space. It creates a striking background while not taking away from other design elements.


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Chinoiserie is a great look

Decorate your living space with a bamboo-style frame and pagoda. This mirror is a modern interpretation of traditional Chinese motifs, and it comes in a glossy finish.


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Use a mirror to reflect color

These patterned mirrors perfectly complement the dark green mantel of the fireplace. This high-impact feature is stunning, with vibrant colors dotted throughout the space.


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Create a Window Illusion

Here, the same idea is used but with a more muted color scheme. This living room idea uses a rectangular version placed horizontally above the couch. This design trick is a coincidence that mimics the wood casing on the glass doors. It creates an illusion of matching windows.


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The Texture Level-Up

Mirrors with a rattan, jute or rope frame are a great way to add texture if your room has minimal furniture or stark white wall surfaces. This rectangular mirror is a great focal point to complement the coffered ceilings.


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Highlight Your Daybed

Place a mirror above your daybed if you have a space that doubles as a bedroom at night. This will make it look more polished for guests.


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Maximize your impact

Even the simplest rooms can be stunning. This living area shares space with a nearby dining room. This living room is made fresh and clean by an octagonal mirror that dominates the space.


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Console Mirror Combo

Add a console to your couch if you have enough space. You can also add accessories and a large mirror for a stunning view.

To achieve the correct scale, place your mirror at a distance of 1/2 to 3/4 of the table’s width (and the bottom corner should be placed 6 inches above the table).


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Keep your fireplace in place

Mount a gold-framed mirror over a black painted brick fireplace for a stunning pair. This fireplace, which is a ceiling-high feature, becomes the star of the living space.


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