10 Patio Cover Designs to Beautify Your Outdoor Area

We’re always seeking any reason to get outside more often, but as springtime transitions to the scorching heat of high summer, we’re at fate of the shade where we can locate it. For those who enjoy sitting at the back of their home but aren’t keen on the idea of turning red in the summer the patio, a cover is essential.

A year-round structure for your patio is a great option, but when you’re renting or someone who moves frequently or aren’t skilled with a hammer, there are other options to get some shade, too. From large umbrellas to DIY cabanas anybody can create a little of cool shade to their outdoor space and prolong the lifespan for their living area and patio, too.

Check out some of our most loved ideas for patio covers that range from stylish architectural ideas to quick DIY ideas.

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You can try Modern and Modular

Modern and stylish The design of awning is what we would want from the patio cover. Its robust, sturdy frame is built for year-round use, and the light fabric allows for air the circulation of air and allows for.

The best part is that peripherals such as lights can be hung on the frame, as shown here. This is a must-have for people who enjoy relaxing in the sun all summer long evenings.

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Incorporate Farmhouse-style frames

The design draws inspiration from the traditional designs of an farmhouse creating a style that is both trendy and timeless. The comfy kitchen-slash-living-room setup is designed to help maximize time outdoors–and isn’t that what we’re all looking for this time of year?

The rafter’s open area is perfect for letting the seasons’ breezes sway through or overhead air conditioners can be installed to facilitate flow even when there’s no breeze.

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OPEN to Arbor Vibes

To let you still take in some sunlight the open-top arbor-style canopy is the best option. The larger beams block direct sun, depending on where they’re located, so make sure to tweak the placement at home to achieve the best results.

However, the open style allows warm sunbeams to pass through. The best part is that this is a prime property in the case of trails of plants including classic grapevines, to more tropical varieties that can add the lush greenery over time.

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Get it all sorted out

On the other hand it gives plenty of coverage thanks to solid decking over. The planks on the horizontal side add some visual interest and dimension, particularly when painted in this surprising deep green-gray hue. It’s a contemporary option to contrast that white surround stone.

The final touch The cool weaved light fixture creates the perfect focal point and adds an elegant feel to outdoor living.

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Embrace Your Cabana Dreams

If a trip to the beach with white sand does not fit into your plans this year, don’t fret. The chic cabana you’ve been dreaming of can be created in just a few hours when you are aware of where to begin.

The copper pipe frame can be draped with light drapes of linen or gossamer-style sheers designed to sway rapidly when the wind blows. The model shown here doesn’t include a covering on the top, however you can include swags of fabric above the crossbar of copper to provide an additional layer of protection against the sun.

The only thing left is make yourself. A drink under an umbrella and snap a couple of dozen Insta photos, all tagged to a distant location and, of course.

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Create a structure that is tall Dark, Glossy, and Dark

Another great, built-in option, this patio increases the coolness factor of the poolside area. The dark, rich hue used for the ceiling is an extremely glossy finish, giving an exquisite touch that’s both surprising and striking.

The best part is that it will reflect the top attributes of the outdoor space, such as the waves that rippling off of the pool with a high-design.

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Add seasonal shade

An large umbrella is a popular patio accessory because it’s simple to install, easily moveable as the sun changes and it can be easily taken down at the close of the season. The size you choose is essential: too small and your guests could be sat in a crowded spot and tucking their chairs around in the evening as the sunset goes down.

Like carpets and carpets, it’s best to go up in size than size down, however with all the flexibility and flexibility of this choice as a patio cover it can go quite a ways to making your outdoor space more comfortable and inviting in the midst of season. With twinkle lights strung throughout or with a lantern, it’s guaranteed to provide the backdrop for many a memorable night.

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Glam a Greenhouse

It’s true: this DIY greenhouse garden can be yours. If you’re a keen gardener or a top entertainer, or someone who would rather be indoors, even when outside This stunning home-made project is the one for you.

Utilizing reclaimed windows Ursula of Home Made by Carmona created a slick, modernized version of her typical garden shack to create this stunning greenhouse. It’s an perfect spot to relax with the perfect cup of coffee, admire the water plant, and organize a mini-cocktail hour. We’ve never witnessed an DIY project that has sparked our imaginations like this before.

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Implement Minimalism

When it comes to the wonderful outdoors there are times when less is better. In this open configuration the overhead slats weren’t made with shade in mind, but they’re the perfect structure for string lights, plant tendrils that trail or even gauzy fabrics.

The shade they don’t have they more than compensate by defining the outdoor space, creating the illusion of an “room”–and one that we’d want to spend the entire day in since, let’s face it.

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Take advantage of Desert Digs

Desert Living hasn’t been like this stunning and lush. This room pulls out every last detail including fabric swags hanging over the ceiling, rattan pendant lighting that are hung in an impressive group and privacy curtains that you can close or open, not which you’d prefer to shut from the beautiful landscape.

This design is ideal to entertain and we can feel the desert breeze blowing through the gorgeous curtains right here.

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