It’s almost always a smart idea to have an additional bed. A cozy bed is a must-have for any guest, whether you’re hosting family or friends, or if you need a place to crash during late night hangouts. While an air mattress can be used in a pinch to provide a comfortable place for guests to sleep, nothing is as luxurious as a bed.

The only problem? There’s no obvious spot to place an extra bed if you don’t already have a Guest Bedroom. You’ll need to be creative to add hidden beds to your home if you want to expand the sleeping arrangements without having to change your living space. Hidden bed ideas are plentiful and easy to implement.

There’s a cute solution for adding an extra bed to your home.


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Your daybed can double as a couch

Need to fill up empty space in your room? Instead of the traditional couch, opt for a Daybed. The daybed can be used as a couch and will give you extra seating. It’s also designed to be a bed so your guests will have a comfortable place to sleep whenever they want to relax.


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Conceal bunk beds behind barn doors

Barn Doors make it easy to hide bunk beds behind barn doors. Barn doors can be opened to reveal a hidden bedroom. They can also be closed at any time if you want them out of sight.


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Bring a Murphy bed into your family room

Murphy beds are among the most hidden beds available. Murphy Beds fold back into the wall, so they are hidden from view. This makes it easy to hide them in rooms without beds, such as family rooms. Build a Murphy bed in your storage system and use it whenever you need a place to sleep.


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Build beds into your walls

What is the best place to hide an extra bed? In the wall. This won’t be possible in every room. Some walls are thicker than other. If your walls are thick enough to accommodate a bed, you can carve out a bedroom niche.

You can finish off your look with a short set of curtains for discretion or privacy.


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Hang a Swinging bed in Your Living Room

Hang a bed on the wall of your living room to take your hidden bed setup to the next level. The bed won’t be discreet, but it will add a fun element to the room and not feel out of place.


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Invest in a Cozy Pull-Out Couch

A pull-out sofa is one of the classic hidden beds. It’s important to choose a couch that you like. Don’t settle for just any pull-out sofa. Look for something that will look great in your living area. Make sure it is comfortable enough to sleep in when it’s converted into a bed.


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Choose a porch swing that doubles as a bed

It may not seem practical to sneak a bed on your porch. If you live in an area where the weather is mild it can be a dream. Instead of the classic wooden porch swings, opt for a cushioned version. If you buy a porch swing as large as a daybed for your guests, they’ll be able to sleep comfortably on cool, breezy nights.


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Stick a Daybed into Your Sunroom

Daybeds are often in light colors with chunky shapes. They can be difficult to decorate. They are a great addition to any sunroom. Why? Sunrooms often feature pastel colors, traditional patterns, and slipcovers. They’re a great place for daybeds, and they can be a fun place to sleep.


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Spend a lot on a really great futon

A great futon can go a long way. Futons can be used to add sleeping and seating space to any home. A sleek futon will blend in with your existing furniture, so it’s an easy way to sneak a bed in your home.


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Murphy Beds: Transform your home office with a Murphy bed

It may seem odd to place a bed in a home-office. Offices are often cluttered with unused space because desks don’t occupy much room. You can maximize your space with a Murphy bed without ruining the look of your home office. You can easily pull the bed down when you want an extra bedroom and fold it up when not in use.


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Create a Reading Nook Ideal for Naps

If you are a bookworm, then treat yourself to an reading corner and go all out. You can create a cozy reading nook by adding fluffy pillows, soft quilts, and a plush bed. This will give you a place to relax and your guests a place to sleep.


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Snag Patio Furniture You Can Sleep On

It may seem like a huge project to turn your patio into a bedroom. With the right patio furniture you can easily achieve this. Instead of buying a traditional outdoor sofa, consider an outdoor couch which can be folded down into a bed.

You can make your bed even more versatile if you choose a canopy. The canopy will keep your bed dry during rainy nights and shield you from sunlight when you take afternoon naps.


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Sneak a Bed Onto Your Loft

A loft is a great place to hide an extra bed. Lofts are high up so the furniture you place there is out of sight. You can also make the open-air area feel more like a room by hanging curtains in place of walls.


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Score a Sleek Trundle bed

What is a great place to put a bed extra? Underneath a bed. You can get two beds at the cost of one with a trundle. The top bed will appear to be a regular bed. The bottom bed will be hidden in a drawer attached to the bed frame. Slide the drawer out when you want a second bed and close it when you don’t.


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Warm up your entryway with a pretty daybed

You probably wouldn’t think of putting a bed in your entryway. It’s a great idea if you have an expansive foyer. Put a beautiful daybed in your foyer. The daybed is a great place for guests to take off their shoes as they enter your home. It can also be used as an extra bed when you have a sleepover.


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