11 Elegant Birthday Party Decorations for a Festive Celebration

When you are a child, B birthday parties were all the rage. But as you age, they seem to fade into the background. Now is the perfect time to throw an extravagant birthday party for yourself, your spouse or BFF.

There are many ways to celebrate the new year that are easy to copy and ‘gramable. Check out the 11 ideas below to get you in planning mode.


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Get Witty Cocktail Napkins

Why stop at just creating a cocktail for your birthday? These whimsical cocktail napkins will make your event a memorable one. Even better, guests can easily remember which drink belongs to them after setting their glass down by remembering the design of their napkin.


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Tablescapes with Florals

Florals are a must for any tablescape. They add color and vibrancy to the setup. You’ll need a wide variety of bouquets, whether you forage in your backyard for flowers or make a quick Trader Joes run. You can display them in vases all over your table to make it look glitzy and welcoming.


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Print Custom Menus

Print out a customized menu with all the foods that are favorited by the guest of honour, and then place one per person on their plate. You’ll make your guests feel like they are dining in a fine restaurant, and they will enjoy knowing what to expect at each course.


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Create a Creative Food Presentation

Do not forget the small details! Even the smallest details can make an event memorable. For example, offering oranges to guests in place of or alongside a slice orange-themed cakes will add a special touch. Theme parties are always a hit!


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Take to the beach

A wine and cheese party on the oceanside is a great way to celebrate summerbirthdays. Grab a plate, and everyone can enjoy a casual gathering in the sun.

Take inspiration from the photo below, which shows pillows and blankets styled in a way to create a chic, comfortable table and chair setup.


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Customize Birth Year Cookies

No matter if you are celebrating a milestone birthday, or not, your guests will love these custom-made cookies. They’re edible but also double as décor. These can be displayed on a stylish plate for your guests to take as many as they like. As a party game, young children can decorate their cookies with sprinkles and icing.


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Sprinkles on the table

Fill a transparent vase (with flowers in another vessel) with sprinkles to add extra oomph. This is a great way to make a birthday party floral display.


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Create Chic Place Cards

Place cards can be made from wine corks for a wine-themed backyard dinner. This is a simple and inexpensive DIY that makes a great impression. Plus, your guests will know exactly where they should sit for a formal meal.

You can use an assigned seating chart to introduce people who might not have met before but share common interests.


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Spread a blanket

Use a low-to-the ground table and a small rug to create a picnic at the beach in your backyard. The party was themed “glamping”, and the guests also enjoyed a hot chocolate station.


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Get Big with Light Up Numbers

Light-up numbers that display your age are a great way to celebrate your big birthday. They would also make great photo props. Take photos with a Polaroid and let guests take some memories home.


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String lights can create a mood

String lights can be hung in the backyard to create a special atmosphere for a dinner party. Choose a colorful strand in a festive color like pink or green, whichever the birthday person prefers.

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