How to make your dining room look expensive

A formal dining room can be considered a luxury in itself. With the rise of eat-in and Breakfast Nooks these spaces are less used and therefore, receive less attention in terms of styling. You can make your space more functional, inviting and luxurious with a few simple changes. Let’s get started.


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Utilize a Credenza

Credenzas (or sideboards) are almost always present in a chic dining room. A fauxdenza with materials such as butcher block and marble can enhance the look of the dining room. It creates additional serving space to accommodate sides, drinks, or desserts, so that the table does not become cluttered. It can also be used as a display for family heirlooms or your glassware collection.


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Light up the mood

Candlelight is a great way to set the mood for long and intimate conversations. A celebratory brunch requires a light and airy setting that reflects the joyous nature of the occasion. Layering your lighting is the best way to ensure that you are prepared for any mood in your dining room. Install a dimmable light fixture above the dining table. Add lamps or sconces near it and keep some votives or candlesticks on hand. There are many options when it comes to creating the right ambiance. Low lighting is perfect for a table, but task lighting works better if you want to see what you’re doing when mixing a cocktail.


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Show respect to the head of the table

Make your chairs special, just as a king or queen would if they were seated on their throne, presided over a banquet. You can choose a chair with a highback in a fun fabric or pattern, or you can stick to the same theme but change it up a bit. In my home, for example, I have black metal chairs. However, the shapes of the two at each end of the table differ slightly, making them stand out.


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Add a Rug

You may be picturing red wine spilled and shaking your head, but I’m here to tell you that the right type of rug can hide stains while also providing a luxurious and textured feel. Rugs can also help to ground a room. A table without a rug can appear to be floating. Consider patterned options for indoor/outdoor use instead of vintage rugs. You can also layer a rug of natural material such as jute over a rug of more expensive pattern .


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Tablescapes are a great way to decorate your table

The dining table can appear a bit barren when not in use. A universal tablescape, such as a wooden dough bowl filled with artichokes and a vase filled with fake greenery or faux flowers in a funky style can instantly make the room feel more sophisticated.


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Let the walls do the talking

Consider the walls as a blank canvas where you can add some personality and custom-feel. Try molding panels, wallpaper, or a fake fireplace mantel for a more classic look. A large-scale piece of artwork can look great above a credenza, and a gallery wall or abstract motif will keep the dining room feeling fresh. Mirrors can also be used to make the room appear larger. Make sure that whatever you choose is a conversation starter.

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