A living room is not complete without a carpet. Rugs in the living room add texture, warmth and comfort. They also provide a soft place for your feet. There is a rug to fit every living space. Their style adds the finishing touch to any room. Continue reading to see our favorite ideas for living room rugs.


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Use Blue and orange

Are you looking for a vibrantly colored rug to make your living room pop? You can find one with blue and orange. These vibrant colors add an exciting touch to any space. They look great when used in patterns like those in the image above.


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Add Diamonds

Diamond-patterned rugs are a great way to add a pattern without it being distracting. Diamond patterns can add fun angles to your living room without overpowering other patterns and items.


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Bring back faded colors

It may sound like a contradiction, but fading color is a great way to add subtle color to your living room that otherwise would be too overwhelming or distracting. Pick shades that are already present in your living space, such as on your furniture or decor, to make this look work.


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Layer Rugs

layer rugs is one of the hottest things you can do today. Living room rugs follow the same trend. Use a neutral, larger rug for the bottom and a statement rug to top it off.


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Go Green

Green living room rugs will connect you to the outdoors, and they’ll make your home feel vibrant and lush.


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Add Tiny Texture

Living room rugs can be a great way to add texture to a neutral room. Neutral-colored rugs that have a small pattern or texture can add visual interest to a room without overwhelming it.


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Try Black and cream

Black and white is a classic color combination. Looking for something a little less harsh in your living area? A black and cream rug is a great option. Cream is a nice alternative to white, but will still look great against black.


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Go Horizontal

Use a rug that has subtle horizontal details, such as the stripes barely visible in the rug above. Long lines can trick the eye to make a small space appear larger.


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Find what’s already there

Pick a rug to match the color of your built-ins and other architectural features in your living room. This will help draw attention to the built-ins or molding in your living room.


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Go Geometric

A geometric rug can add a bold touch to your living space. If you prefer a fun pattern without too many colors, choose a design in neutral shades like black, cream, or white.


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Try Blue and red

What is another perfect color combination for your rug in the living room? Blue and red. Blue and red are calming colors that add elegance to any room. They also make beautiful patterns and designs.


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Add Something Plush

Rugs are more than just soft spots for your feet. They can also be used as a place to sit. A plush rug will make a great’seat’ in tight spaces. It’ll also make the room feel more cozy.


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Bring it Down

Use a living room rug if your room is awash with bold colors and patterns that you’d like to “tone down” a bit. They can add some calm to a room that might otherwise feel too noisy.


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Bring Back Black

Add lots of dark colors to your living room and don’t overlook the area rug. If you want to create a mysterious atmosphere, a dark rug in black or gray can be the perfect backdrop.


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Match Patterns

Patterns can be matched with your rug in the living room, as well as color. The rug above is a great example of how patterns are repeated in the throw pillows and fireplace tile surround.


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Keep Calm

Rugs can be used to extend a theme in a room, whether the style is loud and fun, or quiet and calm. In the space above, a neutral-colored rug in the living room continues to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere.


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Use Patterns

Living room rugs have become increasingly popular with funky and colorful patterns. It’s not surprising that they are popular, with their colorful patterns and unique patterns. They’re an excellent addition to any living room.


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Bring in Blue

Look for a blue rug to bring a calm presence into your living room. Blue rugs can relax an area and are perfect for a room with a green background.


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Add Faded Pattern

If you want to create a vintage feel in your living area without buying a vintage rug then look for a rug with a faded design. The distressed look adds character to the rug and brings out some pattern.


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Add a Tiny Rug

Rugs for the living room do not have to be huge. They can be smaller. Small Living Room Rugs are perfect for framing or accentuating extra seating, a sidetable or to create a sense of scale.


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Use Natural Materials

It can be difficult to find a way to bring the outdoors into a formal room like a living room. Rugs made from natural fibers such as jute and bamboo are a great way to bring the outdoors in.


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Pull in Polka Dots

A polka-dot pattern is a timeless classic. This pattern is perfect for adding a bit of class and novelty to your living room rug.


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Go Round

Circular rugs can also be used in living rooms. Combine circular rugs and square furniture to create a stylish contrast.

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