12 Eclectic-Style Kitchens to Inspire Your Own Design

There is no simple definition for eclectic style. However, chances are you’ll recognize it as soon as you see it. A kitchen with an eclectic design will have patterned backsplashes and plenty of plants. It may also feature unique lighting fixtures, worldly accents, and even some wild wallpaper. Open shelves may display vintage trinkets or personalized touches. You’ll likely find a lot of natural materials like wood or tile.

Eclectic style should reflect your personality. Browse 12 eclectic-styled kitchens to get some styling ideas. You can take inspiration from the retro-styled stoves, pretty patterned tiles, or even just the freedom and abandon used in decorating.


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Add Elements of Different Eras

Create an eclectic kitchen with design elements from different eras and styles. Mixing design elements, using bold colors,.

Pairing a red refrigerator with wallpaper that looks like ’80s graphics and a mid-century island with tapered legs. Eclectic kitchen is achieved.


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Highlight Natural Materials

This design uses Native Trails’ farmhouse 3018 as the focal point. When paired with wooden elements, it creates an eclectic style. This makes washing the dishes a lot easier.


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Get Bold with a Backsplash

This Unique Bathrooms and Kitchens designed space is a great place to get inspired. The tile backsplash extends up to the ceiling, adding a splash of color without being overpowering. The overall look is a mix of farmhouse, contemporary and eclectic.

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Retro-fy your appliances

A retro-styled oven would be an excellent choice if you want to fully embrace the eclectic style. The appliances are colorful and have a vintage feel, but they also feature modern features.


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Display your Collected Treasures

This kitchen features ruffled pendants and 1950s wood tool benches turned islands, which stand out against the sleek black painted counter stools, and steel and glass shelving.

You get the impression that all of these pieces were collected over time and then repurposed. That’s as eclectic as you can get.


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Play with Color

Eclectic style is defined in many ways. However, it is not all white. You can use bold colors if you don’t mind them. The barstools and the walls were all painted the same peachy pink tone to create a kitchen that was anything but boring.


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Utilize Modest Materials

When  renovated the late colonial revival home in Portland,  used humble materials, such as a metal pegboard and stainless appliances.  Also added basket weave barstools to achieve an eclectic style kitchen.

The result is a modern kitchen that pays homage to the past. The vibrant colors on a warm, white background are instantly pleasing to the eye. They don’t compromise the functionality of a kitchen.


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Display Your Collection of Colorful Glassware

Open shelves is great. Even better are open shelves that display your style. Arrange glassware, ceramics and trinkets in color-coordinated groups to add a splash of colour.


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Get Creative With Storage

Smart storage will help you stay sane when cooking dinner, no matter how large or small your kitchen may be. Take inspiration from Milk & Honey Life for easy access to the most frequently used utensils like measuring cups and potholders. The rod and S hook system is not only functional, but also looks cool.


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Backsplash tiles are not necessary

Think outside the box (of tiles) if you don’t cook much and aren’t concerned about cleaning spaghetti sauce spills. Afro Bohemian Living combined a wooden backsplash with an earthy, wide tapestry. It’s rustic, eccentric and (of course) eclectic.


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Embrace Maximalism

You can combine patterns and fabrics to suit your own personal taste. This energetic kitchen combines a palm-print wallpaper with graphic tiles, offbeat art, and a vintage carpet.


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Add Textured Lighting Fixtures

Add textured pendants like these woven shades to a sleek white kitchen for a touch of eclecticism. These pendants add character and soften the light.

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