With the cooler weather approaching, it’s time to update your living rooms. Fall decor for the living room doesn’t have to be cutesy quotes and gourds. Fall decor is available in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes. From velvet accents to deep red and orange furnishings, there’s a pumpkin for everyone.

Enjoy our fall living room decorating ideas.


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Throw Pillows

Throw pillows can be a simple way to change up the decor of your living room. They also add a touch to fall to your home. Throw pillows with fall patterns and colors will give your living room a fall look.


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Start with Muted Colors

Fall decor doesn’t have to be bright orange or jet-black. Start with muted colors and then add more vibrant fall decor as the season progresses.


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Use Fall Florals

Who said that flowers were only for summer? Fall bouquets are also a great way to add some seasonality into your home. Use fall flowers like mums, African daisies and flowers with fall colors such as deep red or orange.

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Go Green

Deep green is another great fall color. This shade’s vibrant tones are a tribute to nature, and its muted appearance adds a peaceful feel to any space. Deep green can be brought into the living room with a sofa or wall decor.


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Use Colorful Pumpkins

Pumpkins for fall don’t have to match the usual seasonal palette. Take advantage of the pumpkins’ inherently autumn look by adding them to your living space in vibrant colors that are not usually associated with fall. These include navy and turquoise.

In living rooms, colored pumpkins are a good choice when adding fall colors to the decor would be too overwhelming.


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Add an Area Rug

A large area carpet can also be a great way to give your room a seasonal feel. The red rug in this space, from Ashe Leandro adds vibrant fall colors and coziness without being too overwhelming.


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Create a Cozy Nook

Create a cozy nook with pillows and blankets, similar to the space shown above in Herzen Sprache. You can also add some fall-scented candles, as well as pumpkins to create the perfect reading corner for fall.


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Do Deep Red

Add a few items in deep reds and browns to create a fall-inspired living room. This rich, dark color will give your living room a subtle but moody fall look. It also makes it appear more mature.


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Use Multiple Decor Items

Consider adding small items to your living space, such as candles or greenery. This multifaceted approach will allow you to bring a fall feel to your living space, while being more cost-effective than purchasing a large piece in a fall colour.


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Try Cozy Texture

It doesn’t need to be a color scheme. You can create a cozy texture with soft blankets and plush pillows. This decor can also be used in winter if you choose neutral colors (like gray or white) and cozily-textured items.


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Decorate Your Shelves

Don’t forget fall decor if your living room includes shelves. Living room shelves can be used to create a fall decor display or to showcase your favorite fall accessories.


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Think Outside the Box

When selecting fall décor, don’t limit yourself to pumpkins. Look for items that are inspired by nature, such as feathers and dried flowers. Add items in soft colors, like off-white, or muted orange.


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Try Dried Flower

Bring in dried flowers or those on their way out to create a moody floral look for your living room. This arrangement combines the beauty of flowers and a rustic feel.


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Create a coffee table centerpiece

The best way to incorporate fall decor is with a coffee table centerpiece. You can get creative too, using funky vases in fall colors alongside textured pumpkins and your usual coffee-table-suspects.


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Light a fire

A warm, inviting fire is one of the best ways to announce that fall has arrived. Clean out your fireplace to prepare it for the new season. Place a flameless candle or a candelabra in your fireplace if it’s not functional or you aren’t allowed to use it.


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Use all the blankets and pillows

Use more throw pillows and blankets than you think necessary to create a cozy living room inspired by fall. The addition of these pillows and blankets will make the room feel more inviting, as well as cozier.

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