15 Beach-Themed Bedroom Designs to Take You to the Shore

Decor in your home can transport you to anywhere in the world, even if it’s only in your mind. It’s time for you to bring the sea and sand elements of the beach into your bedroom. Seaside Decor can transform your home into a relaxing oasis no matter where you live.

We have all the inspiration you need, so whether you want to create a look that channels the open and airy Mediterranean or combine classic Beach House staples. Browse through our gallery and prepare to pull out your breezy sheets and stock up on woven fabrics. Style your bedroom with soothing ocean colors.



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Shiplap of Luxury

This bedroom’s simplicity is what you should aim for when designing your coastal room. Shiplap walls surround an elegant poster bed, with white fluffy sheets, textured pillows and a linen bench. The woven pendant lights on either side of bed create a symmetrical mood that is reminiscent of seaside decor and sailboat anchors.

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Sandy Shades

This sand-themed bedroom is the perfect place to relax at the end the day. Start by choosing a large, textured jute carpet to recreate this look at home. Style the room with all-white décor, two minimal wall sconces made of woven jute, and plush bedding. This design is made complete by the simplicity of this single-toned palette.

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Bring the View

You can set the mood for your guests as they enter your home with a large print of a beachside location . You can enjoy the view even if you do not live on a beachfront property. A beautiful photograph will allow you to. The small details bring this room together. From matching photo frames to draw your eye down the hallway, to throw pillows that highlight the accent colors of the main artwork.

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Coastal Glam

Warm gray and tan is our new color combination. The neutrals are a big hit in this bedroom. From the pearly shades on the walls, to the sand-suede headboard. The color palette is glamorous yet coastal and seems to be suitable for any age.

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On the Wall

The combination of gray and limewash is a great interior design choice. Limewash is a mixture of lime putty and crushed limestone, which has been mixed with water, melted, and then diluted with water. It’s then dyed using natural pigments. This mixture gives walls a suede-like, matte texture. This combination creates a moody, coastal feel that is unbeatable.

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Make it Kid Friendly

Consider introducing gray tones to your beach house if you are struggling to create a cohesive feel between a kids’ bedroom and the rest of the home. This sophisticated palette has a coastal vibe and is great for pattern play. You can add more colors to the design without alienating adults.

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Swap your Whites

To make your room feel more inviting, swap the whites in your room with softer grays or beiges. Soft pewter can make stark white walls look less clinical. And if bright white sheets are too cold, an off-white shade will do the trick.

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Find Your Match

This coastal-inspired bedroom, with its contrasting pieces of art on both sides of the bed proves that mismatched items can look just as sophisticated. To make your room look uniform, use a color palette that is cohesive.

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On Display

You can decorate your bedroom with souvenirs and sentimental items from your travels around the world and beach walks. Install shelves and hang framed pictures to display your prized collectibles. This will not only make them visible, but also create a happy space that reminds of your favorite memories and places.

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Keep to the theme

Sticking to a specific theme when framing your art will help set the tone of the entire space. This bedroom features black and white images, icons, and flags that set the mood for a masculine, vintage coastal look. Personal touches add the final touch to the rest of this room.

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Dress Your Walls

If you’re unsure, consider a wallpaper with a pattern that covers the walls from floor to ceiling. This is the most bold way to transform a room. It’s also renter friendly when you choose a peel and stick version.

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Grab Some Vintage Treasures

Vintage sailing imagery can give any room a unique charm. To dress up existing decor, rummage through antique and flea market stores to find paintings of ships and textiles that have coastal-inspired embroidery. The result is a nautical vintage look that will make you feel like your Nantucket grandma.

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Rope in Your Design

The rope details are always unapologetically nautical. Rope woven into a simple decorative sphere instantly elevates the maritime feel of your interior. The seaside theme will be carried throughout your room with a jute rug and pendant lights at the bedside.

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Nautical Prints – Embrace them

It’s possible to combine anchor motifs with nautical strips without looking too kitschy. As you can see, this coastal-chic child’s room is anything but “childish”. Keep in mind that a white background and the addition of themed touches will help you achieve your vision, while still remaining light and airy.

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Beachy Keen

If in doubt, use monochromatic palettes. Tone on tone is a sophisticated and foolproof way to decorate. The combination of colors within the same hue, but in slightly different shades (for example, bright aqua walls with dark navy tapestries) will always look amazing. Shiplap is a great way to make a room look more coastal chic.

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