There are 15 over-the-bed decorating concepts that suit any style

What to do with the tiny space above your mattress? Do you want to be bold or neutral in your choice? Should you go flat or spiky Plain or patterned? It depends. The first step in decorating your bedroom is to choose a focal point. In most bedrooms, the bed is the focal point. What you do over it is the icing.

Focus points are important. A space can look disjointed if they are missing. Although there are no hard-and-fast rules for decorating above your bed, you should always choose decor that matches your bedroom theme and secure it.

There are a lot of options for over-the-bed wall art, no matter what your style is or color scheme.


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Display Portrait Art

It doesn’t matter if it is you, a loved one, or an unknown person, a striking portrait above your head will make a statement. This style is sure to spark a lot of conversation, regardless of how you feel about it.


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Add Soft Textiles

Hanging curtains behind your bedroom bed, whether or not you have a window, adds enough interest to the room without being overdone. Curtains also provide a soft background to your bed giving the entire room a relaxing feel. Pick a neutral color that will blend with your other colors to create a look that is easy on the eye.


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Installing a Multicolored Art Panel

Art can inspire your space. This blooming art panel brings a feeling of joy and movement to this bedroom, thanks to the vibrant splatters in every color.


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Wallpapers that are Bold

Wallpaper can add style to any area. Once you wallpaper the area behind your mattress, you won’t need anything else. With peel-and stick options you can DIY every time you get tired of this piece. The wallpaper is a great choice for this bedroom. Its whimsical lines give it a modern, yet playful feel.


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Double up on Wallpaper and Art

If wallpaper doesn’t do it for you, consider adding a piece that covers the width and height of the space above your bed. Be sure to find a piece of artwork that compliments your wallpaper or vice versa to create a chic design pairing.


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Make an Epic Mural

Style your space with an impressive mural. You can choose to use a pink flamingo, a pink space theme or a tree backdrop. This trick will draw your eye upwards. It is perfect for small rooms that would benefit from an illusion of extra height. If your artistic abilities are limited to stick figures, you can use peel-and-stick options and decals instead.


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The width of your bed can be matched

A general rule to follow when placing art over your bed is to choose a piece of artwork that’s approximately two-thirds of the bed’s width. It creates a perfect scale. You can choose a piece that covers the entire width of your mattress for a dynamic focal. This modern artwork is etched on a matte black surface.


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Add Woven Hangings

Try a handwoven shaggy tapestry if you are inspired by boho style interiors. It will add texture to your room. This wall hanging has neutral shades of black and camel, which will go with any wall color. It’s a great way to elevate and warm up your bedroom.


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Install double-Raised paneled walls

The style of double-raised panels is timeless. Paint your wall a neutral color or paint it the same as your trim. Paint it a darker or brighter color for a more daring look.


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Design a Bed-to-Ceiling Wooden Headboard

Why not create a wooden headboard that is also a piece of art? This could be an easy DIY project for those who are handy. It will add some interest to a plain white wall.


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Use a brick wall and mirror combo

You can apply 3D brick wallpaper or realistic faux brick veneers if you do not have brick architecture. They will look (and feel) like the real deal. This brick wall is a work of art in itself. A pretty mirror on top adds an extra glow.


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Add a Wood Trim

Install a horizontal trim above your bed for a more subtle look. This is a great way to add a decorative element above your bed that can be used with almost anything. Consider paint color changes, patterned sheeting, or bright colors.


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Focus on Nature

Weave in a small piece of nature for a zen-inspired over-the bed wall art. You don’t have a green thumb. It’s your turn to shine. Use a nature photo or print and frame it. Choose a frame that has an oversized mat for a “gallery”-like look. You can also collect your own flowers and frame them. You can buy naturally dried botanicals that are already made and then display them in an attractive case.


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Leave it to Your Headboard

You headboard could also be used as wall décor. If you want to get the perfect look (and add drama to your room), choose a headboard with a large scale. They come in a variety of styles, including plain, tufted and pleated. If you want the highest headboard, choose one that is 75 inches or more tall. Taller headboards look stunning in large rooms, especially those with high ceilings. To create a larger visual effect in smaller rooms, you may want to choose shorter styles. The average headboard is 59 inches long.


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Add a Landscape

This narrow rectangular piece of artwork features a black-and-white sketch of a landscape. Landscape art is a wide range of styles, from two-toned sketches through to photorealistic images and abstract versions.

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