15 Dining Rooms That Show Rugs Are Worth the Risk of Spills

We often do not think twice when it comes to rugs in our dining rooms and kitchens. Fabric flooring isn’t recommended in the kitchen, the land of red wine, spills and splatters. A rug can transform a dining area and even the whole space.

A rug can transform your dining room. It can ground a design, add color or provide a busy pattern that will hide spills. A rug, aside from its good looks, can help create an actual “dining room” in open-plan floor plans.

A rug is the best way to instantly upgrade your home without painting walls or replacing furniture. Do you need more convincing? You can find 15 stunning dining rooms with beautiful rugs, from modern to classic, to inspire you.


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An Impactful Runner

A dining room rug, when done correctly, can be the focal point of the room. A striking runner gives this room a runway-like effect. Mirrors and plants add sculptural details, but the rug’s bold combination of red, orange, and black brings color to the room.


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Monochromatic Magic

This otherwise muted palette is brought to life by matching the rug and the chairs. White rug with texture makes the room feel more homey than industrial. This is a great way for the brave or white wine drinkers to make a statement.


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Same Shape

This circular rug, which mimics the shape of a table, helps to create the feeling of a dining area, even in an open-plan floor plan. The rug’s natural materials also complement the table’s light wood, adding to its pleasing symmetry.

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Blue Dreams

You can tie the rug color to another element in the room if you’re looking to go beyond neutrals. This can be in the form a curtain or piece of furniture. The turquoise in the rug, however, is echoed by a collection of unique blue glass bottles.


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Chic Separator

A rug can be used to separate the dining room from the rest of the living space. This rug is both functional and harmonious with the rest the room. Black accents on the rug and in the rest of the room really ground the space.


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Cowhide layered

Who said that you have to choose a rectangular carpet? Here, layered cowhide creates a unique dining room rug. This rug gives off a rustic, elevated vibe found in other parts of the room.


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Bold Beige

Who says that beige is boring? The rug in this room breaks up the space, which is dominated by rich, textured, blacks. This creates a spotlight on the focal point of the room, the table.

You can pull off the look even if you don’t own black marble flooring. If you have a dining room with wood or carpet, buy a table that matches the chairs. Then, add a monochromatic, bold rug to offset.


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Unexpected Neutrals

Even the rug is quirky in this room. The checkerboard-like pattern of beige and white stripes gives a unique feel to the otherwise muted color palette. This pattern can also be used to hide stains, especially on lighter rugs.


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Natural Palette

The black chandelier and storage cabinets in this dining area really stand out with a mostly neutral palette, including the rug.


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Color & Texture

Perhaps because blue-and-white porcelain plates were so popular in the past, they always look good together in a dining area. The classic combination is found here in a textured carpet that gives the room a relaxed and timeless feel.


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Woven Beauty

Natural fiber rugs, such as sisal and jute, are very durable. They’re perfect for areas with high traffic like the dining room. Their textures and patterns can be used with anything.


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Faded Elegance

If you buy old rugs or purchase them pre-owned to make them look like they are second-hand, you can still incorporate patterns and colors without going overboard. You can still hide the occasional spillage without having to use rich colors. The rug in this room adds visual interest to the space while matching the beachy, washed out vibes.


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Zigs and Zags

More is sometimes more. By connecting colors, you can transform even the most vibrant rug into a space that is equally colorful. This rainbow rug is reflected in the colorful glass, curtains and chairs.


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Bold and Blue

The dark walls and wood in this room are balanced by a rug of a lighter shade. This keeps the space from feeling too gloomy.


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Geometric Interplay

This dining room is a great example of how to break two rules. A rug should mimic the shape of a table and be large enough to cover the chairs. Here, a small rectangular rug is placed under a circular table.

This looks works because it, along with the other pieces in the space, makes a bold statement. You don’t have to go overboard with bold decor, like the diptych of snakes on the wall.


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