Corners in the Living Room: 22 Beautiful Ideas

Living Room Corner can feel awkward at times. Nothing really goes there and nothing fits. It doesn’t have to be this way. The corner of your living room can be used as extra seating, for a home bar or workspace.

Continue reading to discover 22 different ways to style your corner living room.


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Create Extra Seating

The corners of the living room are ideal for adding an extra chair or two. Extra seating in the living area is useful when you have extra guests or entertain.


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Add a Desk

Want a place to do some work or write down something? A small desk can be placed in a corner of your living room. The perfect furniture is a simple vintage writing desk. They are small enough to fit in a corner but stylish enough to look not too industrial.


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Get inspired by the rest of your space

It’s important that a corner in your living room complements the decor of the room as a whole. Style a corner by taking inspiration from your entire space.


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Get L-Shaped

L-shaped sectional for the living room corner. These compact sectionals can be a good choice for corners that are tight. They fill the space with stylish furniture and make efficient use of a space.


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Bring in the Greenery

Houseplants are a great way to fill up any empty spaces in your home. living-room corners can be no different. You can add a variety house plants to bring color and texture into your living room.


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Add a little Height

You may want to add a few plants to an empty corner of your living room to give it a fuller look. Use a simple, small table to place the plants. If your corner is close to a tall window it will also give the plants better sunlight.


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Shelving is important

Shelving can be a great solution for an empty corner in your living room. Two shelves can be used to store your favorite board games or books. You can add a chair to the corner and create a stylish living room.


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Show Your Favorites

Corners in living rooms are usually out of sight, but they are seen quite a lot. Use this not-quite-out-of-sight feature to your advantage by adding a shelving unit or display case to display a few of your favorite things, like souvenirs or a small collection. The corner location keeps the room feeling uncluttered while still allowing you to display your favorite items.


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Install a gallery wall

Who says that you have to add something to the floor to make a corner of your living room look more crowded? The wall is also a good option. It is possible to make a gallery wall out of an unutilized corner. What better way to give your living room a personal touch?


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Create a Conversation Nook

Add a small conversation table to larger corners or other tricky areas in the living room. It will be a good place to escape the chaos of the main area, and can also serve as a reading nook.


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Install Built-Ins

Built-ins are a great way to fill a corner that is unused. Built-ins can provide extra storage in your living room, and they add style without cluttering the space.


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Consider Wall Coverings

Another great way to add visual interest to an area is to use wall coverings. For example, the shiplap on the wall in the corner of House 9.. These wall coverings add character and texture without adding additional furniture or decor. This is a great addition to a room that’s already overstuffed.


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Add a side table

Small side tables (or nesting tables) are a great addition to any living room. They can be used for additional guests or meals in front of the television. What’s the best place to put these side tables? The corner of the living room.


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Make It Work

Sometimes, in the flexible age of the home, a corner in the living room is all that’s left for a home-office. Pick a desk to fit the corner, and keep it neat when not in use or during non-working hours.


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Create a Cozy Nook

A window seat is a great way to make a room feel cozy on a rainy or cold day. A window seat or bench can be a great addition to your living room corner and really increase the hygge-factor.


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Bring a Chaise

Looking for a more unique seating option for your living room corner? A chaise is the perfect solution. It’s a statement piece for your living room.


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Add a Console Table

Add a console to the corner of your living room for some stylish storage. They are great for storing small items like keys, magazines, remote controls, etc. The tables have enough space for displaying a few decorative items.


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Take advantage of Tight Areas

Some living rooms have awkward corners, with nooks or crannies of different sizes and shapes. Choose furniture that will fit well in even the most difficult of spaces.


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Plant a tree

Add a potted Tree to your living room corner for some added height (and lots of green). Choose dwarf plants that can withstand changes in temperature and moisture, but don’t require a lot of sunlight. They should also have interesting foliage.


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Add a Bar

Another match-made-in-living-room-corner-heaven is the corner bar. Add some shelves, a wine refrigerator, and cabinets to create the bar of your dreams.


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Show off Your Window

Many corners of the living room have windows. Living room windows are a great source of natural light, and can provide a beautiful view outside. Use high-quality curtains with a pattern that works well in the room to highlight a window in the corner.


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Tables for Sale

Add a table and chairs if you are short on space or want to have another place to do a quick puzzle or eat a quick meal. Add a statement light, and perhaps a large painting or two to complete the look.


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